Arguello Siblings Compete – READY FOR LOVE and FASHION STAR

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March 12, 2013
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Arguello Siblings Compete – READY FOR LOVE and FASHION STAR

In the tradition of “The Bachelor” ABC series, NBC is putting its own spin on a dating reality competition show by enlisting the help of three dating experts, and by having three, not one bachelor in “Ready For Love”.

While “Fashion Star”, another NBC reality competition show airs on Friday nights, viewers will be able to watch “Ready For Love” starting April 9, 2013 after “The Voice”. There’s something that fans of both shows will come to notice -there are two Arguellos, one on each show.

“Fashion Star” has designer Silvia Arguello competing for a chance at her own line of clothing at Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Express in a $3 million dollar prize in orders from the three retailers.

Unlucky in love is Silvia’s brother Ernesto Arguello who is competing for a chance to find his life partner/soul-mate on “Ready For Love” produced by unlucky in love former “Despearte Housewives” actress Eva Longoria who recently got a divorce from NBA star Tony Parker. The new dating reality show is packaged as a fresh way to find love by inviting the help from three matchmaking experts – Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Tracy McMillan, and Matt Hussey.

From what we experienced on a set-visit during the filming of “Ready For Love”, Hussey, the only male on the matchmaking panel, really brings a real-world male perspective to the contestants- a pool of single women who each have there sights set on one of the three bachelors. This is not just another dating game show that presents a plater of singles to the dater. The matchmakers’ roles on the show are to make sure that the women are actually ready to invite and accept love back into their lives. Every contestant has their own issues and the matchmakers are there to prep them for the men of their choice.

Hussey doesn’t tell these women what women like to hear (as all of television does). He tells them the truth and how men really think. READ MORE From Hollywood Junket EXCLUSIVE set report here:

Silvia Arguello – FASHION STAR

Pictured: Silvia Arguello competing on FASHION STAR

Silvia Arguello also appears to be single. However, she is competing not for someone’s heart, instead, some buyer’s desire to purchase her designs.

Ernesto Arguello – READY FOR LOVE



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