Brayden’s Grand Exit on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Week 4 Recap!

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Brayden’s Grand Exit on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Week 4 Recap!

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON / Photos by: ABC/Craig Sjodin /Ricky Middlesworth

This week The Bachelorette Charity Lawson was in Washington State with her remaining ten suitors.  There were two one-on-one dates and one group date.  Things were fairly smooth during the group date that had both Brayden and Aaron on it until that evening portion when they got into another confrontation again.  This time it was more than just Aaron who ruffled Brayden’s feathers.  Brayden was still on the fence about if he would be ready at the end to get down on one knee. Charity got wind on this argument and pulled Brayden aside to talk in private.  It was at that moment that Charity finally gave up on giving Brayden more chances.  

Charity made stronger connections with both Dotun and Xavier during their one-on-one dates.  Towards the end of the episode, Brayden returned to give Charity a proper, non angry, goodbye.  This infuriated the men who were on the group date that he interrupted and more drama occurred.  Charity had only three roses to hand out during the Rose Ceremony, and unfortunately, SPOILER ALERT, we won’t get to see more of Caleb, who seemed to have a lot of potential.  


After host Jesse Palmer told the men how that part of Washington State is known for Big Foot he left the men with the first date card which read:
“Dotun, let’s leap into love, Charity.”  Duton said the timing couldn’t be better for the one-on-one date.  


Brayden couldn’t believe that guys like Sean, Aaron B., and Caleb were expressing their strong feelings for Charity because he thinks it’s apparent that he has the strongest connection with Charity.

Pictured: DOTUN, CHARITY LAWSON / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Charity said Dotun makes her feel safe and seen which is why she was happy to get the one-on-one date with him.  At the start of their date, they went bungee jumping off of a 20-story bridge. Neither her or Dotun had ever bungee jumped before. 

After they both jumped together, Charity said she felt at peace because she conquered her fear.  Then, they jumped a second time. 

Back at the hotel:  Joey and Aaron B. were worried to see Dotun build a strong connection with Charity because they felt it was going to dial their connections down.  Brayden and Xavier talked outside about how Aaron threw him under the bus last week.

The date card arrived which had the following names: Joey, Aaron, Michael, Caleb, Brayden, Sean, John, Tanner.  “Meet me in the woods, Charity.”  That meant Xavier got the second one-on-one date.

Aaron was expecting some friction with Brayden during the group date.  

Back to Dotun & Charity:  It was night time now, and they were cooking smores by a campfire.  During that time, Dotun talked about how he came to this Country in a lottery with a phone call from his Aunt.

He said he cherishes his parents who struggled to give him a good life.  Charity said she could relate, having similar parents.  She said growing-up in the Suburbs, there weren’t other people who were like her and now she wants to find her person and be a mom. 

Charity loved how Dotun was taking the time to learn more about her.  She said no one has done that before and this could really be her person.  Charity gave Dotun the date rose.  



The men met Charity in the woods.  She said Washington is all about embracing nature.  She told them how there would be “experts” joining them to help them out. It turned out, that the “experts” were three girl scouts.   Tanner loved it because he considers himself a future girl dad.

Some of the men were “terrified” of these girls.  The men had a few challenges to conquer with a prize for the winner at the end.  The girls told the men that whoever “pushed” themselves the most at the end of the challenge would win some time with Charity at the “Kissing Tree.”  

Their first of two challenges was to go into the woods to find something to eat and bring it back.  It couldn’t be dirt, grass or twigs!  The guys brought back nuts, mushrooms, and Aaron added a frog to make frog legs.

In the second challenge the men had to answer a line of questioning that included: how they would keep Charity warm?, who would they eat to survive? (everyone answered “Brayden”); and how do they want this journey to end?  Brayden answered that he wanted to be “content.”  The winner of the challenge was Aaron. 


The men were talking about how much closer they’re getting to hometown dates, and then a possible engagement.  After hearing this, Brayden said the rest of the men seemed “so naive” with their perspective.  Brayden said he’s trying to see if Charity really is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  

Brayden told Aaron that he did him dirty last week because he felt threatened by him.  Sean spoke up to Brayden and made a great point that out of all the men, Brayden has had the most time with Charity and he’s the one feeling doubtful.  Then Charity walked in and asked what all the heated discussion was about.

