MEGAMIND: 3D Animation with Mega Adventure

Posted on November 03 2010 by Editor

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Opens Friday, November 5th
Written by: Beth B.

Megamind introduces an interesting new twist on a superhero and villains in IMAX 3D cartoon format.

The quirky town hero of Metro City is a Superman type with an Elvis Presley alter-ego, Metro Man (Brad Pitt). His nemesis since birth, literally, is a “black-sheep” alien whose oddities and failure to fit-in makes him embrace his dark side. In combat to Metro Man, He gives himself the name of “Megamind” (Will Ferrell).

During a routine battle between good and evil, Metro Man reflects on the true meaning of life and what he’s missing out on. He decides to bow-out as the city’s superhero. His decision leaves Megamind and his robots free reign over the city that allows them to run rampant in the streets. Megamind’s boredom and lack of reason for motivation to continue his badness, he decides to concoct his own antidote for the creation of a new superhero, Tighten (Jonah Hill)

There’s just something about Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey), local TV reporter who every male character falls for. The rift turns Tighten against Megamind and he becomes a super-villain instead of a super hero.

“Megamind” is much like watching a cartoon version of “Iron Man 2” with the robotics, and physics. Other films made reference to include: “Eddie and the Cruisers”, and “Crank”.

The most valuable lesson to be learned in Megamind, aside from overcoming physical differences and turning them into assets, is the lesson that all the money in the world can’t make people happy. It’s about having a fulfilling purpose in life to create the necessary drive to become a productive member in society and creating one’s own happiness.

Megamind creators accomplished a very non-intrusive way for combining the 3D elements with 2D. The 3D was there only when they need to be. Fans of another 3D animated feature, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” will also like this one.


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