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FASHION MOB – Celebrity Hair Stylist Ken Paves Best Hair Tips For All!

Posted on May 25 2012 by Editor

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FASHION MOB – Celebrity Hair Stylist Ken Paves Best Hair Tips For All!

Host of “So You Think You Can Dance” Cat Deeley joins the Style network on Monday May 28, 8pm ET/PT for a whole new take on fashion makeover shows, in this special called “Fashion Mob”.

The makeover show features a panel of style experts who are celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, fashion stylist Jeannie Mai, and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Selita Ebanks. HOLLYWOOD JUNKET got the pleasure of speaking with Ken Paves during a phone call interview.

Paves describes the show as the “X Factor” and “American Idol” of beauty makeovers! Paves’ work extends to the Oprah Winfrey show and did all of her makeover shows except three. His recent work can also be seen on FOX’s “The X Factor”, and NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”.

When asked the question every woman wants to know from Paves – how to get great looking hair? He said that the basis for everything (such as hair styles) is having healthy, shiny hair. Women can do this, he said, by “stop abusing your hair.” One of the biggest mistakes is if you have curly hair it’s the popular belief to “get it straight”. The best tips Paves gave was not to over-wash, or over-style the hair. He recommends olive oil and said it is “an amazing treatment for hair”. Over-all People try too hard he said.

Paves describes the basis of “Fashion Mob” is to deliver a product of self-beauty, and to make it fun at the same time which he stated takes the pressure off of people. However, “everyone loves a train wreck”. Some of the surprises during the 22-hour day in which the show was shot in downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood were the mass amounts of women showing-up wearing short skirts said Paves. “So many short skirts on women that shouldn’t be wearing them”, he recounted.

“Fashion Mob”, Paves stated, will appeal to every type of woman because a variety of women were made-over on the show. They worked with women from every age range, hair textures and sizes. Working under a limited amount of time, Paves stated gave the advice to women whom may need a hair quick fix. He said that the best options are- use a head band, or put hair up in a pony tail or do an up-sweep. “These are great ways to look clean and polished”, said Paves.

A great feature to the show is host Cat Deeley’s use of a mobile cart that holds hair accessories and other hair tools to aid women with quick hair fixes. Paves said for the mob of women waiting outside to head in to see the stylists, Deeley advises some of the women who may need a little bit of her help by adding a head scarf, or a head band. Paves said Deeley “guzies” them up a bit.

The most heart-felt makeover of the day Paves said, was of a women whom has cancer. He said he called his friend and producer for Style, Sarah, who also produces reality show “Giuliana & Bill” for E! network to help and relate to the woman. Paves currently works with cancer victims in providing them with his own line of wigs and hair extensions called “HairDo”. This makeover contestant, Paves stated had an aggressive form of cancer. So much that it was affecting her skin. Her makeover, he said, was “the most triumph moment in my 18-19 years”.

The “Fashion Mob” one-hour special will air Monday, May 28 at 8 pm ET/PT after a “Sex and the City” marathon that begins at 12 noon ET/PT.


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