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Angels And Prayers On AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – 2013 Finals Week One Recap

Posted on September 11 2013 by Editor

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Angels And Prayers On AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – 2013 Finals Week One Recap

Ready to find out who’s getting off the AGT bus this week?

On Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at Radio City Music Hall, America’s top six acts of 2013 were announced and will compete next week for AGT’s million dollar prize. Check them all out HERE


Fighting for six spots this week in next week’s finals are the top 12 acts. With the finale show coming soon, some of the acts were nervous. Most realize the increased pressure equals increased benefits for themselves and family. The judges Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Melanie Brown (Mel B.) and Howard Stern all gave their critiques to the performers that included plenty of acrobatic acts, singers, and dancers. A few odd balls found themselves into the mix – Taylor Williamson, Collins Key and Catapult Entertainment.



CHICAGO BOYZ – Acrobatics  (Eliminated)

Pictured: Chicago Boyz – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

Mel B. said she noticed some mishaps in their act towards the end. Howie agreed, “You are the best of the best. But it did have a little bit of flaws.”

Howard said, “Tonight is going to be interesting. Its a night of nerves. We are going onto the finals. You got nervous. I hope America forgives the mistakes.”

Heidi was REALLY happy with their performance, “You started the night off great. You are so positive I really, really like you guys.”

Chicago Boyz responded to the judges comments with, “I think we did do enough to make it to the finals. We practiced really hard.”

Watch The Chicago Boyz Performance HERE



BRANDEN JAMES – Opera Singer  (Eliminated)

What A Difference A Song Can Make

Pictured: Branden James performs – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

Branded was shocked by the results last week. He said, “There was a lot of shock on my face. I was prepared to not make it. My parents have loved me and supported me every step of the way.” In response to his greatest competitor in the AGT competition – Forte the other Opera singes, Branden said, “Forte is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I still have so much left to give. It’s my job now to prove that I still have a place in the finale.”

After Branden was done singing, Mel B. responded, “When I heard you were doing this song I thought ‘oh gosh this is a big song.’ You absolutely owned it. Your voice is just deadly! Hallelujah, thank you!”

Howie agreed in Mel’s “hallelujah”. He said, “I think the first thing that you did right is you chose this song. Your voice and your talent grasped this room and grasped America.”

Howard was impressed with Branden’s improvement from his last time on the Radio City Music Hall stage. He said, “What a difference a song made tonight. You really thought this through. You made a connection with the audience. Everyone’s going to compare you to Forte. You gave it your all.”

Heidi said, “You sang to your strength. This song really showcases your voice. I think you did better tonight.”

Branden responded to the judges, “I chose that song because it’s something that inspires me. For all those kids out there. It will get better I promise you.”

Watch Branden James sing “Hallelujah” HERE



INNOVATIVE FORCE – Dancing Team  (Eliminated)

Having a ‘Wow’ Moment

Pictured: Innovative Force performs – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

Heidi thought highly of the girls and said they are a great example for other girls that are watching at home. “They are at home thinking about being on the show. You are an inspiration for many girls out there.”

Mel B. said that they recovered from last week’s messiness – “Last week it was a little bit messy and all over the place. This week you are absolutely on point. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!”

Howie found his “wow” moment – “It was entertaining. I needed a ‘wow’ moment. There was a ‘wow’ moment.”

The Innovative Force leader said, “This group is amazing. They’re so talented. This is the greatest opportunity we’ve had in our entire lives. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Watch Innovative Force’s Performance HERE



KRISTEF BROTHERS – Acrobatics  (Eliminated)

Keeping Themselves Innovating

Pictured: KriStef Brothers perform – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

These “brothers” that really aren’t blood bothers, but are as close as ones said, “winning this competition seemed like such a dream when we entered it. But it’s slowly becoming a reality.”

The judges were standing by the end of their act. Heidi said, “I love you guys. As a matter of fact I’m going to keep standing. I don’t know if at the end that was a mistake because it looked a little bit wobbly.”

Mel B. responded to their retro infomercial style performance with “I have to say you are bloody entertaining. You have everything. You have strength and comedy. I want to buy my ticket to come see your show.”

Howie said, “I don’t know how you come up with it. It was like Richard Simmons tape on steroids.” Howard was equally impressed, “Week after week you do the incredible. You took a routine and turned it into a Saturday Night Live sketch. You made it funny and made it contemporary. You’re the first act that I can definitely say you are definitely going to go through.

Nick asked them about how they never repeat any one act. KriStef Brothers answered, “We must create. If you copy yourself or somebody else, you’re not innovating.”

Watch The KriStef Brothers’ Performance HERE



D’ANGELO AND AMANDA – Salsa Dancers  (Eliminated)

No Guarantees For Talent This Good

Pictured: D’Angelo and Amanda perform – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

There was just half of a percent between the votes for them and competitor singer Anna Christine. D’Angelo said, “The number one reason that we want to be in the finals is we do it for my dance experience but mostly for my Dad. We got 6th place. There’s no where to go except up.”

