Not What it Seems on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Hometown Dates Recap

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July 25, 2023
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Two-on-One Date Fail on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Week 5 Recap
July 25, 2023
Sofia’s Beautiful, Heartfelt Golden Buzzer on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Week 8 Auditions
August 3, 2023
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Not What it Seems on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Hometown Dates Recap

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, JOEY / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

“The Bachelorette” had Charity Lawson continuing to wind down her final remaining men as she faced her most important week yet with the hometown dates.  The four men whose families she met this week were: Aaron B., Joey, Xavier, and Dotun.

Both Joey and Dotun had told Charity that they were falling in love with her last week.  The other two told her during their hometown dates this week.  Charity wanted to be able to tell them that she was feeling the same.  But, before she could tell one man, Charity retreated after hearing some concerning news about him that he may not be authentic.  In fact, Charity hasn’t told any of the men that she’s falling in love with them yet during her Bachelorette journey so far. 

Another man was blindsided this week after not getting a rose during the Rose Ceremony. After that, Charity questioned her own judgement and wondered why she would send a man home that she was falling in love with.



The “L” Word

Charity jumped up to greet Aaron in his hometown of Houston, Texas.  She said on their first date, she had no doubts that he’d be her husband. But, other connections have grown since then.  Charity reminisced with Aaron over how special their first date was.  Aaron brought up a great point before taking Charity to meet his parents, he told her that they haven’t talked about the “L” word.

Aaron said he wished that they were at the point where they were talking about love before meeting his parents.  In her confessional,  Charity viewed her relationship with Aaron as the furthest behind.

Charity met Aaron’s parents, older brother, little brother, and sister-in-law.  Aaron’s brother Erick was the first one he chatted alone with.  Erick saw Aaron give him “the look” which meant he really liked Charity.  Aaron told Erick, who’s been through a long-distance relationship, that he looks up to him.  Meanwhile, Charity was having a private chat with Aaron’s mom.

His mom, Ethel, asked if Charity has been in love before.  She answered that she has.   Her impression of Charity was that she was very “purposeful” and passionate.  She asked Charity if Aaron asked to marry her, would she say “yes”?  Charity responded “probably not.” Charity said she wants to be 100 percent.  Charity was uncertain within the time that they have if she would be able “to get there” with Aaron.

Aaron’s Dad said this Bachelorette process is “overwhelming,” but he trusts Aaron.  He told Charity that their family has a Christmas tradition each year and Aaron has a goal to find that special person before age 30.  Aaron is currently 29.  Dad said he thinks Aaron is “pretty smitten” with Charity.

Aaron told his dad that he wants the kind of love that he and his mom have.  Dad was impressed with Charity, and called her “a sharp, beautiful, articulate lady.”   He called Charity “a keeper” then they both started crying when Dad told him he loves Aaron more than anything.  Aaron was also emotional to hear his Dad tell him he’s proud of him.

Aaron also had mom’s stamp of approval and she thought that Charity was “sweet, lovely” and “grounded.”  She told Charity that Aaron is “definitely smitten.”   Charity said she felt a lot of love in their home and could see bringing her future kids there. 

Later that night, Aaron took Charity to the football field and gifted her with a matching Letterman’s jacket for her and him.  Then, Aaron told her that he thinks he’s falling in love with her.

Charity said Aaron makes her feel “so valued.”  Aaron had his boombox with him and played the first song that he and Charity danced to as they got up and slow-danced on the football field.  Charity said if Aaron is the Final Rose at the end, she won’t have a care to worry about.  


Unexpected Hurdle

Next, Charity traveled to Pennsylvania to see Joey for his hometown date.  Last week Joey told her that he’s falling in love with her.  Charity said if all goes well, she’ll tell him the same later that day.

Before meeting the parents, Joey took Charity for a one-on-one tennis lesson with him.  Joey is a pro-tennis instructor.   Then, by surprise Joey’s Uncle, Joe, interrupted their game. Joey said Uncle Joe was his tennis coach and mentor. 

