DEAL OR NO DEAL: New Year, and Still a Fan!

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December 20, 2009
January 4, 2010
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DEAL OR NO DEAL: New Year, and Still a Fan!

Our Myspace friend, Matt, ( ) compiled a list of scenarios for the hypothetical return (when and if that ever happens) of NBC’s DEAL OR NO DEAL, prime time version.

Here, you can read thoughts on the show from DEAL’ model Marisa Petroro (#18). Matt stated one thing that is absolutely true -and that is: DEAL OR NO DEAL was a show unlike any other, and there will never be another one like it!

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET gave much feedback to his questions. But, would like to note that Matt mentioned us as a site that “deals with all things game show related”. Although the H.J. site started heavily devoted to game shows, we are steadily growing as an interview site that covers reality shows, as well as movie sneak-previews.

I’d like to take this occasion to thank all of our loyal readers/viewers and new users of our video website and blog that are part of this great community known as the world-wide-web.

Here’s to another year of great game show, reality show, and movie preview coverage!

You can read Matt’s article here:



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