Magic Mike Stops By on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Auditions Week 7 Recap!

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Magic Mike Stops By on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Auditions Week 7 Recap!

Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, Magic Mike Jacobson -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“America’s Got Talent” (AGT) season 18 auditions week 7 had some really unique acts, and unique stories show-up to the auditions this week.  Some were heartfelt, and some were so uninspiring, they got buzzed by the judges’ “X’s.” Howie was back to his old self, getting slightly tougher on some of the acts, one of which included a former contestant on “Deal or No Deal” which he hosted over ten years ago.  

Simon had a soft spot for most of the contestants this week.  Only two acts in this episode caused everyone’s jaws to drop, but for much different reasons.  With only one judge (Sofia Vergara) with one Golden Buzzer left, SPOILER ALERT…no contestant got it in this episode.  Though, we thought the very last act of the night, who pulled on everyone’s heart strings, was going to get it.

POETIC FLIGHT (Toy Airplanes) 

Pictured: Poetic Flight — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Poetic Flight is made up of two men, who are pilots, from France.  They described themselves as “special pilots” and made a “special show” for AGT.  They flew battery operated toy airplanes about the judges and empty audience seats (in the first few rows) by using hand controllers.  

Simon and Heidi buzzed them. Heidi said if this was a show in Vegas and if she told her children they were going to see their show, they would be “bored out of their minds.”  Simon agreed and told the men that it’s not a show for Vegas.  Howie and Sofia both loved their show.   

Then the audience tried to sway Simon’s vote.  Simon asked what he’s missing?  Simon changed his “no” vote to “yes.”  

BJ GRIFFIN (Singer/Musician)

BJ said he came to win AGT. He said in his heart he wanted to be a musician only.  He came out singing “Let’s Stay Together” while playing a string instrument. Sofia said it was “a delight” and everybody was loving it.  Howie agreed and told him as far as singing he is his favorite.

Simon said “that’s what you call a moment,” and his voice is “distinctive, and stunning.”  Simon continued by stating he has an amazing energy about him and it’s an audition that everyone will remember.  He got four “yes” votes.


The leader of the dance group, Phil, said it’s a collection of parents and kids dancing with one another.  One of the parents Howie recognized as a former “Deal or No Deal” contestant who won over a quarter million dollars.  He said she’s on AGT to win another million!

When Simon asked the leader of the group why they are auditioning for AGT now, he answered “this is the platform to show people no matter what profession you do, there’s always time for family.” 

After their dancing audition, the group got a standing ovation from everyone. Howie said this is fun, it’s sweet, it’s family.  But, not big enough to win $1million.  Heidi said she saw some real stars and this is a family show.  Sofia thought it was “fantastic.”  Simon called the idea “genius” and it’s one of those auditions that make you feel great. “This is what this show is all about, genuinely.”  Howie was the only judge who voted “no.” 

Howie wasn’t thrilled with his co-judges and told them they voted on a nice concept, not a brillant act.  He said if they’re going to like that then he’ll bring his mother next week and dance with her. 

ENISHI (Variety Act)

Sofia called it “really creepy.”  Enishi is from Japan and had a very impressive and magical act.  He said his dream is “AGT Champions.”  He’s a cell phone salesman.  His act consisted of him switching painted face masks from the back to the front of his head so quickly, it was astounding and magical.  These different masks were each painted as the faces of the AGT judges.

Heidi reacted that it was super original and she loved it.  Howie also loved it.  Simon said he really liked the act but felt like it didn’t have “that wow factor” for him.  Simon said “no.”  The audience started to “boo” him.  Then Enishi got down on his knees to beg Simon.  But, Sofia hadn’t voted yet,  It was a “yes” from her and Enishi advanced to the next round.


Pictured: Timothy Fletcher — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Timothy was an extremely talented drummer who added dance into his act.  Sofia called it “so much fun.”  Howie thought it was “incredible” and he was mesmerized. Heidi said it was a perfect first audition, and he has “the perfect million dollar smile.”  Simon said their job is the easiest job because all they have to say is how you feel, and he feels “amazing.”  Timothy got all “yes” votes from the judges.  


The pair are from Long Beach California who came to AGT to ripple the continuum.  They got “Xs” from Howie and Sofia.  Their act was followed by a slew of more lackluster acts that the judges were not thrilled about.  This included a man dressed as an ape, and a face yoga instructor.


Koko announced that she’s 44-years-old and her talent is teaching face yoga to remain and maintain youthfulness.  She had all the judges participating in the facial exercises until Simon had enough and pushed his buzzer while the other judges continued.  Then Howie also buzzed. He said “I don’t want to look youthful.”  Howie pushed Heidi’s buzzer.  After that, Sofia and Heidi were the only ones participating in face yoga.  

Howie said she should do this in private and NOT on stage.  Yoko said AGT is for “any talent.”   After that act, Simon said he was fearful that the rest of the acts would be talentless. 

THE RYBKA TWINS (Gymnastics)

Pictured: The Rybka Twins — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Tiegan and Sam said they’ve been training their whole lives for this. The twin sisters are from Australia and both 27-years-old, born in the same minute.  They are dancers and acrobats. They actually met Simon last season while he walked the red carpet.  Simon invited them to audition for AGT.  So, they took him up on his offer this season.

