AMERICAN IDOL Season 10: Audition Online!
September 24, 2010
BAGGAGE: Stunt Themed Episodes Next Week!
September 30, 2010
AMERICAN IDOL Season 10: Audition Online!
September 24, 2010
BAGGAGE: Stunt Themed Episodes Next Week!
September 30, 2010
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FOX recently picked-up the Channel 4 game show called “The Million Pound Drop” changing the name to “Million Dollar Money Drop”.

Two full thirteen plus hour days worth of filming at Culver Studios last week where the show was shot. It was reported that about five shows per day were filmed.

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET’s report from audience member, Matt, stated that each game begins with a couple coming out onto the stage ready to play a pyramid full of money stacks which are in increments of $20,000. A total 50-100 stacks are what the pyramid consists of.

The host is Kevin Pollack (“A Few Good Men”) whom I can’t believe after the “Our Little Genius” train wreck he got back onto a game show set. Not that he had anything to do with the scandal, just that game show hosting isn’t his strongest point. Pollack tends to be directed into doing exactly what he is told to do by the show director, and not bringing much of his own personality onto the game show set. In regards to Pollacks’ hosting performance, Matt stated, “He was all right. I’ve seen better”.

Pollack presents contestants with two subjects in which they must answer three multiple choice questions. Contestants wager on how much to bet on their selected stacks of money without dropping money on the floor.

If contestants answer correct, they keep the money. If they answer wrong, the money drops. After seven questions, players take home whatever they have won up to that point. If contestants lose all of the $1 million before they answer all seven questions, the game is over and they leave with nothing.

According to Matt, most of the contestants left with no money. One of the highest winners on the show won $80,000.

Another source on the set stated that the producers didn’t know ahead of time which questions were correct and which ones were not while contestants were playing the game. They were just as surprised as the audience when certain money was dropped.




  1. Debra Martino says:

    How can I be a on the show Million dollar drop

  2. […] were the first to witness it. Our on-set report about the show stated by one of our sources that “the producers did not know ahead of time […]

  3. Jamica Hobbs says:

    Me and boyfriend would really like to be on Million Dollar Money Drop how do we audition for it? We watch it all the time and would love to be on there……


    I would like to find out how to audition for game show “million dollar money drop.”

  5. Jacob Allen says:

    I would love 2 be on the show me & my girlfriend. My grandmother had just passed & the house she had owed may be going up to be sold I would love 2 buy it to rasie my family in the same house I grew up in

  6. Charmin Branam says:

    My husband and I would love to be on the million dollar money drop. He had lost his job and the money would help us get the place back where we were living. That is my dream.

  7. Tasha Williams says:

    As everyone else in America, I have many financial whoo’s… I just want to save my house… I am in my 50’s and unfortunately medically released from my job… I have been out of work for a year… this could be the blessing I am looking for… My bestfriend and I watch and enjoy the show so much…I want a chance to keep the Million…lol

  8. John Perry says:

    A little off topic, but since its the same host (Kevin Pollack)…somehow a post on “Our Little Genius” from last year caught my eye. It was so awful to watch “Our Little Genius” live, even though it might have had good intentions. I was at 3 tapings of that show, and the kids always ended up crying and traumatized after losing. Relating to “Money Drop”, Keven Pollack, as talented as he may be, seems to be encouraged to drag out scenes in an attempt to create fake suspense, similar to what he did on “Our Little Genius.” It’s like torture.-John P.

  9. SHEILA BROWN says:


  10. Lulene Roundtree says:

    I want to no how can me and my boyfriend audition for millionaire money drop?

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