Shahs of Sunset Spill on THE JEFF PROBST SHOW Preview!

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Shahs of Sunset Spill on THE JEFF PROBST SHOW Preview!

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The host of one reality show welcomed the full cast of another reality show. Jeff Probst, host of “Survivor” recently filmed an episode of his talk show “The Jeff Probst Show” with the reality personalities from Bravo TV’s “Shahs of Sunset”.

Guests from the show were: Lilly Ghalichi, whom one audience member stood-up and called a “Persian Barbie”; Mike Shouhed; Asa Soltan Rahmati; Reza Farahan; Mercedes “MJ” Javid; and Nadine Rajabi talked to Jeff and co-cast members via Skype. She was in New York and left early to go to an appointment.

The newest member of the cast, Lilly, Reza said he brought onto the show after meeting her on the job as a real-estate agent. He said that as soon as he met her and saw her “rail thin” frame, he was obsessed with her and her looks. Reza and the rest of the cast members swear by the show’s authenticity. “This is my life.” He said that he naturally started hanging-out with Lilly which is how she came to be an added member to the show.

Upon the casts introduction, Jeff labeled Lilly and Mike as “the hot ones.” None of the other friends from the show were offended. He then added that they are all very attractive.

Another testament to “The Shahs of Sunset” is as pointed-out by Jeff Probst during a fighting scene between Nadine and Asa when Nadine immediately took off her ear rings. She attested to that incident and said that it comes from experience in knowing so many women with scars from earrings that go straight down their lobes from fights.

There was some tension between four of the Shahs. One was between MJ and Reza who acknowledge that they fiercely compete with each other in the the real-estate world. MJ said that Reza should be threatened by her. While keeping his composure on stage, Reza did in fact seem to be a bit intimated by MJ. The second tension was by Nadine and Mike. It was evident that Nadine has a crush on Mike when Jeff asked her about Mike. Mike said that it was “never gonna happen” between the two of them.

(L-R) Mike, Lilly, Asa, Reza, MJ, and Golnesa “GG”.

Jeff promised to talk to MJ about her personal life in that she is seeking to find a man for a long-term relationship. But, he never got back to her. The show spotlighted Asa Soltan Rahmati’s “gold water” in which she is bringing to a mass market in the new year. It’s water that has the elements of gold. She said she used to make if for herself at home all of the time. Asa said that the water will be selling for around $4-$6 in stores. She said she wanted to keep the price down.

Asa also revealed on “The Jeff Probst Show” that during the construction of her house, she had real gold put underneath the cement to her porch to bless the guests entering her home.

MJ, Reza, and Mike explained that the show’s title is very fitting because they “own Sunset”. They said that all of their businesses are on Sunset Blvd. MJ said that when she’s going to the office or meeting a client all of her work is either on Sunset or just off Sunset. The cast also said that most American’s pronounce “Iran” and “Iranians” incorrectly.

With a viewership of three million per week, Reza said that that a lot of Iranians want to have the show taken off of the air. One reason is because the show portrays a real-life gay man – Reza. He said that while growing-up his country claimed that there were no homosexuals in the country. He didn’t want other young people to feel like they have no where to go or no one to look up to. This is why he said that he wanted to part of the show.

Reza said that Iranians want the show off, but if they had a chance to be on TV also to tell their story, he said that they would take it which is what he did.

“The Shahs of Sunset” Jeff Probst Show episode airs Thursday December 20, 2012.



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