BATTLE OF THE SEXES: Psychology Meets Workplace With APPRENTICE Theme!

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December 4, 2010
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BATTLE OF THE SEXES: Psychology Meets Workplace With APPRENTICE Theme!

It hasn’t been stated yet, but a major television network is producing what sounds like a study in psychology with a new reality/game show that will challenge teams of all-male and all-female in multiple areas of business tasks to see which one performs best in a similar vein as “The Apprentice”.

Once the teams who have the smarts and business savvy best solve the challenge, they will compete for the grand prize. With the Trump, on “The Apprentice” winners are awarded a job position somewhere in his multitude of companies and conglomerates, however, with “Battle of the Sexes” it is unclear what the grand prize will be.

Some examples of the challenges include: designing a new product for a toy company, selling cars for a giant auto brand or overhauling a “mom-and-pop” diner.

“Battle of the Sexes” sounds like a psychological experiment show. The show’s goal as stated by casting is “to shine light on differences between men and women in the workplace”. Unlike “The Apprentice”, each week the show will introduce new players. Two new same-sex teams will “battle it out” every week to prove who can solve a different company’s challenge the most effectively – the men or the women.

Casting is currently underway for “Battle of the Sexes”. The casting team is looking for people from a variety of backgrounds and work experiences, anywhere from white collar to blue collar and everything in between. Some examples for job fields are: artists, executives, computer programmers, sales reps, engineers and so on. “We are definitely looking for a wide variety of people in many fields, skills, and talents”, stated by casting.

Casting suggests for those that are interested in applying to be on the show, send them a brief summary of workplace, experience, contact information, a recent photo and why you’d be great for the show.

Unfortunately, they are only casting in Los Angeles at this time and request that you be a local and be available for filming on: February 11, 12, 14, 15. Email:



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