The only two judges on their feet by the end of their dance routine was Heidi and Mel B who welcomed them back. “Welcome back to the competition. You just nailed that. You dance with so much energy and power. Very talented!” said Mel B.

Howie said, “Now you are bringing it. You are also wrapping it up. It’s also the toughest night of the competition.”

The best acts this season left Howard unsure about D’Angelo and Amanda’s fate. He said, “If it were any other season of America’s Got Talent, you would have already been crowned the winner. You have the unfortunate circumstance of being on the best season of AGT. I can’t give you a guarantee that you will go to the finals. That’s how good the talent it.”

Heidi was happy with them, “It still packs a punch. It is super impressive what you guys do.”

Amanda replied to the judges, “We worked so hard, we had so many last minute changes. We are so happy that everything worked out perfectly.”

Watch D’Angelo and Amanda’s Performance HERE



CATAPULT ENTERTAINMENT – Shadow Dancers  (Eliminated)

Twitter Followers Compare  Silhouettes

Pictured: Catapult Entertainment performs – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

Catapult creator said, “In the last round, we tried to do a lot. The judges didn’t like it. We are working to make sure that our stories are clear. We can’t let that happen again.” He said their story tonight is, “It’s a little kid against a monster. We’re not letting ourselves down.”

They received a standing ovation from the judges. Howard was the first to respond, “I loved catapult entertainment from the beginning. You took a stumble last week. You came back and you told a touching story about someone being bullied. We see what we connect to emotionally. You’re going through. Raw talent!”

Howie said that viewers on Twitter are comparing them to Silhouettes act from previous season. He said, “The thing is what I love about you. They said this is like silhouettes we had last year. But you do what you do best. You stand up to bullies. I was entertained. I hope people vote for you. You deserve to be here.”

I love that you put a positive message out there. I love you guys

Mel B. was an enthusiastic supporter and said, That was just magical. I don t know how you do it. I want to learn how to do it myself. You are back!”

Catapult creator responded to the message in their performance, “I think we just need to stand up for people that can’t stand up for themselves. We need to pay attention to our kids and make sure they’re safe.”

Watch Catapult Entertainment’s Performance HERE



FORTE – Opera Singers  (Top 6)

What the World Needs Now

Pictured: Forte perform – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

Forte said they have a new found success with fans and recognition. “We really do want to win. We’re just one night away from the finale. It’s wild! When Mel B. stood up, they said, “We made it! We got it!” They also said, “Forte is different people from different backgrounds creating harmony. That’s what this world needs right now.”

They sang Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic movie. Howard and Howie goofed-off and re-enacted the famous scene from the film with actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet where DiCaprio had his arms wrapped around Winslet’s waist.

Howard Stern ran over to Howie to grab him from behind like in the Titanic movie. Howard then gave his critique, “First of all thank you for furthering my relationship with Howie. You always pick the right song and you know how to harmonize. Third act tonight going through – Forte.”

Heidi said they’re really professional, “You sing like true professionals. I want to give you three thumbs up from me!” Mel B. thought it was “brilliant!” She said, “Brilliant show. Really top notch. Forte you are definitely going through. How you harmonize – I just melt.”

Nick asked Howie who was the “man” in the re-enactment that he did with Howard. Howie replied, “I was the judge of the world (referring to DiCaprio’s famous line in Titanic- ‘king of the world.’) It was amazing that three men singing about a sinking ship has brought this night to new heights. Please vote!”

Watch Forte Sing “My Heart Will Go On” HERE



TAYLOR WILLIAMSON – Comedian  (Top 6)

Sing a Spice Girls Song Instead!

Pictured: Taylor Williamson performs – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

Taylor said what is awesome – “My hero’s definitely Howie Mandel. He’s the first comedian I saw every. Now I get to tell jokes to him, that’s wild. I’m tired of being a starving artist.”

Heidi being the toughest comedian judge was the first to have the floor. “I thought it was really funny when you said you sent your therapy bills to your Mom. I’m going to send mine to you. You’re growing on me.”

Howard said, “I hope people vote for you. I’m excited that you’re here. I envisioned you being part of the six. It’s important that you showed a new dimension to yourself. You did a great job tonight.

Then it was Mel B.’s turn which didn’t seem so good. She started to give her critique by giving a big negative sigh. Taylor said, “Can we go to Howie” requesting that she be skipped. Then Howie jumped-in to the rescue and stood-up for Taylor against Mel B. with, “A comedian writes his own material. He crafted this all by himself!”

Sarcastically, Howard, who also stood-up for Taylor, said to Mel B., “We ran out of time. Mel we would have loved to have heard from you. Sing a Spice Girl song.” Mel B. took it in good humor and fun and laughed it off.

Taylor ended his time on stage with this final note, “I just want to say thank you for all of your overwhelming words of encouragement (referring to Mel B.). To all the kids at home I think homework sucks and I love NASCAR and One Direction!”

