AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Season 7, Wild Card Performances!

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August 21, 2012
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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Season 7, Wild Card Performances!

“America’s Got Talent” put some of is brightest and more memorable judge’s favorites back onto the AGT stage to fight for one of the four spots that will be America’s most popular votes based on these acts that were performed for a second chance at being the winning $1 million act!

Horsman performs stunt in wet cement!

Escape artist Spencer Horsman returns to AGT to reclaim a spot in the semifinals. Horsman is one of Howard Stern’s Wild Card picks. Stern reacted after host Nick Cannon said Horsman almost killed himself after nearly escaping a wet cement-filled glass box by picking various locks, “Good it’s about time. That’s what you have to do to win. Had you killed yourself, we would have given you the million dollars. The people that I bring back are the people if you DVR you don’t fast forward through them.” He wrapped it up by saying, “Congratulations, you delivered tonight!”

Sharon Osbourne’s reaction was “it was night and day to what it was last time we saw you.” Howie Mandel stated with excitement, “Well done! This is exactly what the Wild Card show is about. You took the criticism and surpassed any possible thing that we could have ever imagined. The last person that tried this trick and it didn’t work out very will was Jimmy Hoffa.”

Illusionist duo Jarrett and Raja take to the stage to battle for a spot in the semifinals where they made a piano with the piano player disappear. Howie Mandel’s pick, Jarrett and Raja inspired him to remain on his feet and exasperated, “I did good!” Mandel urged America to vote for the magic duo, “If this is what you’re doing now, I can’t wait to see what you do in the semi-finals!” Stern stated, “You redeemed yourself. Tonight is the night of redemption..tonight, you took our the cheese. You really proved that you’re top quality pros! That’s the kind of illusion I’d pay to see” Osbourne said, “It was really, really spectacular. I mean incredible!”

Singer Jake Wesley Rogers returns to AGT, hoping to move one step closer to the one-million-dollar prize as he performed, “Edge of Glory”, a Lady Gaga song. Osbourne’s, pick, she said, “I’m really proud of you. I loved the whole package. You sang very well and I’m proud of you”. Mandel said, “this year on AGT is not the year for the singer. I believe that you have a future in singing. I don’t think you’re going to win this competition and I don’t think you’re going to go on after tonight”. Stern reacted, “You are a good singer. The problem is that you don’t make that connection”, he also said at fifteen, he is still too young and inexperienced.

Cristin Sandu balanced himself above a ring of fire!

Cristin Sandu hopes to balance his way into the semifinals. Sandu stood himself atop a pile of metal above a ring of fire. When he lost his balance and fell, as a safety precaution the fire was automated to immediately go out. Mandel’s, pick, stated, “I brought you back because I felt from the beginning that I put a lot of pressure on you.”
Stern reacted, “You are exciting. It was more dangerous than ever. You added the element of fire. I thought we were going to have a barbecue in here. People may not vote for you because you fell. You gave us excitement. I really enjoyed it!” Osbourne said, “The way you got out of it was really incredible. You are Mr. Dangerous. You have really big Kahunas to come back and do it again. I really admire you!”

Dog ventriloquist Todd Oliver!

Ventriloquist and dog lover Todd Oliver returns to AGT in the wild card round. He made a little dog talk politics! “You did something typical. You kept it simple. You were topical, you were political, ventriloquistism was spot on tonight. You did me proud. I’m glad I brought you back. Its’ very engaging. Very original act. It’s fun to watch your dog.” said Stern. Osbourne was happy and said, “That ninety seconds flew by. Great presentation. the whole thing worked. It’s definitely a ten!” Mandel reacted, “You hit the material tonight. You just made it really tough for America. Only four acts can go through tonight.”

The Bandbaz Brothers didn’t even make it into the quarterfinals, but they return to stake a claim to the semifinals by doing a sword stunt that requires them to stack swords against each other while in the air. Osbourne’s picks, “I honestly don’t know what to say. I’ve never seen that before anywhere. It was breathtaking”. Stern said, “This is like Superman stuff. You guys risk your lives when you do this”. Mandel reacted, “When I heard you were going to try that, I thought this is crazy!” Mandel also mentioned that the men have a relative that died while trying to perform the same stunt.

Ten-year-old mariachi marvel Sebastien El Charro returns to AGT. El Charro sings “New York” by Frank Sinatra. Mandel exclaimed, “You are more than a singer you are an entertainer, you are ten years old you are beyond your years… You are a star and your name will be known every where after ‘America’s Got Talent'”. Osbourne stated, “You took a big risk. But, everything you did tonight you and your band was superb, it was really emotional. You have my heart.” Stern said, “Young man ten years old, carries himself like he’s twenty-five. This is going to be a tough vote for America.”

Horse, King of the Nut Shots, returns to AGT, hoping for a shot at the semifinals. When they finished performing their in-cohesive act, Cannon asked Stern “Why did you bring them back?” Stern stated, “because you can see this is a guy that really went balls to the walls…you put it all out there. You are hysterical. You appeared in your underpants, very important.” Mandel, “I am speechless. You are nuts!” Osbourne said, “All I can say is I feel like I’m watching a home video of a kid on Spring Break and they’re doing crazy stuff”.

Dancer and acrobat Lindsey Norton returns to AGT to claim her spot in the semifinals. Osbourne’s pick, stated, “You really used the stage tonight. You were everywhere. The Wild Card show tonight is sensational.” Stern said, “You are beautiful to watch. As graceful and talented you are, you might get overlooked.” Mandel stated, “I’m just concerned that in this crowd, it might be a little tough”.

All-male clogging team All That returns to AGT, vying for a spot in the semifinals made “River Dance” look cool! Osbourne brought them back. She said, “They did not disappoint me.” Mandel, “For me it’s about context… I think what you do is amazing and I can’t do it. I don’t think it’s exciting enough to go beyond here”. Osbourne booed Mandel. Stern gave his opinion, “Where you run into trouble and had I advised you, you need to single-out one guy. You need to do something completely different. People will fast-forward through that because they will get bored”.

Fan favorite Andrew De Leon returns to AGT to take a shot at the semifinals. Mandel’s choice, “You were probably the biggest surprise of the season so far because of your look and your style. I think tonight, in this night of redemption, you redeemed yourself”. Stern reacted, “We were magically transfixed. You were terrific. You did a great job!” Osbourne said, she bet her friend a plate of pancakes that he will not be the winner. She said, “I owe my friend a plate of pancakes because you are a star!”

Ben Blaque returns to AGT as the last act of the night with the semifinals in his crossbow sights. One of four acts that Stern brought back, he said “Congratulations that was phenomenal. You blindfolded yourself and almost shot yourself in the head.” Osbourne said the reason that Stern brought him back was for his attractive assistant, Devin. Mandel reacted, “This is the most exciting episode of ‘America’s Got Talent’ I can’t believe that we let you go. So dangerous, so scary!”



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