Their act was amazing and perfectly synchronized.  Howie said he liked their skill set and liked how they present but found it “a little corny.”  The audience “booed” Howie.  He added, “that would not go viral on TikTok.”  He advised them to pick different moves and music.

Sofia agreed and said it was a little “outdated.”  Simon loved the audition and called them fun and likeable.  “I find you two interesting.”  Heidi, and Simon voted “yes.”  Howie was a “no” vote.  It was up to Sofia.  The audience chanted for her to “put them through!!” She did!  It was a “yes” vote from Sofia also.

DUO JUST TWO MEN (Hand Balancers)

Duo Just Two Men are best friends and are like brothers who’ve known each other since they were children.  They said if they win, it will change their lives and being on AGT is their chance to show their talent to the world. 

Duo Just Two Men are hand balancers from Ukraine.  The two men balanced themselves between two large rubber belts high above the stage (with no padding below) just using their body weight and each other.  Their act was flawless and the audience cheered with standing ovations from everyone.

Heidi said it’s the kind of thing that you “can’t stop watching” and they did some moves that they have never, ever seen!  Howie said “it doesn’t even look real, it looks like a special effect.”  Sofia said it was breathtaking.  So dramatic and the audience was going crazy. 

Simon asked more about their friendship.  They said they went through hard times together and this is why they trust each other so much.  He said he’s told his daughter that the Olympics is the biggest game.  She told him “no” AGT is the biggest. 


Cakra is 31-years-old from Indonesia.  He’s a singer and he told the judges that he really loves Blues, and slow music.  He decided to sing “Make it Rain.”  Heidi asked what he would do with the $1 million?  He answered that he would like to have an animal shelter.  After he was half way through the song, Simon asked for another song.  Cakra’s second song was “No Woman, No Cry” by Bob Marley.  His singing voice sounded somewhat like Michael Bolton, and nothing like how he looked. 

Heidi reacted that he has “a very unique, very sexy, raspy voice.”  It stands out and is “very special.”  Simon said it’s so rare to hear a voice like that and the second song made him sound more like an artist.  Sofia said Cakra made the song all his.  Howie said he has a very unique voice.   He had everyone on their feet, and he’s amazing. 


Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, Magic Mike Jacobson — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Mike works in advertising for his day job which he was hoping to discontinue after his AGT audition.  Mike, who is from Los Angeles, explained to the judges that he started doing street magic in his early years of performing magic.   He is now 36-years-old.

Mike did an incredible magic trick using an invisible deck of cards.  The trick involved the judges choosing their cards, and setting some on fire.  At the end, Mike had Howie choose an invisible card in the invisible deck and sign the back of it.  The deck of cards physically appeared when Howie threw the deck back to Mike.  

Once Mike opened up the box of cards with the deck inside, the exact card that Howie chose and signed was inside the box!  Everyone’s jaws were on the floor!

Heidi’s reaction was that she said the audience was so quiet because they were listening to his every word.  She’s never heard the audience that quiet before.  It was incredible.  Sofia said it was fantastic and funny at the beginning.  Simon said he predicts “no more advertising jobs” for Mike because this is what you were born to do.”  Howie confirmed that it was his signature on the card.  He got all four “yes” votes from the judges.

Simon told Heidi that he did ask for more Golden Buzzers this year!  The only judge left with a Golden Buzzer was Sofia who said she was scared to use it.

ATAI SHOW (Contortionists)

Pictured: Atai Show — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Another act that everyone’s jaws were on the floor for was Atai Show, but for a different reason.  Their act was doing contortion in a scary, zombie-like way!

Sofia said they look so sweet and harmless and it was spectacular.  She said they see a lot of contortionists on AGT.  But, they stood out.  Howie said they are amazing.  It’s a “honey get in here you have to see this” moment.  Simon said it’s exactly what they’re looking for this year.  He said people love being scared.  It was scary in a good way.   They got four “yes” votes.


Kim is from Eugene, Oregon and Holly from Odessa, New York.  Holly lost her son in 2007.  He was an organ donor and his heart ended up going to Kim’s son.  They met several years later after Kim wrote a letter to Holly.  They decided to go on AGT to spread the word of organ donation.  Siimon said it’s an “unbelievable” story and he was touched because he has a son.  

Pictured: Kim, Beckman, Holly/ Photo: NBC AGT Copyright

The two women had another common bond, it was a song from “Wicked” that they both sang to their sons.  

After their audition, Howie asked where her son Beckman is now?  He was off stage, and came on to join his mom and friend.  Howie said he’s never responded well to musical theater.  But, for the first time, he reacted positively and called it the most magical moment on AGT. Heidi reacted “what strong women,” and it was very powerful.  Sofia called it a moment they’ll always remember. It was a special thing between them.  Simon called it “very brave” and how the song links them together is magical and “this will make a difference.”

Sofia reacted “that was happy and sad at the same time.” 

NEXT WEEK: Simon names his Top 16 acts.



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