Two-on-One Date Fail on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Week 5 Recap

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Not What it Seems on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Hometown Dates Recap
August 2, 2023
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Two-on-One Date Fail on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Week 5 Recap

Pictured: TANNER, CHARITY LAWSON, SEAN / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

This week “The Bachelorette” was in New Orleans.  With only six men left, they are getting closer and closer to hometown dates.  Dotun said he wanted to make his connection with Charity stronger.  Of course, he wasn’t the only one.  By the end of the episode three men told her they were falling in love with her.

Bachelorette Charity Lawson had to eliminate two men this week and oh boy was that really hard for her!  She put off giving out date roses twice in this episode.  Also this episode had the most dates.  Viewers got two one-on-one dates, a group date and the dreaded two-on-one!  Sean and Tanner were the unlucky ones to go on that date.  In the end, Charity couldn’t make up her mind and proceeded to put both men through another date – the group date.

However, that was Sean’s breaking point.  He paid a private visit to Charity the night before that group date to tell her that he thinks that she’s the one, and wanted to see if she was feeling the same.  Charity was certain that she wouldn’t be able to “get there” with him and sent Sean home.

Charity gave Aaron the group date rose.  So, that left Tanner and Xavier in the end.  Charity gave the last rose to Xaiver after he came clean by telling her he’s never been able to be fully committed to one person, but will do so with the right person.  

Charity will be visiting the hometowns of:  Joey, Dotun, Aaron B., and Xavier.



This was the week that Charity had to determine whose family she was going to meet. It was a heavy week with Charity having to make difficult decisions, and four dates planned. Aaron B had the advantage in that he lived in New Orleans previously.  He said “this place is very special to me and I’m just going to show Charity who I am.”  

After Charity sat down to chat with the men, a horse and carriage arrived to take Charity and Joey off to their first date.  The other guys, like Sean and Tanner, were especially freaked-out because they were in desperate need for one-on-one time with Charity. 


Charity loved that Joey is open and a great communicator.  She said she felt “safe.”  They went to see a psychic next.  The psychic reader told Charity and Joey, “your world will be complete” and they will find balance with each other.    While enjoying the sights and activities in New Orleans, Joey said it felt like he was with his girlfriend.  Their next stop was visiting a street poet that required Joey and Charity to express their feelings for each other.   

The poem guy really loves love and did a beautiful job at writing the poem for them.  In her confessional, Charity said there will be “a lot of deep questions” for Joey coming up on the second half of their date!

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, JOEY / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Deep Questions Coming Up:

Joey said he was “blown away” how natural it was being with Charity. Charity proceeded to talk to Joey about hometowns.  Joey said it’s “a big deal” and his family would be excited to meet Charity but they don’t want to see him get hurt.  Then…she asked how he would feel about being in an interracial relationship.  Charity said unfortunately, she experienced some prejudices with her last relationship.

Joey said he doesn’t know until he experiences it.  He said he wants kids and to build a life together.  Joey also stated that he’s never dated a black girl and his family understands that what’s love is love and if they don’t see that in Charity, then they’re crazy.  He sees her for all of her. Joey told her he never wants her to doubt that he can be something like that for her. 

Charity said she’s excited to get the chance to meet his family and gave Joey the date rose, also a hometown visit.  Joey said he can really see the finish line with her and decided to tell her how much she means to him.  Then he told Charity that he’s falling in love with her.

In her confessional video, Charity said she is also falling in love with Joey.

The Bad News:

Back at the hotel:  The men received the next date card.  The card read: “Sean and Tanner, it’s time to get clarity.  Meet me in the bayou.” It was the infamous two-on-one!  The men were really stressed.  Sean said he was confused, pissed, upset, bummed.  


Pictured: TANNER, CHARITY LAWSON, SEAN / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Tanner’s reaction was that he felt overlooked.  Charity met the two men at the Bayou where they went on a tour in the swamp led by a local tour guide.   Charity said she was going to gauge between the two of the men on who could be a boyfriend and who could be a husband.  She said Tanner is someone she is holding out a lot of hope with, and wants things to work with him. 

As for the two-on-one date with both men, Charity was seemingly leaning more towards Sean (as the tour guide also noticed).  It didn’t help Tanner when Sean stepped in during Charity’s interview to give her a kiss before leaving to get ready for the dinner portion of their date. 

Just before dinner, Charity said in her confessional that she was afraid to send the wrong man home.  Charity talked to Sean alone first and asked him how he felt about hometowns.  He said he knows his family would be super excited about Charity.

