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BAGGAGE: Stunt Themed Episodes Next Week!

Posted on September 30 2010 by Editor

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GSN’s original dating show BAGGAGE hosted by Jerry Springer (“The Jerry Springer Show“), “America’s Got Talent Live Tour”) will be airing special themed episodes starting Monday, October 4th.

BAGGAGE recently wrapped its second season of filming last Saturday at their Van Nuys studio. While on set, Springer talked a little bit about his other show “The Jerry Springer Show” which just began shooting its 20th season. When asked how “Baggage” is different from his talk show, Springer stated to our surprise, the gladiator-ring-like show is actually filmed in real time.

GSN will feature a “Baggage stunt week” which themed episodes include: Cougars; Baggage on the Beach; Get Her to the Geek; Sexy Seniors; and Bald and Beautiful.

“Deal-breaker” cases will be filled with dating cautions that all singles want to avoid in finding a partner.

According to a GSN press release, some of the surprises to expect next week on BAGGAGE are among the following: one dater might profess to either being president of a Justin Bieber fan club or an international vampire club on “Cougars” episode. In “Get Her to the Geek” themed show, out of the three geeks, her chosen date might be “more freak than geek”

Baggage contestants. Who just lost virginity? Who keeps a dirty house?

“Baggage” dater, Melissa has a bald-head fetish in “Bald and Beautiful”. All of her potential dates have no hair. One thing she didn’t see coming is one of them recently lost his virginity, and the other one very well could have been in a “Hoarders” episode when he admits to living in filth.

Most likely the best in the series of themed shows will be the “Sexy Seniors” episode. Male contestants over sixty-years-old have a heap-load of baggage sure to raise eyebrows with shocking case reveals to their 72-year-old dater.

Look inside these daters baggage airing weeknights on GSN Monday through Friday at 6:30 pm ET/PT.


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