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LET’S MAKE A DEAL: Inside Casting!

Posted on November 05 2010 by Set News

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LET’S MAKE A DEAL: Inside Casting!

LET’S MAKE A DEAL moved from shooting its daytime game show from Las Vegas, NV to Hollywood, CA for this season’s show tapings. The turn-out of fans getting their tickets to be on the show has been large.

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET host and DEAL OR NO DEAL case model number 18, Marisa Petroro visited the set of “Let’s Make a Deal” to get the behind-the-scenes story from Contestant Producers, Scott Schalk and Mary Anne Bargen, to the process of being an audience member and potential contestant on the show.

Watch her video interview with Contestant Producers below:

Contestant Producer, Mary Anne Bargen stated that they load the set with 250 people per show. Two shows are filmed per day. So, they are going through 500 audience members per day. “It’s the only game show where being in the audience means you can be a contestant” said Bargen. She also stated that she thinks Los Angeles has better contestants because more locals attend which means “they have more time to prepare their costumes.”

How do they choose the contestants who are going to be on the show? Scott Schalk said that they talk to each audience member “roughly anywhere between 10 to 15 seconds a piece.” He suggests that if you want to make it on the stage with Wayne Brady, to “bring your natural energetic personality… make sure you shine in this room.”

Although game contestants are pre-selected by Contestant Producers, Wayne Brady has the ultimate decision of who gets picked. Bargen stated that “It’s really a 1 out of 14 chance of playing a game”.

On November 19th, “Let’s Make a Deal” will film a special ‘Decades’ show. They are asking for audience members who attend this day to dress as if they are going to “Let’s Make a Deal” in the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s! To get tickets, visit:

Show tapings are every Thursday through Sunday every week through December 19, 2010.


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