She talked to Tanner next.  He said he has his guards up due to past relationships. He said he got ghosted by his ex in the most random, weird way.  

Back at the hotel:  The next date card arrived and it read:  “Dotun, my heart’s racing for you. Meet me at sunrise. – Charity.”  Aaron was pissed!  Lol! He said it confused him why he can’t have a one-on-one in New Orleans (since he’s from there and is dying to show Charity around.)

Back to Charity, Sean & Tanner:  Charity didn’t know who to send home.  She said the rose symbolized “what next week holds.” She said the best decision was to not hand out a rose at that time.  


Dotun and Charity had some fun hanging out with the New Orleans locals and running a half marathon race.  

Back at the hotel: Sean said he was feeling insecure about his relationship with Charity.

Back to Charity & Dotun: Dotun was happy that this was the first true to real life date that he’s had with Charity since he’s been there and was hoping that during dinner, he’ll find out that she feels the same way about him.

During dinner Charity asked how well she would be received by his family.  He answered that they would be excited to meet her. But, each week, “it’s been scary as hell.” He thinks it stems from this fear of failure that he has.  He said every time he had high hopes, he would fall flat on his face.  

Charity said she’s also terrified.  Dotun said sometimes “a good thing is just a good thing and just let it be that.”  Charity was glad that Dotun opened up about his feelings and relationships. He let her know that she’s getting the best of Dotun.  He told her that his heart is “totally in this thing.”  His brain is telling him, “no, you don’t deserve this…”  

Then Dotun said his heart is telling him that he’s definitely falling in love with her.  Charity’s face lit up and she said it’s what she needed to hear.  Charity told him that she can’t say how he makes her feel, it’s a million things, then gave him the date rose.  Charity said Dotun is someone who she can “navigate this life with.”  

Back at the hotel:  The last date card arrived that read:  “Aaron, Xavier, Tanner, Sean – next stop, hometowns. – Charity.”  It was another group date for Sean and Tanner.

Sean did some quick math to determine that only two of them would be going on hometown dates and two would go home.  Sean was on his last nerve.  He said if Dotun gets a rose, all hell is going to break loose.  Well…well…well, in walked Dotun with a rose on his chest.  These men were not thrilled.

Aaron was super annoyed to hear about the local events that Dotun experienced.  Sean was the one who got up and left the room.  Sean was really struggling because he felt so strongly about Charity and had no validation from her.  So, he decided to go knock on her door.

Sean Wants Answers:

Charity said there were a lot of conflicting emotions during the two-on-one date the night before.  Sean said he has a lot of emotions that he didn’t share and felt that he needed to talk about his feelings.  He said it was tough to see her not give him the date rose.

Charity said that this rose holds so much weight and giving it to the wrong person does them both a dis-service.  Sean basically told Charity that he needed an answer.  Then said he was in the process of falling in love with her.  

Charity didn’t have a happy reaction after that.  Sean said he felt confident that with the one-on-one time that they can get there.  Charity told Sean that she doesn’t think she can get there with him.  Sean was heart-broken and confused. 

Soooo….does that mean Tanner is now there by default? 


Out of the three men remaining – Tanner, Aaron B., and Xavier, Charity would be giving out two roses.  She was afraid of making a mistake.   Charity chatted with Aaron first.  Of course, he was harping on how he missed out on getting a one-on-one date in his city.  He said he was willing to go through an “emotional hiccup” because of her.

Xavier decided to be “completely transparent” with Charity.  He told her that the idea of being committed to one person scares him because he’s never done that before and plans to do it only once and has no doubts.  He’s trying to gain a sense of clarity. He didn’t know what that one thing was that would make him fall in love with her.  

It was down to Tanner and Xavier after she didn’t give out that last rose in the group date.  The next morning, Charity went to Tanner’s room to talk to him.  Charity was crying when explaining how it’s not fair to go to his hometown and would it make sense for them knowing that in a couple of weeks, someone is getting down on one knee.

She was struggling to identify as the person that would cause him pain.  Tanner was hurt but kept it together because Charity was already crying.  He said that she deserves the world “because she’s special.”  

Charity went to talk to Xavier next.  She told him that she’s had to trust her heart and gut on what feels right.  Charity decided to give the rose to Xavier and with that, she would be meeting his family on the hometown date. 

Men who got roses: Dotun, Joey, Aaron B, Xavier

Men who went home:  Sean, Tanner

NEXT WEEK: Hometown dates!

Pictured: TANNER, CHARITY LAWSON, SEAN / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin



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