DEAL OR NO DEAL: Model’s New Blog!

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May 30, 2010
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DEAL OR NO DEAL: Model’s New Blog!

A nickname given to her while working as a briefcase model on NBC hit game show, DEAL OR NO DEAL, Marisa Petroro (#18) was inspired to use it in the name of her new blog: “DearDrZen“.

Petroro is a cancer survivor. She recants her battle of fighting a tumor in her forearm through chemotherapy and radiation. She was part of a game show that to many contestants was a life-changing experience due to the large amounts of money they could win. In contrast, she describes her experience as “life-altering”.

“Dear Dr. Zen” is an intimate look at the DEAL OR NO DEAL Model’s journey into her quest to find that peaceful place away from the negative effects of the cancer. Petroro writes about receiving kind gestures from strangers and states “anyone who knows me, knows how miserable I get when I am cold”. Also, ironic, the set of “Deal or No Deal” was known by everyone working in the industry to be possibly the coldest game show set! Petroro is quite the trooper! She relies on staying well through the benefits of using natural agents which will be explored in greater detail in her upcoming blog entry’s. Read more here, and add your comments about living a “zen” life:

Watch our video interview with Marisa Petroro on the set of DEAL’ below:



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