Blake’s Last Blinds EVER! THE VOICE Season 23 Final Auditions Week 3 Recap

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New Playoff Pass in Full Use on THE VOICE Season 23 Battles Premiere Recap
March 29, 2023
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Blake’s Last Blinds EVER! THE VOICE Season 23 Final Auditions Week 3 Recap

Pictured: Pictured: Grace West, Blake Shelton. -- Photo by: Casey Durkin/Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

It was the end of an era.  Some can say “a milestone” even.  It was the longest running “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton’s very last time that he’d play in the Blind Auditions round.  Blake was fully aware of it, and held back those emotions by trying not to think too hard about it.  

“The Voice” host Carson Daly gave Blake some fun statistics about his time on the show. He told Blake that it’s been 598 times that he has pushed his button.  And, 204 times that Blake has ever said that he has “never heard of the song.”  Blake was amused and couldn’t believe that the number was that high.

“The Voice ” season 23 Blind Auditions ended for everyone in Tuesday’s night’s episode. All four coaches – Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Chance the Rapper, and Niall Horan packing their Teams of ten.  The two newbie coaches Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan were the first and last coaches to fill their Teams. 

At the start of Monday’s episode, Kelly had four spots on her Team. Niall had two spots to fill.  Chance had three spots left, and Team Blake had three spots.  Chance said he was looking for someone who has “some uniqueness and individuality.”  Niall said he was looking for someone who sings from their soul.  Blake said he was waiting for a genre that he doesn’t have on his Team. 

MARIAH KALA (Team Chance)

Pictured: Mariah Kalia — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Mariah is 17 years old from Jacksonville, Florida.  She sings a lot with her mother who’s her best friend.  Her idols include Ciara, Aaliyah, and Janet Jackson because they sing AND dance. She’s been dancing since she was ten-years-old.  Mariah said she wants to be onstage performing and touring.  She’s never been on a stage as big as “The Voice.”  Mariah sang “idontwannabeyouanymore” by Billie Eillish.  Niall and Chance both turned at the same time.

Chair Turns:  Niall, Chance

Chance and Niall were blown away that she’s only 17.  Chance told her that her musical choices are mature.  Niall compared her voice to a younger Amy Winehouse.  He told her that she had all of the range and “the stuff at the top as well,” and expected that he could take her to the Finals.  

After she told Niall (who’s a Pop star) that she’s into R&B, Kelly said he may have just lost her. Niall fought back and said sometimes the best things in life are from opposite sides.  Kelly advised her to pick the coach that will push her for the best version of herself.

Chance said he started touring when he was 17-years-old and if she wants someone that can take her to that level, then “get down with Chance.” Blake recommended Niall by asking Mariah if she’s ever heard of “the luck of the Irish.”  She chose Chance.
Coach:  Chance the Rapper.  Chance said, “Mariah is a star. She had a flawless performance.”

KYLEE DAYNE’S (Team Blake)

Kylee, who is 19-years-old from Texas, sang “Fallingwater” by Maggie Rogers. She put medical school on hold to audition for “The Voice.”  Blake and Chance turned at the end.  Niall turned on her last note. 

Chair Turns:  Blake, Chance, Niall

Chance said he liked the amount of control Kylee had, and called her the textbook of a star.  Niall said he loved the song and said he knows Maggie, the artist of the song she sang.  He compared her to Florence from Florence and the Machine.  Blake said when she started hitting the “bigger stuff” that let him know that she can put together a “killer performance.”  Then, told Kylee that this is his last season. 

Blake said he wanted everyone to know that “there’s only one King of the voice” and the big foam finger came down while a spotlight flashed on it.  Blake said he could only use this gimmick once.

Coach: Blake Shelton. Blake said she’s the kind of artist where a little bit of coaching can go a long way with her. 


Joe is a hip-hop/rap artist.  He said if he got a chair turn, it would be his step into a full blown career as a musician.  He said “The Voice” is “the biggest of big deals.” It’s his shot.  He’s the only person in his family who doesn’t have a degree.  Joe is from Atlanta,  Georgia.  The sacrifices Joe has made to pursue music was, he said there were times when he had to skip meals and live in his car.   He sang “Mystery of Love.” 