Sean explained to Charity that he didn’t understand why Brayden, after getting rose after rose, is still not confident about his relationship with her.  The men also told Charity how Brayden has packed his suitcase twice now.  Charity asked to talk to Brayden in private.

Brayden told Charity that he’s been down in the dumps since he got to Washington because he feels that she’s been mad at him.  She  said hearing what the men are saying about him “scares the hell” out of her. 

Charity told Brayden that she’s been so plain and clear on how she feels about him, and it’s still not clear to him.  Charity told Brayden that she’s looking for someone who is wholeheartedly into this and she walked Brayden out.  

They had to walk past all the men!  She said Brayden reminds her of her past relationships, playing the victim and a road that she doesn’t want to walk down again.  Charity was upset and disappointed after having to break up with Brayden and wasn’t really feeling the After Party.  

Sean said when Brayden walked out with Charity he was hoping that was the last of Brayden.  In her confessional, Charity realized that there are “way too many guys who are stellar” and want to spend time with her.

Charity went back to the After Party to spend time with the men.  Aaron was the first to check-in with Charity.  She said “it’s a clean slate moving forward.”  The group date rose went to Joey.  

Aaron was disappointed to not get the rose, but was happy that the “toxicity” (Brayden) was out of the house.  Or, so he thought!


Pictured: XAVIER, CHARITY LAWSON / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Charity said the goal of this date with Xavier was to see if he would be able to reach husband level.  During their time together, Charity felt that Xavier reminded her of past relationships and needed to see if their connection was strong enough to continue.

Charity had so many doubts about Xavier. She said she needs loyalty and someone she can trust at the end of the day.  It seemed that Charity was already sensing that Xavier might be someone who would cheat.

During dinner Xavier asked Charity what she is the most worried about.  Charity answered the infidelity thing which is the reason why her last relationship didn’t work.  She said it messed with her self esteem for the longest time.  Xavier responded that he gives complete honesty and doesn’t hide any part of himself.  His fear is NOT having love reciprocated back to him.

Xavier explained that he was inspired by his father who takes care of his mother, to study and get a PhD in order to help take care of his mother.  It was so touching that Charity was moved to tears.  She was also moved to give Xavier the date rose.


Charity said the men defending her this week “really bonded us in a weird way.”  She had no doubts with the men who were left and admitted it will be hard to choose who to not give roses to during the Rose Ceremony.   Since Brayden went home, there were nine men left.

Brayden Returned!

Pictured: JOHN B., CHARITY LAWSON / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Brayden walked into the house and passed all the men.  He went straight for Charity who was inside a room kissing John.  As he stood there and waited (creepy), John finally looked up shocked.  But, Charity was even more shocked! 

Brayden explained that he was “emotionally charged” and didn’t like how he left yesterday.  Charity said she respected his feelings that it’s a lot for him.  She hated walking in on that conversation with the guys and gave him plenty of opportunities to reciprocate.  Brayden told her he wished her the best of luck and then left (again…for real this time!).

After Brayden had to walk past all the men again while leaving, Aaron told Brayden to apologize to John.  John was extremely upset at Brayden for interrupting his time with Charity.  It turned into an argument between Brayden and all of the men outside while Brayden was getting into the van that brought him there.  Brayden was finally gone, possibly for good!  Until “The Men Tell All” that is!

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON / Photos by: ABC/Craig Sjodin /Ricky Middlesworth


Out of the six men without roses, only three roses would be given out.  Charity told the men that they are all “quality men,” and she really respects all of them and was focusing on where each connection is and where she sees herself at the end of all this.

The first rose went to: Aaron, followed by: Tanner, Sean.

Men who already had roses:  Dotun, Joey, Xavier.

The men who went home:  John, Michael, Caleb. 

Caleb was crying after his elimination and said he had feelings for her.  He said he knows for a fact that one of the men will be her husband.  

SNEAK-PEEK:  Some key points were revealed in some of the upcoming episodes, and it seems that what Brayden was saying about the other men will show some truth.  Dotun will be questioning if he’s ready “for this” (engagement).  Xavier said he doesn’t know if he can be committed to one person for the rest of his life.  It seemed that Charity might have had accurate suspicions about him.  And, Aaron was also seen stating that he’s not sure if he’s ready for an engagement.  During the hometown dates, Charity tells her parents that she’s falling in love with more than one man.



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