FACE OFF: Welcomes Werewolf From BEING HUMAN!

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FACE OFF: Welcomes Werewolf From BEING HUMAN!

“Being Human” actor Sam Huntington (Josh) who plays a werewolf out of the trio that lives together and consists of a ghost and vampire joined the reality show cast of “Face Off” as a guest judge in upcoming episode airing on the Syfy channel Wednesday, February 8th.

Huntington judged the VFX contestants on their skills based on his knowledge of playing a caveman in his early career on ABC sitcom “Cavemen” and his current “Being Human” role as a werewolf, during the Foundation challenge which is the first challenge of every “Face Off” episode resulting in the winner receiving immunity from getting cut on the final challenge.

During a phone conference call interview with Huntington on his guest appearance, he commented on his first experience on the set of a reality series. He said “I enjoy the world of reality television from being on Face Off. It’s cool to see these people that are just doing their work that they are passionate about”. Huntington said he has been a fan of “Face Off” since it’s first season and suggested the cross-promotion of his show “Being Human” with “Face Off” to the president of production Mark Stern who loved the idea.

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET asked Huntington if the tables were flipped and he was being judged on his acting, what would he be cited for? Huntington jokingly responded that he couldn’t tell us because then we would know what to watch for and he’d have to kill us. He then went on to say “when you don’t know what you’re doing you have these fall-back things that you do. Every actor has them and the really, really good actors can mask them very well.. Luckily I’ve got cast mates who call me on it and help me when I need motivation or I need direction.”

This season of “Being Human” has more digital CG effects than the show’s previous season which results in less time in the makeup chair for Huntington to transform into a werewolf. During the show’s filming schedule, Huntington stated that the production shoots two episodes at the same time. They skip around in the schedule and are able to shoot multiple scenes of him in makeup within the same time frame if similar locations permit. “Obviously it depends on what I’m prepared for and what. If (the scene) it’s something way, way, way in advance and I don’t know really what I’m doing then that’s difficult.”

The one thing Huntington said he was inspired by the most by the makeup artist contestants in “Face Off” was what they were able to achieve in an hour and a half and that their perseverance is inspiring.

The tips that he was able to share with them as a judge and actor were valuable. Huntington stated that while shooting the series “Cavemen” he was in full-on prosthetics every day for months. He advised the “Face Off” contestants whose task during their Foundation Challenge was to create wounds that could have been caused by a werewolf attack, on what esthetics move well on the face. “And so looking in the mirror everyday and figuring out what works on your face and what will hold up and what moves well with your face and what’s natural, what materials they use and everything. I think I was able to at least give a little bit of perspective from an actor’s standpoint for each makeup”, said Huntington.

Viewers can watch Sam Huntington’s guest appearance on “Face Off” Wednesday, February 8th at 10/9 c on Syfy. “Being Human” airs also on the Syfy channel every Monday at 9/8 c.


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