Blake Says He Already Won – THE VOICE Season Three Finals

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December 17, 2012
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December 18, 2012
Shahs of Sunset Spill on THE JEFF PROBST SHOW Preview!
December 17, 2012
Don’t Need Those Boys Anymore! THE VOICE Season Three Winner
December 18, 2012
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Blake Says He Already Won – THE VOICE Season Three Finals

Something Epic Happens – THE VOICE!

A special tribute was given during “The Voice” show opening in dedication in memory to the children who lost their lives at the Connecticut shooting. Past ‘Voice contestants came back to sing “Hallelujah” song in the child victims’ honor.

The start of “The Voice” tonight featured the coaches singing the praises of their singers left in the NBC vocal competition.

The singers that are left to compete for the grand prize which comes to an end tomorrow night are: Terry McDermott from Team Blake, Cassadee Pope from Team Blake, and Nicholas David from Team Cee LO

Blake stated, “Terry is our powerhouse vocalist left in the competition.” His other singer Cassadee Pope said, “I hope it’s worth leaving my band for.” The competition started with sixty-four artists, and this season’s talent has been said to be better than ever.

The first performance of the night was by Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo)

Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo
He sang a medley of “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis and “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire”.

(L-R) Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David, and host Carson Daly.

Carson Daly described Nicholas David as a “spiritual Minnesota soul man” Cee Lo said, “The first time that I heard Nicholas, it was a soulful sound that I didn’t know still existed.” Nicholas reflected on his time on “The Voice” by saying, “my goal was to sing every week a song that had a powerful message.”
Cee Lo was the only coach that turned around for Nicholas.

Coaches responses:
Adam – “First time I’ve seen you at this point of the game saying ‘I want to have fun”. I’m so happy you decide to entertain this crowd and have fun.”

Pictured: (L-R) Nicholas David, Cee Lo Green, Jordan Jackson. (Photo by: Trae Patton/ NBC)

Blake – “No matter what happens I’m sure you’ll be expecting a call from the Rockettes. Those were the highest kicks! Tonight is a celebration.”

Cee Lo – “You’re honesty is always appreciative. You’re humility is always heart-warming. But your fire tonight almost burnt this place down.”

Cassadee shot to # 1 on the iTunes charts. (Team Blake)
Sang “Over You”

Christina – “Your voice – You nailed that song. Your voice – you can sing anything. Pop, country. But, what a perfect fit.”

Adam – “So shinny (referencing her silver sequined dress), the coolest thing I’ve noticed about you – you’ve developed so much . You’re really shinny, You’re awesome.

Blake – “You know how I feel about that song and you singing it. It seems appropriate. It’s about healing. (referring to the Connecticut shooting) What a great moment.”

Nicholas David – second song
“Lean on Me” – by Bill Wethers
Adam said that Nicholas looks like a principle. He also said that Nicholas did the song justice

Cee Lo – “You never cease to amaze me. You impress me so much. I believe in you. You make me believe You Move me. Something real, true and sincere. I love you.”

Pictured: Terry McDermott (Photo by: Trae Patton/ NBC)

Terry McDermott said that his father’s love for classic rock influenced him and that made him want to make a living at it.

Blake said about Terry’s break-out performance on the show – “It wasn’t until he sang ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ is when the world stopped. He was on stage with just a piano and his vocals.”

Blake said Terry’s a guy that I actually look up to and have a lot of respect for. Terry sang “Broken Wings” is his favorite for his second song.

Adam – “Terry you know I know I can tell in the beginning that something’s going on. You recovered. You recovering tonight is why you’re here. You got out of that hole. It’s a big thing.”

Blake – “Going back to when we sang ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ That is hard doing what you do. Are my ears bleeding right now? That was high. Every time you get on stage something epic happens.”

Cassadee Pope and Blake sand a deut of “Steve McQueen

Pictured: (background) Blake Shelton, and (foreground) Cassadee Pope singing “Steve McQueen.”

Terry sang his “break-out” song – “I Wanna Know What Love Is”
The coaches reactions:
Christina – “You’re still plowing through and bringing it home. The work ethic involved (in the music industry) will kick your ass and right now you are bringing it home.”

Adam Levine takes off his shirt to perform tonight with Blake Shelton.

Blake – “Interesting you picked that as your break out song. You did it with passion. I think you sang that song better tonight than you did the first time around. You absolutely drive me crazy because you blow me away. I am so excited to have been involved at some point in your career.”

Nicholas David and Cee Lo Green sang a duet of “Play That Funky Music”.
Milo – a mini Cee Lo – joined them on stage

Cassadee sang “Pride” for the show’s final performance of the night.

All the coaches turned around for Cassadee during the blind auditions. Blake said he felt that he won at that moment when Cassadee chose him as her coach. “I wasn’t expecting the tidal wave of the number one spot on iTunes,” Blake said.

Cassadee has her Dad back in her life because of being on “The Voice”. She said Blake has given her the tools to win “The Voice”.

Coaches reactions:
Adam – “Cassadee I wanted you on my team. The great thing is I don’t care you weren’t on my team because you accomplished everything you needed to on Blake’s team.”

Blake – “For every great moment you’ve had on this show – you’ve had a lot of them. I’ve never heard you sing as good as you did tonight. Congratulations Cassadee!”

Watch THE VOICE Season Three’s Final Performances Aired Monday, December 17, 2012 ENJOY!




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