Sofia’s Beautiful, Heartfelt Golden Buzzer on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Week 8 Auditions

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August 6, 2023
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Sofia’s Beautiful, Heartfelt Golden Buzzer on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Week 8 Auditions

Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara, Simon Cowell -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The “America’s Got Talent’ season 18 auditions will be wrapping up shortly, and in this week’s episode, (week 8) viewers finally got to see which act received judge Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer.  She held out longer than any other judge this season.  With that, only one more Golden Buzzer remains, and that belongs to all of the judges!

It was an unexpected talented singer who won over Sofia’s heart.  She said she was waiting for an act like his – “something very beautiful and heartfelt.”  More unique acts hit the stage that included a hand balancing couple from Columbia, a metal band that spun a Billie Eilish popular song, an animated dog in a band, a real dog Guinness Book World Record breaker, and a singing devil!  

The most unique act was one that displayed a strong will and inspiration who didn’t let his past define his future.  This episode ended on a lighter note when the judges got pranked by a comedian. It was the most unexpected act of them all!

DUO ACERO (Hand Balance) 

Duo Acero is a married couple who brought their young daughter with them.  They are from Columbia, which Sofia was excited to hear.  Their daughter was invited to sit with the judges while her parents performed.  Their performance consisted of really intricate hand balancing using a pole.  The wife balanced herself on her husband’s side while he held them both up on the pole.

Sofia reacted that it was sexy, it was scary and it had it all.  Howie was impressed that he was able to hold his wife like that without shaking.  Then he joked that they accept their child as a gift. 

Heidi said “it was so graceful” and they have never seen that before.  “Truly unique.”  Simon said he usually doesn’t love those kinds of acts.  But, “that was really, really, really good.” He asked how long they rehearsed?  They answered that one of the moves took them four years.  


Pictured: Summer Rios — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Summer told Simon that she’s been singing since she was four-years-old, and is now 19, and has never performed.  She’s a manager at Pizza Hut where she cuts pizzas.  Summer also told the judges that she used to work with her ex there, and hopes he’s NOT doing well.  Lol!  Summer’s goal was to be on AGT to get her out of her job and sing full time.  Summer had a naturally beautiful voice.

Howie was the first to react to Summer.  He said she should be singing full time rather than slicing pizza.  Heidi said it sounded like she swallowed Rihanna and she has a beautiful tone to her voice.  Sofia told Summer that she belongs on the stage.  “Live your best life…don’t be scared anymore.”  Simon told Summer that he liked her song choice.  Summer got all four “yes” votes.  


Theresa’s dog Leonard tried to break the Guinness World Record for the most dunks by a dog in one minute.  The current record is 18. He ended-up tieing his own world record.  So, Leonard got 18 again. Howie said Leonard could have broken that record had he not stopped.  Simon agreed that due to the little hesitation in the beginning, he could have made it otherwise.


They are a competitive indoor drumline and last year they were the champions in their division.  They played the song “Turn Down to What.” Howie said it was so exciting and he didn’t want it to stop.   Heidi said it was “intense” and she loved it.  Sofia said she wasn’t surprised that they are World Champions because “that was spectacular” and they looked like they worked very hard. Simon said it was “amazing.”  He also added that he could see their act in Vegas.  They got four “yes” votes. 

An act dressed in a cow suit played the guitar singing an original song “soy train.” It was as if he was trying to be the next Parmesan song act from last season who had unexpected success.  Next, the devil came out. An act fully dressed in a devil’s costume.  He sang “I Would Do Anything For Love.” It wasn’t quite good enough for the judges.  Simon responded that he would do anything if he didn’t sing again. Sofia said for her, it didn’t make sense.  The judges voted “no.”


Pictured: Gabriel Henrique — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Gabriel, 27-years-old, is from Brazil and didn’t speak good English.  So, he was there with his interpreter.  It was his first time in the United States and his dream to sing for them.  Heidi asked him if he had any pets.  He said he has a dog, but two weeks ago, he was lost. It put a slight damper on the mood of his audition and then he was expected to perform after that.  Of course, Gabriel was really nervous.  

Gabriel sang 80’s classic song “Run to You.”  He threw in a whistle note that made the entire audience go crazy.  It was a beautiful performance that had all the judges on their feet.  More than anything, his voice was very unexpected.  Heidi said if Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey had a baby it would be him, and he’s incredible.  Howie said “I did not expect that voice to come out of you!” And he sounded like a Pop diva.  Simon said people are going to like him.  “You don’t know how good you are.  It was amazing.”  

Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara, Simon Cowell — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Sofia said she didn’t have words.  It was so spectacular.  “It was like perfect.”  She said she was waiting for something very beautiful and heartfelt.  “What I really want to do…is this!”  And, Sofia pressed her Golden Buzzer.  Simon looked shocked.  Gabriel was going straight to the Live Shows!  

NOODLE & BUN (Animation)

After the Golden Buzzer moment, an animated dog took to the stage who said his dream was “bacon.” But, the dream for the band is to tour worldwide and tell the story of their lives.  The other band members were a horse and a cat.  They performed “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”  They got a standing ovation.  Simon asked “how did it feel?”  The animated dog answered “that was amazing!”  Simon said this is the best singing dog we’ve ever had.

