DEAL OR NO DEAL: Prime Time Update

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November 19, 2008
November 25, 2008
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DEAL OR NO DEAL: Prime Time Update

The following is an update to a recent post we reported regarding rumors about the
NBC game show, DEAL OR NO DEAL.

The facts are: DEAL OR NO DEAL halted filming of both day time and prime time versions at the end of September of this year. Neither one has yet to start back up. The prime time DEAL was only a few months into filming of its fourth season when this surprise hiatus took place.

Some more facts have been revealed to me by an inside source. According to this source, the prime time show was suppose to return this month, then it got pushed to December, now January. And, truthfully, this source said, it’s not 100% certain yet if the show will indeed return in January either.

A suggestion this source made – ALL fans should write to NBC to tell the network, and Jeff Zucker (President and Chief Executive Officer of NBC Universal) how much they love the show.
30 Rockfeller Plaza, Room 1802 New York, NY 10112.

Or, go to this link and sign an online petition:

More updates to come as news develops. On a lighter note, stay tuned for our report of this year’s DEAL Christmas episode. A Hollywood Junket host was there!



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