Chair Turns:  None

Blake told him “this is terrible.”  He said the performance “never really got on track” and there was a lot going on vocally. Blake added that he didn’t know that song and it was a hard song to sing.  Niall said it was a bit pitchy and advised him to work on it.  Joe told the coaches that he wrote a rap for them, and performed it for them.

Chance said he thought his rap was “dope” and “very memorable.”   Blake said he was waiting for a voice that knocked him out of his chair.

GINA MILES (Team Niall)

Gina is 18-years old from Sacramento, CA.  Gina said when she sings, she’s very different and her singing voice sounds a lot different from her speaking voice.  Gina sang “The One that Got Away.”  Kelly turned early, then Niall turned a little bit later.  

Chair Turns:  Kelly, Niall

Gina said she’s normally shy.  But, has a deep and rich singing voice.   She said she enjoys expressing confidence in singing.  Music started early for her while going to her dad’s DJ gigs when she was little.  She would sing anywhere that would let her sing. When she was 18, she moved to California with her Aunt to pursue music. 

Kelly pointed-out that she turned way early before Niall.  She had Kelly in the beginning, then “it exploded.” She intends to make Gina so solid with her vocal ability so when she comes out on stage, she’s not thinking about it.

Blake passed Niall a note that was supposed to be private.  But, Niall read the note out loud which read “Kelly doesn’t coach nerves. She admits it.”  Kelly replied that it’s true.   Niall told Gina that he tries to sing with a little bit of “feeling and character” and said she has that.  There’s no better feeling than hearing someone sing a verse who’s really feeling and believing what they’re singing.  Niall kept saying that Kelly was also a good choice for her.

Coach: Niall Horan.  Niall said Gina is “brilliant” and has a lot of character to her voice.  

Blake told Niall that he’s never helping him again because Niall read the private note that he wrote to him out loud!  Blake said he’s going to get him back and “that’s the last time I’m helping that kid out!”  Lol!



Pictured: Kason Lester — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Kason is 33 years old and is a strawberry farmer.  He works on his family’s farm.  Kason plays local fairs and got to play with Charlie Daniels who sings “The Devil Went Down in Georgia.”   Everyone assumes he plays Country, but he’s a Rock-n-Roller.  Kason sang “It’s Not Over.”  

Chair Turn:  Blake

Blake was so excited to be Kason’s coach and went up to give him a Team t-shirt.  Kelly welcomed him to “The Voice.’  Chance said he would have turned if it was his lane.  Blake said just the sound of his voice – gravelly, sizzley sound. He wanted a rock artist and couldn’t think of a better one than him.
Blake said the other coaches are going to regret not trying to get Kason on their Teams.  Blake said he can’t wait to give Kason some 80s’ rock music. 


JB SOMERS (Team Kelly)

Pictured: JB Somers — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

JB is 31-years-old from Montgomery, Alabama and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  He makes pretty singer/songwriter music with a Pop influence.  His sister taught him a lot about music and he wanted to be a lot like her.

When his sister was in high school, she was a cheerleader.  When she broke her ankle, the doctor told her if there was a chance she wouldn’t dance again. She ended-up getting addicted to opioids which led to her death.  JB wanted to honor his sister and decided to go after a career in music.  He sang “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchell to dedicate to his sister.  Kelly turned right away.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, Chance

Kelly told JB that his tone “is incredible.”  She also told him she has NO ONE on her team like him. Chance said it took him a while to turn around because he wanted to hear his high register and that’s what he respected the most, showing off the dynamics of his different ranges.  His approach was strategic.  

Chance said one of his good friends, James Blake, also covered that song.  Kelly said she has a 50-50 chance of winning the show.  Chance said “Kelly’s lost before too. I’ve never lost!”  Niall told JB that his team is nearly full to the brim and he has someone similar already on his Team.

Coach: Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly said it was a slow day for Team Kelly, and she’s so “stoked” that she got JB. He has such a smooth voice and has the possibility to win the show. Chance predicted that JB will be a force to be reckoned with.