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, JOEY / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Uncle Joe said he showed up to help Joey avoid some dating pitfalls.  Basically, to scope out Charity.  In his confessional interview, Uncle Joe said he liked Charity, but something didn’t feel right with Joey.   To be continued…as Uncle Joe exited until later in the date.

Joey prepped Charity about what to expect when meeting his family. Charity said she’s never met a family that is not the same race as her(??) She did say her previous relationship was interracial. 

Joey brought Charity home to meet his parents, two sisters, brother-in-law, and Uncle Joe again.  One of his sisters talked to Charity first.  She asked Charity what’s the difference between Joey and the other guys.  His sister said she’s watching out for Joey.

Charity said what she really wants is “forever” with Joey and is “without a doubt falling in love” with him.  Then Mom asked Joey what’s unique about his and Charity’s relationship? He answered that he can be himself around her, and they’ve had serious conversations such as being in an interracial relationship.

Joey told his mom that he doesn’t doubt the process and he doesn’t doubt Charity.  Mom said if he’s found the one, then she’s very happy for him.  Then, Joey sat down and talked to Uncle Joe.  Joey told Uncle Joe that he’s “very confident” that he’s been being himself with Charity.  

Uncle Joe told Joey that on the tennis court earlier, Joey didn’t seem comfortable and it had him nervous.  He asked Joey if he is portraying himself, or someone Charity wants?  

Uncle Joe said Joey is “a bit of a pleaser” and he becomes someone that someone else wants him to be.  Uncle Joe said getting down on one knee, “this is real.”  Joey told his Uncle that he has serious feelings for Charity and he has fallen for her. 

Uncle Joe talked to Charity.  She asked him if he thinks Joey is ready to be a husband and Dad?  Uncle Joe said he’s going to be amazing, but is he ready?  He doesn’t know.  Then, Uncle Joe told Charity about his concern if Joey is showing his true self to Charity.

During her confessional, Charity said she was “very confused” and it’s “concerning and alarming.”  She wasn’t sure what she was missing. Uncle Joe told Charity, “be careful with his heart.”    
After that conversation, it was time for Charity to say goodbye to the family and have a private chat with Joey who told her again that he’s falling in love with her.  Charity didn’t tell Joey that she’s also falling in love with him before she left.

In his confessional, Joey did say that he noticed that Charity felt uncomfortable during their goodbye.  He said it was the first time that he didn’t feel confident with their relationship and was worried that he wouldn’t get a rose.


Is He Ready?

Charity went to Cleveland to meet Xavier. Charity said Xavier reminds her of past boyfriends where she’s never a priority.  She said a lot is at stake, but she’s ready.  

To start off their date, Xavier took Charity to a knitting class.  Xavier likes to knit to ease his stress from being in the lab all day.  Xavier gave Charity a lesson on knitting in front of the class.

Others shared their back stories to how they learned how to knit.   Charity loved seeing Xavier in his element.  In the knitting class setting, the two had a side conversation, which was strange that they had this conversation in a stone’s throw of the students. Charity told Xavier that they have “something incredible” and doesn’t want it to end. 

Charity was worried about falling in love with Xavier and having him feeling the same.  Xavier said he hopes to get some clarity after talking to his parents during their visit.  Charity noted how there was so much love and happiness in the energy while meeting his family.  

Xavier’s mom, Tracey, said she was shocked to see the energy between Xavier and Charity because it seemed that they’ve been together for a while.  During a private conversation, Xavier’s sister, Chelsea, asked Charity if she’s in love with Xavier.  She answered that she’s getting there. 

Then, Charity talked to his mom next. She asked what Charity liked initially about Xavier.  Charity answered that it was the comfort level and ease with him.  Charity asked her if Xavier was ready.  She answered that Xavier says he wants to be a dad. But, the fear is this short amount of time.

Xavier talked to his dad in private. He asked him how do you know it’s right?  He answered that it’s the feeling you get when you’re with that person. Knowing that that person loves you unconditionally.  Dad said “trust and believe” and he’ll know when it’s right.  

