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BIG BROTHER: Season 13 Winner! Exclusive Set Report

Posted on September 14 2011 by Editor

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BIG BROTHER: Season 13 Winner! Exclusive Set Report

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Stop Reading This If You Don’t Want Spoilers!
This season of CBS’s “Big Brother” was the “newbies” vs. the “veterans came to an end tonight when the show crowned it’s 13th season winner early today on the lot of CBS Radford Studios. Hollywood Junket was there for this exclusive report.

We were on the set for the finale!

The remaining three contestants- Rachel, Adam and Porsche had three “Head-of-House” challenges to get through. The first had them tied to a spinning merry-go-round above “chunky” yellow liquid. Rachel was the last girl standing on this one.

The next challenge was an underwater maze that had Adam and Porsche battling it out for the final spot against Rachel. They had to place the heads of “Head-of-Household” in order. Porsche beat Adam at this timed challenge by three minutes!

Staying true to their “deal” Rachel announced that she selected Porsche to take with her to go in front of the other house guests who vote for the “Big Brother” winner.

House guests brought back to do the judging were: Daniele, Jeff, Kalia, Shelly, Brendon, and Jordan

During their comments on each other, Daniele stated that her opinion of Adam was that he created a new term – “piggy-backer” as to how he played the game. Brendon stated that he didn’t even know that Porsche was in the house until day 52. Others agreed that Porsche didn’t start playing the game until about day 50 inside the house. Jeff stated that he took-back Daniele’s friendship bracelet because he dislikes her. Daniele was seated in front of him when he said that and was uncomfortable.

After Adam was voted-off, he stated that he was hoping to be meeting show host, Julie Chen while collecting the $500,000. Julie sated that she was sorry she wasn’t handing him a check. Adam stated that he would win “Big Brother” when he comes back for the “all-stars” show.

Once the final votes were tallied-up, Rachel Reilly was announced as the season’s winner! Julie Chen later revealed that she had won it by ONE vote! Before Danielle placed her vote, she said Rachel was lucky that it wasn’t a personality contest. Her vote wen to Porsche.

The returning house guests that were brought onto the show to comment about the players and how they played the game were: “Evil” Dick (Danielle’s father) who had to leave the show after only six days due to health reasons, Keith, Casey, and Lawon.

“Evil” Dick commented on how his daughter Daniele broke-up all the work he had done in creating the veterans alliance. Daniele admitted to it because her friends were on the other side.

Winner of the $25,000 for the fans “Favorite House Guest” went to Jeff. Porsche received $50,000 as runner-up to first place, Rachel’s grand show prize of $500,000!


The set of “Big Brother” is definitely the most unique one that we’ve been to yet. The stage itself where Julie Chen conducts her interviews and commentary is a small rectangular one. Directly behind her is where the audience seating is. The unusual thing is this – the actual “Big Brother” house surrounds that stage and audience. With only one exit on the opposite side of the stage, for those that are claustrophobic, avoiding visiting the “Big Brother” show would be a good idea.

One thing that got edited-out on the show was during Rachel’s final speech she talked so long that she literally ran-out of things to say and said “I don’t know what else to say”. Chen jumped-in and said “that’s okay, you’re out of time anyway”. Chen then tried to make good by laughing and saying, “we have to make sure Porsche has her time”.


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