Zach Spilled the Beans THE BACHELOR Season 27 Fantasy Suites No Sex Dates Recap

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First Hearing Impaired Singer on THE VOICE Season 23 Blind Auditions Week 2 Recap
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March 22, 2023
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Zach Spilled the Beans THE BACHELOR Season 27 Fantasy Suites No Sex Dates Recap

“The Bachelor” season 27 reached the overnight dates week, or “sex week” as Bachelor Zach Shallcross referred to it.  True to what was shown in the previews, viewers were accurately led to believe that Zach would falter on his plan to NOT have sex with any of three women.  This indeed did happen, and resulted in hurting two of the women – Gabi and Kaity.

Lucky for Ariel, she was spared of all this drama and whom Zach let go at the final Rose Ceremony by not giving her a rose.  The scenario in question appeared to be drama infused by the producers who must have been reaching at this point for anything to stir up controversy in Zach’s season.

The show’s producers are good at taking something that is typical in past seasons, and putting a spin on it to blow up some drama.

We see the Fantasy Suite each season, and how it usually goes down is that viewers are left with the question of did they or didn’t they have sex?  It’s never been directly addressed, nor should it be.  There have been a few cases when it might be revealed later.  One infamous example was when Nick Viall exposed Andi Dorfman as “making love” to him in the Fantasy Suite during her “After the Final Rose” episode in front of her chosen suitor!  

But, never has this been an issue while things were moving along on the show.  Except for Zach made it an issue.  Not only did he expose Gabi as the one whom he had sex with (while blasting it all over national television) asking her if it’s okay to tell the other women?   He also put Kaity in a hurtful and uncomfortable position by telling her he had sex in the Fantasy Suite.  Both women ended-up feeling horrible, and the road ahead sure looks like a bumpy one for Zach who has invited Kaity and Gabi to meet his family next week!


“The Bachelor” Fantasy Suite week opened with lead Zach Shallcross talking to host Jesse Palmer about how he feels apprehensive of the sex expectations that overnight dates have.  He explained he’d rather not have that card on the table and go into with sex free nights.

 Zach said he had to “trust the gut, trust the heart. That’s what I’ve been doing on this journey is doing what’s right,” and “No sex. No sex of any kind” for Fantasy Suites. Zach said he got the idea after talking to Sean Lowe (in last week’s episode) who told him to do what’s comfortable and what’s right.  

The dates this week took place in Thailand where the weather was hot and had everyone sweating!  Jesse asked if he’s really going to be able to pull this off?  Zach responded that it’s going to be “really damn hard.”  

He said when sex is involved, it can cause so many additional hurdles and should not be taken lightly.  He said he wants to…”there’s a lot of pinned up energy.”


Pictured: ARIEL, ZACH SHALLCROSS / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Ariel was the first (this posed as a problem for Gabi as later seen) of the three to go on her overnight date with Zach.  She said “it’s not just a date, it’s the possibility of having the Fantasy Suite night and having that intimacy to get to know Zach more.  The last time they saw each other was in New York during her hometown date. 

They went to a night market for their date and tried unusual foods that included worms.  Things were getting hot and heavy between Ariel and Zach, who hadn’t told her about his no sex Fantasy Suite rule yet!  

At dinner, Ariel told Zach that she’s “definitely” falling for him.  Zach responded by saying at the end, there’s only one person he can love. But takes love very seriously, and sees a future with her.  

When they read the Fantasy Suite date card, that’s when Zach told Ariel about sex being off of the table.  He said “loving one person at the end of this and sharing that moment” should be saved for that one person.  Ariel said she doesn’t like to plan anything and wanted to use the time to spend with him no matter what.  

The next morning Ariel said she felt like there was a higher chance of them getting engaged after last night.  Zach said with Ariel, it was more difficult than he thought and “it was the right decision” he said to not have sex.  “In the end, it will be worth it.”


Pictured: GABI, ZACH SHALLCROSS / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Gabi’s feelings had grown for Zach and she felt they would pick up right where they left off.  Zach announced that the two would be taking a pirate ship to a private island. 

Gabi told Zach how she was wrapped-up on the order of the dates because she was second.  Zach said there’s no order and he’s just trying to figure things out.  After that, Gabi took a moment alone to have a melt down with a producer on her feeling not good enough.

