BANK OF HOLLYWOOD: Taking Money Requests!

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October 27, 2009
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BANK OF HOLLYWOOD: Taking Money Requests!

Van Nuys, CA – Entrepreneurs, self-conscious women, and animal-loving caregiver “hopefuls” are the make-up of people that stand in-front of four mogul gate-keepers to the “Bank of Hollywood”. A new game show that gives people the opprotunity to fulfill their dreams by convincing these successful millionaires to fund their cause by giving them money from the bank.


“Bank of Hollywood” is executive produced by “American Idol” host, Ryan Seacrest, who was a “hands-on” producer as he worked on-set the first day to collaborate with the director, other producers of the show, and stage manager.

The four wealthy Hollywood “bankers” are: Candy Spelling (widow of legendary producer of Dynasty, The Love Boat, 90210, Aaron Spelling), Vanessa Rousso, a.k.a “Lady Maverick” (Professional Poker Player), Melody Thornton (“The Pussycat Dolls”), and Sean Patterson (Wilhelmina Models President).

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One-at-a-time, a different contestant enters the arena-like stage via a lighted tunnel walk-way to convince the panel to give them the requested amount of money from the “bank of Hollywood”. They must prove that their cause is notable, and will make a significant change in their lives for the better. In order to receive funding from the bank, each “hopeful”, what contestants are called, must get approval from three members of the panel. If a tie occurs amongst the panel, and the contestant receives two “Nos” and two “Yes’s” then the panel must deliberate in order to come up with the deciding vote. The four judges discuss their votes on-stage without mics. The contestant then comes back in the final round of the show to find-out if they will receive the money or not.

Money requests that involve start-up cash for businesses, are always asked by the panel if there is a business plan. The business plans themselves are never in-hand of the contestants. However, the deciding factor of a tie-breaker in one instance, the business plan actually hurt a contestant and they did not receive the money. The judges stated that they did not like what they saw in the business plan. This was after a brief off-stage break from the judges. This gives the impression that the business plan of each contestant most likely is available by request back stage.

There seems to be no limit of the amount of money someone can ask for from the “Bank of Hollywood”. At least there isn’t one stated on the show. And, the total amount inside of the bank is a mystery. Also, it is never noted on the show as to where the money in the bank comes from. Money requests have ranged from $4000 at the lowest, to $650,000 thus far. The $4000 request came from an aspiring “storm chaser”, and the highest amount of $650,000 came from Pirate re-enactment performers to build a pirates ship.

Host, Bryan Callen talks to executive producer, Ryan Seacrest (in white shirt).

Host, Bryan Callen talks to executive producer, Ryan Seacrest (in white shirt).

Very likable host, Bryan Callen (MADtv) remains neutral and unbiased in each contestant circumstance and helps to facilitate the ruling process. As a host, Callen exudes much confidence and charm. A side-note, stand-up comedian, and game show contestant from “Deal of No Deal” (day time), and “Catch 21”, Vivica is the bubbly audience warm-up host who is currently up for Jackie Warner’s (“Work out”) new weight loss reality show, “Thintervention with Jackie Warner” on BRAVO!”

The show features a few heart-felt requests from candidates, as well as some outlandish ones. Some examples of genuinely good causes include: a cheer leading squad to compete in the nationals; a soul food restaurant business; an Olympian’s funding; a same-sex child adoption; and a Venice Beach mobile food truck. Some of the more ridiculous requests for money has been for the following: breast implants; pageantry sponsorship; a $5000 dog bed; and a laughing therapy business.

“Bank of Hollywood” show provides a great chance for some one with a novel idea who can’t get funding from the traditional process. However, my biggest complaint with this show, is it needs to waste less time with the crazies asking for money (their soul purpose is to push ratings) , and more time on substantial requests from people who have a noble need whether it be concerning health, or business.

It’s sure to be an audience-pleaser in this time of recession. Where do I sign up? No air-date announced yet. “Bank of Hollywood” is said to air on “E!” network according to host, Callen and crew members.

UPDATE: The eight-episode series begins airing Dec. 14 at 10pm on “E!”




  1. Lisa Zermane says:

    I let myself go during a 19 year marriage. My husband died. He had no insurance. I have finally gotten myself together, but could use a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck to help me get back to where I started from.

  2. Scott Neuman says:

    Had a chance to try out of show in NY. Great concept. Just wish they hadn’t use my poker idea by hiring Vanessa Russo.
    I’m sure it will do well.

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  4. D'von says:

    Can you please tell me how I can go about applying for the “Bank of Hollywood” t.v. show ? I desperately need their help but cannot find out where to apply. I would greatly appreciate any help and information I can get that would help me apply.

  5. Kendal says:

    I cannot believe some of the people that go on this show! What nerve! The one woman that wanted her 18 year old daughter to get breast implants because she has self esteem issues? OMG! There are thousands of people all over the world that are starving, have no home, nothing! I just hope that the “judges” use there money wisely. Why not contribute to charity? Help the people that are actually in need.

  6. Anna W says:

    this show is very good and is also helpful to somepeople that is going through a lot and need money that they can investing them

  7. Harry Rafferty says:

    My wife and I love your show! My partner and I would like to be on your show. We want to start our own ‘Green” drilling company. We believe it will be very successful, but it takes a lot of money to get started, which we do not have. Can you please help us get started?

    Thank-you for your time and consideration,
    Harry Rafferty

  8. Szabo Nicoleta says:

    I’m from Romania .I have 43 years old , I have a dream that I want to be true.I need the help of Bank of Hollywood . I understand the first season was ended,will be an other season?

    Success to everyone
    Thanks you

  9. Madara says:

    Dear all,
    We are family from Europe-Latvia. We would like to apply application for this TV show because at this moment we need a support. Twoyears ago our doctor told us that maybe never we will not be able to get our own baby. My husband have a fertility problems. But with operation it could be a mirracle.

    We would like to get support form this TV show. Please let us know about it, we will be grateful.

    Best wishes….

  10. alejandra de los santos says:

    hello, i`m from uruguay, we watch the show at E!, very funny and helpfull, and i want to know if you can help people that live in other country, like me…. if you do, i can write a letter for you and let you know why i request the money. thanks so much for the show, and the answer..

  11. Pablito Escobar Jr. says:

    Hello, I am from Colombia and since my father passed away family business has been difficult with the law enforcement and all. We could use a few hundred thousand dollars to restart the business and produce a better product for american artists thank you godd luck.

  12. […] A slew of contestants come before them at their “thrones” which sit on a separate raised stage to put in their requests of different money amounts for either a specific cause, event, or perhaps a new business venture. Eight contestants appear per episode. HOLLYWOOD JUNKET sat-in on several episode tapings. Our full report on this show from a previous post here: […]

  13. Tasha Williams says:

    Hi my name is Tasha and I am from the good old U.S.A. The reason I would like to be on this show is I unfortunately was medically released from my job a year ago…I am now better than ever and can not seem to find work…I have a degree in photography and a small studio in my home…thank goodness too, because it has kept me afloat… I am in my 50’s but I look good for my age…lol..I can not seem to raise enough money to pay the back taxes on my home… I have tried everything…I even wrote a letter to Oprah and Ellen..still no one listens… Are you?…I have several money making ideas, that I know are fantastic…all I need is a chance…Please consider me…Thanks so much

  14. cute kitten says:

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  15. witney louis says:

    i will like to be on bank of hollywood show. please help me tell me how i can apply for this show. my email is

  16. witney louis says:

    i will like to beon bank of hollywood show. please help me apply for it. my email is

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