Alison is 17-years-old from Winchester, Ca.  She’s an adrenaline junkie who likes to ride dirt bikes when she’s not singing. Her grandmother was always supportive of her singing, and put her in vocal lessons. She helped Alison write songs when she was ten years old.  Alison called her grandma her hero. She sang “Rescue” by Lauren Diagle.

Chair Turns: None

Kelly told her the song was a great choice, but could hear her youth. Her range in the lower part, she was having a hard time.  Kelly told her to keep working on it.  Niall said not turning is not a negative. He advised her to work on her alto. Chance said it’s crazy that she’s 17.  Blake said she’s on the right path.  The experience of the singers that she would be performing against, she’s about a year away from that.  He advised her to keep working on it. 

RAY URIEL (Team Chance)

Ray said he’s the most creative late at night.  He records his vocals in his car so as to not disturb the neighbors.  Ray is 24 years old from Gary, Indiana.  His mom said he used to sing in the shower. Ray went to a performing arts school and sang in choirs.  Ray put music on the back burner for a while in order to help his mother who’s a single mother.  He became a father figure for his brother and sister.  He can’t go to music school until he is financially stable.   Ray sang “Glimpse of Us.”  Chance turned on Ray’s very last note!

Chair Turn: Chance

Chance said he reminds him of a recording artist with certain intricacies.  Kelly said she kept waiting to hear bigger notes from him and she can’t wait to see what he and Chance do.   Chance said there was some shakiness that he considers nerves.  But, he hears texture and tone that people will resonate with.  

ALYSSA LAZAR (Team Chance) Chance said she has a unique voice and is the only person that does rock on his Team.  He only had one spot left after that.



Rachel is a Kelly Clarkson fan.  She’s 22-years-old from Burlington Wisconsin. Her mom was a singer and her dad was a guitar player. She always wanted to sing with them.  She’s into alternative music.  Her and her sister sing at the bar that they work at.  Rachel chose to sing “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette, which is a tough song to sing.  Chance turned right away.

Chair Turns:  Chance, Kelly

Rachel got emotional after Kelly turned and the song ended.  Blake said that the piano part at the beginning was “so creepy.”  He said it freaked him out a little bit.  He said he stood out of the way when Chance turned.  Niall said there was so much power going on, that he wouldn’t know what to do with a voice that powerful.  Kelly said Alanis Morissette is one of her favorite artists of all time.  Kelly pointed-out that Rachel sang with her chest and her gut.  She would want her to attack parts a little bit more wild, and less controlled.

Chance said he turned his chair around first.  He said “I want to win this whole show” and she has an amazing tone.  He showed off his Team hat and called it “a winner’s hat.”

Coach:  Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly called it a 180 for Team Kelly, and her voice is “raw.”  She loves working with people like that.  She said going up against Chance is so hard and she secretly wants to be on Team Chance. 

Blake, referring to Kelly talking a lot, said it’s not what you say, it’s how much you say.



Domenica, 23-years-old,  is from Miami Florida, and lives in Nashville Tenn.  She grew up with Jazz and Pop music.  That’s what she looks for in her music that she sings. She wants to have a personal connection. Her brother and mother came with her at her Blind Audition.  Her brother was diagnosed with leukemia when he was three.  She started singing at the hospital for her brother and other patients.  She and her brother currently live together in Nashville.  Domenica sang “When I Look at You” by Miley Cyrus.  It reminds her that she has the emotional support from her family.

Chair Turns:  None

Kelly said it was a little too pitchy at points.  Chance said she should keep working as an artist and performer.  Niall said she needs to give it another shot next year, and if they don’t fire him, he’ll still be there!  Blake agreed and invited her to come back next year.  