Zach went to comfort her, and she said she was experiencing a lot of emotions that stemmed from her previous relationship of not feeling good enough.  Zach said the order of the dates is really not about being a priority.  

During dinner, Gabi opened up again about being cheated on in her previous relationship.  She told Zach that he’s shown her all of the characteristics that she wanted.  He told her that she does deserve to be number one.  He said he used to have the biggests self-confidence issues.  Then Gabi told Zach that he’s so gentle and kind and that she is falling in love with him.

The two kissed after that.  Then the Fantasy Suite card was read, and Zach said in this experience, “sex week” can cause more issues and problems and told her about his plan to not have sex in the Fantasy Suite.  He explained that it’s the healthiest way to go about it being that the engagement is in one week.  

The next morning Gabi said she felt confident in her relationship with Zach and thinks they feel the same way about each other.  “I can feel it” she said in the moments that they shared that included cuddling.


Zach said “something really special happened in the Fantasy Suite.”  He called Jesse to come talk to him.  Zach told him it was “an unreal night, an unreal day” and seeing a life with her is “not so hard.  It’s really damn easy.”  

Then Zach reminded Jesse about how going into the overnights, he took sex off the table.  He and Gabi agreed to have sex.  He said it’s what they both wanted and needed for the relationship. Zach said he felt terrible because he went against his word and was feeling guilty about going back on his word.  

Zach said without a doubt he wanted to tell the other women about what happened with him and Gabi.  He wanted them to be aware that this is an act of love, not lust.  This week was harder than what Zach thought it would be.  He said now “it’s gotten a lot worse.”  

Zach went to talk to Gabi before going on his date with Kaity.  He tried to explain how he would have to tell the other women about them being intimate. In her confessional, Gabi said she felt blind-sided because what was private and just between them, now everyone knows.  

Zach told her that he’s falling in love with her twice.  


Pictured: KAITY, ZACH SHALLCROSS / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Zach and Kaity started their date by going canoeing.  Zach was in his head thinking about how he had to break it to Kaity about him and Gabi.  When it started to rain, Zach and Kaity took a break to pull over out of the canoe and that’s when Zach told Kaity about him being intimate with one of the women.

Kaity was emotional from the news.  She responded that she knew it was the case, but with him telling her.  She could have gone without hearing that.  To hear it confirmed, was a downer for Kaity and she wasn’t happy.

The aftermath of hearing that news wasn’t good.  Kaity told Zach that she felt “distant and weird.”  He said it was the last thing that he wanted.  

Kaity explained that she put up parameters herself, but him sharing that with her, she wished he had just kept it there in that relationship, and he “rubbed salt in the wound.”  Then Zach told Kaity that he could really see them together at the end of it. 

Moving into the night time portion of the date, Kaity went off to talk to a producer and wanted to go home.  Zach was still hopeful to see Kaity at dinner.  Somehow, Kaity decided to stay and spend more time with Zach.

Zach explained that he didn’t want there to be any secrets between them.  Zach explained that he always ratted himself out as a child.  “I want to let you know I feel for you and that I care for you.”  Kaity reacted that this is something that they can get through and she’s confident in them.  Kaity told him that she still feels like “the luckiest girl in the world.” 

Zach revealed that she makes him feel “some special way,” that he can’t even put into words.  Kaity and Zach decided to continue the date in the Fantasy Suite.


Pictured (l-r): KAITY, ARIEL, GABI / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Ariel was the first to arrive, followed by Gabi who went into the ceremony feeling that her trust was broken and wasn’t sure if she wanted this rose from Zach.

Kaity was doubtful if her relationship with Zach was stronger than the other women.  

Zach’s two roses went to: Kaity, Gabi.  

Zach told Ariel that it was the hardest thing he had to do and he’s blessed to know her.  She said she couldn’t have done this with anyone else.  Ariel wished Zach luck, then she was off.  

During her ride home, Ariel said she’s hurt because she knows how great of a person Zach is.  “I wonder when it will finally click and I’ll find that person that wants me above anyone else.”

Kaity said there’s still some steps they need to go through before she can be confident about having a ring on her finger.  Gabi said she felt like she was wearing a big “A” on her chest and not happy at all. 

NEXT WEEK: The season finale showed both Gabi and Kaity not happy about Zach.  It’s time to meet Zach’s family.  



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