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Posted on May 01 2008 by Set News

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NBC’s THE AMERICAN GLADIATORS have been filming for the past few weeks. They will be wrapping-up filming for the second season next Tuesday, May 6th. There are a lot of strong contenders with strong personalities this season, and the audience already have their favorites.

Watch our exclusive audience video reviews here:

One new game added this season is “Atlasphere”. Think, gerbil in a ball. Two Gladiators and two Contenders get inside of a big, metal ball weighing 650 lbs. They must use their body weight and strength to run inside of the ball to maneuver the ball on top of a “pod” which are placed throughout the arena. Each pod is worth two points.

New American Gladiator, “Hurricane”, standing outside of the 650 lb ball he competed in, in “Atlasphere.”

Justice, and Wolf in the arena before competing in “Atlasphere”. See one of the pods to the left.

New rules added to the “Gauntlet” are now the Contenders get five points if they complete in 30 seconds, and 10 points if they complete it in 20 seconds.

In-person, the Gladiators are very friendly, and always taking every opportunity to sign autographs for the fans in the bleachers (see photos).

Militia signs a T-Shirt for a young fan in the bleachers.

Titan gives some fans his autograph.

Wolf howls at the audience.

But, when one of the stronger contenders, James whose a football player, went through the “Gauntlet” and gave one of the new Gladiators, Zen, an “open-handed” (as he stated) push, Militia mistook it for a punch and hurled James onto the mat. The referee, Al, instructed Militia to take a time out in the penalty box. Wolf talked to Militia to try to calm things down, but it was very clear that Militia was genuinely upset. It appeared that someone was about to get knocked-out, and it wasn’t going to be a Gladiator. Twenty-two seconds was placed back onto the clock for James to finish the “Gauntlet”. James came out visibly bloody and bruised.

One game before that incident, “American Gladiator”, Justice, body-slammed another contestant in the “Gauntlet”. He was not penalized, but was chastised by the referee.

Word on the set is: Third season is set to start filming in November.


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