BAGGAGE: A Peek Inside the Cases!

August 15, 2010
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August 18, 2010
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BAGGAGE: A Peek Inside the Cases!

GSN’s original dating show hosted by Jerry Springer called “Baggage” is currently casting singles for a slew of new episodes.

According to the “” casting-call ad, it states as examples of “baggage in the dating world” as being the following: “I live with my crazy grandma”, “I have a fetish”, “I will never get on a plane”, “I’m best friends with my X”, etc.


Our reporters at HOLLYWOOD JUNKET have sat-in on several of the new episodes shot for the show’s return which begin airing Monday, August 16th at 6:30 pm/5:30 c , and we can attest that most of the type of “baggage” the show has revealed by daters is not as mild as stated in the casting ad posted online.

Some real-life show examples of “small baggage” which is the first secret a prospective date-tee must reveal to the dater consisted of the following- stolen womens’ panties; let’s Mother pick their dates; and one contestant’s small baggage revealed that his penis curves to the left.

More horrifying baggage upsets come from the medium-sized baggage: a contestant slept with a woman and her mother; another one revealed that he might be a father; keeps foreskin in a safe; and another contestant’s stripper name is “Warrior”.

But, the doozy of information is released by opening these date-tee’s “large baggage”. We got shock reveals from contestants which seemed more like appropriate confessionals: Went to Russia three times to find a wife; had a vasectomy; hosts swinger parties at their house; and one requires his girlfriends to have threesomes!

The daters on this show are the ones who are choosing their date. But they are not innocent either. They reveal their own large “Baggage” in the show’s last round. One such reveal was that a dater had been engaged seven times.

However, not all of the “baggage is so bad. Some of the more innocent-like secrets revealed in contestants suit cases are: wears sunglasses at night; hasn’t had sex in thirteen years; has nine credit cards, and is into kissing.

If you think you’ve got the appropriate “baggage” to be on this dating show, email casting associates at:,



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