CAIT MARTIN – 4-Chair-Turn (Team Kelly)

Pictured: Cait Martin — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Cait is a voice-over artist who works out of her closet.  When she was younger, it was easy for her to sing in the chorus.  She started singing on cruise ships and on the cruise, you’re the celebrity on the cruise, Cait said.  She said stepping out as an individual artist is scary.  Cait chose to sing “As it Was” by Harry Styles. Cait is on “The Voice” for the beginning of a life she said she’s always been afraid to pursue herself.  Kelly turned her chiar right away.  Niall looked impressed by how Cait sang the song, and he soon turned as well.  When she hit higher notes, Blake and Chance also turned, making her a four-chair-turn. 

Chair Turns: Kelly, Niall, Chance, Blake

Cait is 32 from Atlanta, Georgia.  Kelly said she could tell in her voice with so much control she had in the beginning and knew she would go big and high in her bravado.  Blake said this is his last season to be a coach. Kelly said “he’s tired. He’s worn-out.” Blake said he’d like to go out with a win and can dig down  deep and find the energy and the passion one more time to win “The Voice.” He wanted her to be on the last Team Blake.  Niall said it’s time for Blake to pass the baton over!  

Niall said the minute he heard the riff on the piano and could tell she was doing something different.  He could tell that she’s a storyteller.  Chance said the texture and tone of her voice is comparable to Whitney Houston.  He said in terms of tone, she’s going there and has a lot of room to grow.  He told her she should go with him.  Niall said he’s come from a show like this and he has the tools to break hearts with her. 

Coach:  Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly said her voice is incredible and could tell from 3 notes that she had range.  Her mom told Kelly that Cait has loved her, her whole life.  


The next round is Battles which start on Monday, March 27th.  The last night of Blinds started off with a bang by opening the show with an amazingly talented artist.  Her name is Nariyella, and though the Blinds were coming to a close, she incredibly managed to receive a four-chair-turn!

NARIYELLA – 4-Chair-Turn (Team Chance) 

Nariyella is 20-years-old from Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. She’s been singing since she could talk and started taking singing seriously since age ten.  Nariyella brought the coaches some gifts which were stones.  

Chair Turns: Chance, Kelly, Blake, Niall

Niall told her it was insane and she was so comfortable up there like she’s been doing it for years. He said he is missing someone like her on his Team.  He said he was on a show like this one, and came in third. “It worked out,” Kelly told him.  Blake said Nariyella’s voice is “actually shocking” to how powerful she is and he’d be honored to have her as part of his last Team.  Kelly told Nariyella that she has a personality that’s so “incredibly captivating” and her being comfortable and passionate is what it takes to win a show like this.

Chance was blown away by her performance, and her skill level is way, way beyond her years and experience.  He tried to say that the coaches don’t know this song. Then Kelly and Blake said they both know the song!  Kelly said she covered that song.  Chance said his Team dynamics is individualism and he’ll let her be herself.  

Coach:  Chance the Rapper.  That was his last Team member! He said she just blew him away and said she’s like Jennifer Hudson, early days.  “It feels good to beat the other coaches. To beat them all at one time is just crazy.”


After the break, Niall came out with a wardrobe change, wearing the exact same outfit as Blake Shelton. 

GRACE WEST (Team Blake)

Pictured: Grace West — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Grace is 19-years old and she’s a dog walker in Nashville because it’s super flexible which allows her to write music.  After she was in a singing competition, she got noticed and was contacted by a publishing company in Nashville.  Grace has been assigned as a songwriter since she was 16-years old.
Her parents are both in the medical field.  She said it’s so hard to break out in Nashville because everyone is there doing the same thing. Grace said she thinks her being younger, people don’t take her seriously.  Grace sang Country song “Maybe it was Memphis.”  Blake was the first to turn followed by Niall.

Chair Turns:  Blake, Niall

Niall called her voice “impeccable” and said she sounds like a born song-writer.  Niall said he has no one like her on his Team.  He said he was brought up on traditional Irish music that led to Country music.  He also spent time in Nashville writing music.  Then Niall copied Blake by telling Grace, “this is my last season.  And, I would be honored to have you on the last Team Niall.” 