Howie called it the most amazing thing ever.  Heidi said he by far is the best musical animal that they’ve ever had on the show. Sofia said she wanted to take him with her, and the bacon too.  He got four “yes” votes.  

ZION CLARK (Gymnastics)

Pictured: Zion Clark — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Zion is 25 years old from Canton, Ohio.  He grew up in the foster care system for the first 17 years of his life.  His parents were both in jail and he was thrown into the system as soon as he left the hospital as a newborn.  Zion has caudal regression syndrome and doesn’t have legs due to that. Zion said he overcame the mistreatment he got in the Foster care system by wrestling.  Before he got thrown out of foster care, he was adopted.   

At age 17, Zion was adopted and his life changed.  His grades came up, he became one of the top three wrestlers in the state of Ohio after losing 200 matches in a row. He said his mom turned his life around.  He said his advice to others is to “learn how to fail.”  His act was to show how to have no excuses.  This act included his display of gymnastic skills while telling his life at the same time.

Zion was a huge inspiration and got a standing ovation. Heidi said he is incredible and thanked him for coming to the audition.  She added that he is very handsome too.  Sofia said she loves his smile and he looks “so happy.” She said others think that their life is so hard, but here he comes to AGT so happy.

Howie said the word “amazing” really applies to Zion and he wants everyone to watch because Zion is “very, very important.”  Simon told Zion that he has “such an incredible personality and defines the word inspiration.”  He said this is what this show is all about.  Meeting talented people who you’re going to remember and who are going to make a difference.  Zion got all “yes” votes from the judges.


True Villains is a band based out of Nashville.  One of the band members, Tim, said it took about two years for his mom to persuade the band to go onto AGT.  They were a band that played rock-n-roll.  The singer had a very distinct voice that sounded like it was filtered to intensify their 80’s metal rock sound.  They did a very unusual take on Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.”  It was Def Leppard meets Billie Eilish! 

Simon told them what a great choice of song. Howie said great voice, great presentation.  Heidi said she “loved it,” and loved their look.  Sofia reacted “That was a lot of fun.  I love your voice.  It was exciting. You look great on that stage.” Simon said he loves it when someone does a version of a song they’ve never heard before.  He said they “really are good.”  The judges voted all “yes” votes.  

TWIJAS (Variety Act)

Pictured: (l-r) Twinjas, Terry Crews — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Small, young twin brothers came out to do jiu-jitsu to grown men and knocked them out. It was a comical act, but still very good and the judges adored the brothers.  Simon told them they are “both really talented.”  Heidi gave them their first “yes” vote.  


The twin brothers’ act was followed by a DJ whose talent included animation of the judges dancing on a large screen.  Simon told him he loved his act. He is moving on to the next round!

BOMBA CIRCUS (Variety Act)

They are from Israel.  Two of them are brothers and added a third member.  After their intro, they quickly left the stage to prepare for their act. They reappeared without clothes and only had paddles to hide their private parts.  

Heidi said it was her favorite act of the day.  Simon asked when did they decide to do this act?  The non-brother member said the brothers decided for them. Amazingly, they got all four “yes” votes from the judges.  

Simon predicted to the judges that it’s the kind of act where people will go back and rewind it to watch over and over.


Kylie is 28-years-old and she grew up in Appalousa, Louisiana and grew up in a rodeo family. She like to sing, so she moved to Nashville.  She was so excited to meet Simon and never thought that she’d be on AGT>  She said she’s never sang in front of an audience as large as on AGT.  She performed an original song.

Kylie got a standing ovation. Simon responded that he really, really liked her and liked her audition.  Simon said she’s a good writer, and that she is “the real deal.” Heidi said the whole look and sound, “everything was working” for her. 

Howie said he wasn’t moved at all, and the whole audience “booed” him.  Howie said the song isn’t stuck in his head.  Sofia said they need three “yes” votes. Heidi, Sofia, Heidi, and Simon voted “yes” to put them through.


Pictured: Sunny Chatum — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Sunny is from Paris, Texas and is a singer-songwriter. Sunny came out with a ukulele.  He said he was inspired by Grace VanderWaal.  Howie told him that was his Golden Buzzer.  Then Sunny pulled out his dream board.  It featured his photo, the AGT judges, and a cheering crowd.  

Sunny used all of his audition time talking nonsense and being indecisive about his original song that he was going to sing.  Simon and Howie both pushed their red buzzers.  As he wasted more time presenting gifts to Sofia and Heidi, the crowd chanted “sing your song…sing your song!” Sofia had pushed her buzzer. Heidi threatened to push her buzzer too if he didn’t start singing.

He said he needed to “tune up.” That was it.  Heidi pushed her buzzer, and Sunny was out!  Then, this terrible act, Sunny revealed that he was actually a comedian named Krista Komador.  

That changed everything for most of the judges. Simon said “you’ve gone from being the most annoying contestant to everyone loves you.”  He said for that reason, “it’s a yes” vote.  
Krista Komador. 



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