Mom asked if he’s ready with Charity.  Xavier said he feels like he’s ready with her, but doesn’t know if she’s going to choose him.  Mom said she can tell that Xavier has that connection with Charity.  She advised him to “don’t hold back.”  Xavier’s sister told him she loves Charity.  Xavier was very surprised by that because this reaction is very unusual for his sister!  Before they said goodbye, Xavier told Charity that he’s falling in love with her. 


A Whole Vibe

Dotun’s home town is Fresno, where Charity came to meet his family.  The last time Dotun saw Charity, he told her that he’s falling in love with her.  Unfortunately, Charity wouldn’t be meeting his parents because they were on their annual trip to Nigeria.  Charity was expecting to meet Dotun’s brother and sister who were very welcoming.

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, DOTUN / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Charity was disappointed in not meeting his parents.  She said the parents are the biggest thing of all this. Dotun’s grandma was present to meet her as well.  She said Dotun and Charity were “bonded from Heaven.”  Dotun said his grandma is a whole “vibe and a half.”  She was in the kitchen cooking when they arrived.

While they were having dinner, Dotun’s parents surprised them all by showing-up.  It met the world for Dotun knowing that they sacrificed their time in Nigeria.  Dotun’s mom talked to him in private.  

She liked Charity, but “all the guys are involved.” So, is Dotun in love with her?  He said he’s definitely falling in love.  She said she hopes that Charity feels the same and was concerned about Dotun getting hurt.  During their chats, both Dotun’s brother and sister confirmed that he was being his true self.  The brother also added that Dotun is the most faithful man when he’s in a relationship.  His sister stated that Dotun is a long-term relationship kind of guy.

Dotun’s mom talked to Charity in private.  She said Dotun is truly special, and then she started crying.  Mom said if she picks Dotun, she’ll whisk her to Nigeria and will give her a nice wedding.  His mom fully embraced Charity, along with grandma who told her that she loves her.  

Dotun had a surprise for Charity which had them taking a ride in a classic car. He drove her to a drive-in theater.  Charity said it seemed like a sign because her Dad used to take her mom to the drive-in theater.  They giggled while watching old footage of themselves as children.  Dotun said the montage made him feel so much closer to Charity.  Charity got choked-up watching it all back.   


Charity touched base with host Jesse Palmer.  He asked if she got any clarity after the hometowns?  Charity said she did NOT get clarity.  In fact the hometowns had made it tougher.  She answered that her relationships got stronger which makes her decision harder.  She told Jesse that when Aaron B. told her he’s falling in love with her and she feels it too.

With Dotun, “it’s exciting, easy and fun.”  And, it was unexpected when Xavier told her that he’s falling in love with her.  She feels like the only girl in the world when she’s with Dotun.  With Joey, her conversation with Uncle Joe was surprising when he expressed that Joey might not be his actual self.  She has feelings for Joey too. 

Charity was getting emotional thinking about saying goodbye to one of the guys in the Rose Ceremony that night.  She said she can’t picture saying goodbye to any of them.  Charity said she has to follow her heart, but doesn’t know who that is.  She’s afraid of sending her person home.  


Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, JOEY / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

All four men arrived at a hanger, a very familiar setting from past seasons.  They each gave Jesse Palmer an update with their relationships before waiting for Charity.  Xavier and Joey were the two men who were the most doubtful about getting a rose.  Aaron B. and Dotun were sure they were getting roses.

Charity said in her confessional that she is falling in love with the four men and the one she’s saying goodbye to, won’t see it coming.

Charity told the men that this week “exceeded expectations.” She got more insight into each one of them and this has been the hardest day of her whole life.  There were only three roses to give out.  

Charity told the men that having to say goodbye to one of them “absolutely destroys” her.  But it’s what she has to do to find her forever person.   The first rose was for Dotun.

Roses went to:  Dotun, Xavier, Joey.  That met Charity said goodbye to Aaron, who was truly blindsided.  

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, DOTUN, JOEY, XAVIER / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Aaron told Charity that he felt feelings for her that he’s never felt before and he thanks God for her.  Charity said she can’t explain why, and she’s sorry that his person wasn’t her.  

During his ride home, Aaron said he was ready to make Charity his wife and didn’t know what he did wrong.  Charity said she was trying to make sense of what she did because she’s falling in love with him, then sent him home.



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