Blake could directly relate to Grace because he moved to Nashville at age 17 and worked for a publishing company.  His dream was to be on the radio.  He told her that she has “this thing” that you don’t really hear anymore and compared her to Pam Tillis.  he said she would be his last member that he will ever hit his button for.  Kelly said “Blake is a great coach for you in this sense.”  She’s known Blake for years and he’s the guy that really helps artists out.  She said it’s her gift for Blake Shelton.

Coach: Blake Shelton.  That was Blake’s last artist on “The Voice ” ever!  He said there’s’ no mistaking that she’s Country.  “She’s a perfect female Country singer.”  Blake said he did get “a little bit shook up” to know that was the last time he would ever hit his button for the Blinds.  Blake yelled to the audience “I’m never pushing that again!”


Blake told Carson Daly that when he hit his button for Grace who’s the last person he did that for, “When I said that out loud, it became real.”

Kelly and Niall were the only two coaches with one spot left each.

Pictured: Grace West, Blake Shelton. — Photo by: Casey Durkin/Evans Vestal Ward/NBC


Michael is 29-years-old from Cherry Valley, California with a three and half year old. He lives with his daugher in a trailer on his parent’s property. Michael spends time playing at bars and restaurants.  He sang “Wish I Knew You” for his blind audition. 

Chair Turns:  None

Niall said he likes to hear more dynamics and the song “ramped early.” Chance said he has a lot of character to his voice. He needs to learn how to pace himself in the song.  Kelly said he has the kind of voice that pierces through.  Blake said in a room like this, less is more.  Kelly said she’s waiting for something unique and special.


Katie is 25 and is in grad school studying counseling.  She said to get to do music with her husband full time is the ultimate dream. She’s from Savannah, TN.  Singing and music has always been a part of her life.  Her mom, who passed away when Katie was fifteen, was a piano player at church. Her Dad raised four girls by himself.  Katie is the oldest and had to assume the role as a second parent.  She said she’s honored that she got to be that for her family.  Katie sang “Ghost” by Justin Bieber because the song is about losing someone close to you and was a dedication to her mom.  Niall liked her voice right away.  Kelly was the first one to turn.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Niall

Niall said he was expecting her to take the song to a bigger place like Justin, and she kept “it there nicely.” He was impressed that she sang a piano version and controlled her falsetto for 90 seconds.  He said he would love to work with her and have her on his first Team Niall. Kelly said she just did what she loves doing the most, to take a song and make it different and with a piano. She has no one like her on her Team.  “We literally have not heard anyone like you. You will stand out!”  

Coach:  Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly said Katie Beth was the perfect person to fill out her Team and she loved how she took that Justin Biever song and just flipped it. She has the voice of an angel.



Dasha is 21-years-old from Russia.  But, she doesn’t have a Russian accent.  People are surprised when she tells them she’s from Russia.  Her dad used to play drums and her mom is a singer. She was on “The Voice” in Russia when she was 17-years old.  Dasha lives in Los Angeles now.  She said this is her American dream.  She sang “I Can’t Stand the Rain.”

Chair Turns: None

Niall was shocked to see what Dasha looked like. Blake said her voice “is incredible” but felt like he heard five different singers in that performance. Niall advised her to show the softer side of her voice. Kelly said she should focus on making a Rock-n-roll record.  
Niall said he was waiting for someone to blow him away.

TALIA SMITH (Team Niall)

Pictured: Talia Smith — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Talia is an Intel Analyst for the Army. She said there are things about her job that she can not discuss.  While stationed in Georgia, that’s where she met her husband.  She said her being there on “The Voice” is part of her healing after going through a miscarriage.  Talia sang “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing.” 

Chair Turns: Niall

Talia is from New York.  Niall said what a way to end a Team.  The coaches stood up for her when she said she’s in the Army.  Talia said music has always been a love and being there today, she “had no words.”  Blake told her “great audition” and she’s the last person that he’s going to see audition.  

Niall said he was patiently waiting to get that last spot, and Talia smashed it!   Niall added, “She has so much control.  The start of her audition was unlike anything I’ve heard.”  He said it was an amazing ending to their Blind Auditions for season 23.  Blake said if he doesn’t win this last season, “it’s really embarrassing.”





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