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DEAL OR NO DEAL: Christmas in September!

Posted on December 02 2008 by Set News

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As promised, here’s the inside scoop from the set of this years Christmas episode of “Deal or No Deal” that filmed in the month of September. A HOLLYWOOD JUNKET host was there, and here’s her first-hand account!

Written by: Charity C.

I can’t believe what happened at the Christmas taping of “Deal or No Deal”! The set looked amazing with all of the Christmas trees and fake snow scattered about! I just loved how the cases were Christmas boxes! It would’ve been funny if I jumped out of the box, but that would probably be a different show! Anyways, I got carried away again. I think it’s because of how the taping started off with the contestant coming on stage on a sleigh, with his wife to come and meet Howie!

It was nice to see the models all dressed in white dresses that made them look like cute snowflakes. Some of the models ice skated in front of Howie and the contestant. It was really cool because I got to sit on stage with the models with my feet in the fake snow. The models were ice skating in front of me and I could clearly see Howie and the contestant. I was so close to Howie, that I told him congratulations for his Walk of Fame Star! He said, “Thanks!”

The whole audience was fascinated by the contestant because he served in Iraq and was awarded a Purple Heart as well as a Silver Star. The contestant also has an action figure after him! He saved one of his buddies from a car bombing in Iraq! The contestant said that when he knew that his best friend was in danger, he turned around in risking his own safety to save his friend!

The contestant just got married. So, his wife was still wearing her tiara from their wedding. They just got married a couple of days before the taping! It was so cute because they showed a clip of their wedding and the priest said, “Do you take this woman to be your wife, deal or no deal?” Everyone was chuckling at that. Howie reacted, “Uh that’s my line!”

Difference with the Christmas special was that they played a side game where if the contestant opened up a case that had a reindeer with the low number cases, and if the contestant opened up all the low cases with the reindeer names in it before his game was up, they would add $25,000 dollars to his winnings! Not only that, the audience would win prizes as well! And, sure enough he got his side winnings and the audience got their prizes!

The Sony Mylo I won, snapped this shot of the DEAL gifts I got!

The Sony Mylo I won, snapped this shot of the DEAL gifts I got!

The prizes ranged from an XBOX 360, Guitar Hero Rock Band, two tickets to Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson’s movie, “Marley and Me”. Now, in order to introduce that prize, it was cute because there is a dog that stars in the movie and he actually came out on stage and ran around the set to promote his movie! We also have a $100 dollar check that will be mailed to everyone and we all got Sony Mylos! Yeah, the Mylos are cool cause it’s like an iphone, but there’s just no phone! It’s cool! So all of our prizes ended up being a total of $2500 worth! After this taping, I really do feel that miracles can really happen! Thanks “Deal or No Deal”!


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