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CELEBRITY APPRENTICE: Star vs. NeNe Gossip on the Set

Posted on November 02 2010 by Set News

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While some viewers may be enjoying the return of producer/creator Mark Burnett’s “The Apprentice”, production has already began for a fourth installment of “Celebrity Apprentice”.

This may be the show’s last shot at saving the series. With season three of “Celebrity Apprentice” being a disappointing let-down with minimum drama and null scandal, hopes were set high on riding the recession coat-tails by bringing back out-of-work non-celebrity candidates. So far this version of the show isn’t raking-in the scandalous drama viewers were used to from the show’s early days. Thus, the return of “Celebrity Apprentice”.

Celebrity Apprentice stars to watch - Jones & Nene.

According to a celebrity gossip online reporter from Socialite Life who revealed the scoop on LOGO channels’ “The Gossip Queens” the high-stakes celebrity drama is back on “Celebrity Apprentice”. Apparently, tension is high between show competitors Star Jones and Nene (The Real Housewives of Atlanta). It was reported the two have been very overt with their disagreements and catty behavior during filming on the set.

Other celebrities that will be seen on the new “Celebrity Apprentice” include: Richard Hatch , Jose Canseco, Lil Jon, Mark McGrath, Lisa Rinna, Dionne Warwick, LaToya Jackson, Nikki Taylor, Marlee Matlin, Gary Busy, David Cassidy, Hope Dworaczyk (Playboy Playmate) , John Rich (“Big & Rich”) and Meatloaf.

Let’s hope that this mis-matched bunch will result in the return of the show’s celebrity ego-driven high-jinks.


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