Watch Taylor Williamson’s Performance HERE



COLLINS KEY – Magician  (Top 6)

Ready to Break Records

Pictured: Collins Key performs – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

Collins talked about his fail attempt last time – “I tired to use magic to get a girlfriend. Something went a little amiss. She had a boyfriend. I almost gave up magic because of peer-pressure. But my parents pushed me and said if you enjoy it, then go for it.” If Collins won AGT this season he said, “Not only would I be the youngest magician, but I would be the only magician to have ever won the show.”

For his trick, Collins asked Nick to take off his very expensive watch. Then asked Howard to pick one of three small paper bags on-stage. Howard picked bag one. Nick’s watch went into bag one. Collins said cheap watches went into bags two and three. Howie took off his watch. Collins instructed Howie to change the time on his watch. Hieid had to chose a bag. She picked one. Mel B. picked bag two. Collins then took a hammer to bag two hoping Nick’s watch wasn’t in it. Howie changed the time on his watch to 4:58. Collins slammed another bag. Collins set Nick’s watch to 4:58 Nick confirmed it.

Because Collins’ act ran a little long, only two judges had time to respond. Mel B. was amazed. “How did he do it. Very impressive I loved it. Well done.” Howard said, “I like Collins. He represents the magic community well. You drag these things a little long. Pacing needs to be quicker. But that comes in time.”

Watch Collins Key’s Performance HERE



KENICHI EBINA – Visual Artist/ Dancer  (Top 6)

In the Arms of an Angel!

Pictured: Kenichi Ebina performs – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

Kenichi said last week, “When they called my name it was so good. My wife says I didn’t express emotions. This week, I’m going to express emotion on the stage.” He also said about this week’s act, “it’s more artistic in a way. It is risky but will be beautiful if my vision work. With this performance I want to show the different aspect of me.”

After he floated above the stage in the arms of an angel, Kenichi received a standing ovation for his great visual artistry and dance.

Mel B. was overwhelmed, “This is crazy. I just don’t know how you do it. Coming up with the concept. Every time you come on this stage you own it. Flawless!”

Heidi was also blown away and said, “It was a really intense performance. I really thought I watched you having a heart attack and going to heaven.”

Howie said, “She’s right. Here’s what I got out of it. If America has any cards for me, this is the man to vote for. Last week you went from hysterical funny to this week emotional.”

Howard remains to be a supporter and said, “I am a fan of Kenichi for life. You brought it down and made it small. We saw your dance and really got to see how you move. This is brilliant, You’re definitely going to be in the top two. You’re going through!”

Nick asked Kenichi how did he fly up with the angel on stage, Kenichi said, “I die, then I go to heaven So that’s why I can fly.” Nick said, “Heidi was right apparently.”

Watch Kenichi Ebina’s Performance HERE



JIMMY ROSE – Country Singer  (Top 6)

‘Wow’ Moment Needed!

Pictured: Jimmy Rose performs – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

He said his mom inspired him to sing. His Mom has congestive heart failure. He said “she’s a fighter…opportunities in life don’t happen for people like me.” He said he wants a space in the finals.

Howie said, “This night – these are the 12 best acts that we have. There were so many Wow moments. You were great. But I didn’t go Wow.” The audience could be heard booing Howie.

Mel B. said, “I completely disagree with you (Howie). I absolutely love you! This competition is not just about talent. You have to be likable. you are humble and talented.”

Heidi was not overly happy about Jimmy’s performance, “This may not be my favorite act of the night but you consistently give it your all and I applaud you for that.”

You are comfortable with the guitar. I have to agree with Howie. I look for something that would be a little bit more special. I don’t think you’re making the proper connection. I’d like to see you take bigger risks.” Mel B. dove into Howard to stand-up for Jimmy by pointing out that Jimmy is confident and a strong singer. Howard responded that “Jimmy’s in a tough position.”

Jimmy Said, “I thought I chose a really good song. I enjoyed it. I hope everybody else did.”

Watch Jimmy Rose Sing “God Gave Me You” HERE



CAMI BRADLEY – Singer  (Top 6)

A Judge-Contestant Crush Has Formed!

Pictured: Cami Bradley performs – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Top 12

Cami said, “After my last performance, my dad got emotional. My Dad is the foundation of who I am. My dad is going to be in the audience and I know he believes in me. I want to continue to show everyone what else I can do.”

She sang Jon Bon Jovi song “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Heidi was pleased by Cami’s consistency, “You did it again – What you do best. You take an iconic song and make it your own.”

Mel B. said she is a Cami fan now, “Last week, I wasn’t a big Cami fan. But you just turned that around. You gave a terrific performance – heart and soul!”

Howie admitted his “judge crush” when he told Cami – “You are a star and you are an angel. I have a judge- contestant crush on you. You’re beautiful.”

Howard had his picks laid out and a flattering comparison for Cami – “You remind me of Linda Ronstadt. She used to take songs and make them better. I would put through Catapult, Taylor, Kenichi, KriStef Brothers and you

Nick told Cami, “You always pick the best songs.” He asked her how she chose this song, and Cami said, “I love the story behind it. I love the lyrics and I just wanted to bring it to life.’

Watch Cami Bradley Sing “Livin’ on a Prayer” HERE



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