DEAL OR NO DEAL: Syndicated News!

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October 27, 2008
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November 19, 2008
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DEAL OR NO DEAL: Syndicated News!

The latest word on the set is: DEAL OR NO DEAL may be canceled.

According to some of the rumors floating around town, as in Hollywood, both prime time DEAL’ and daytime DEAL’ halted filming for about a month to work-out some issues. Now, insiders are buzzing in our ears, that one may not be returning to production.

My guess is that it’s the daytime version, since ratings have not been high. Again, these are only rumors. We’ll get back to you all once we know the real deal!



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  1. Antonio Gray says:

    Syndie DOND is not going anywhere because the ratings are good and you they would touch that…

    If you go on that you would know that the application page from Primetime DOND is gone so that telling you it’s going out the door probably because of the ratings and the changing of the days they having it on. They should just leave on monday’s and they would be just fine…

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