First AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Live Show of Season 18 Panned by Simon Cowell!

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First AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Live Show of Season 18 Panned by Simon Cowell!

Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell -- Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC

A special guest performed at the top of the first “America’s Got Talent” Live Results Show of season 18.  That guest was actor Craig Robinson who played “A Thousand Miles” on the piano as AGT host Terry Crews entered the stage while singing the song.  A song he’s well known for singing in his 2004 cult classic movie “White Chicks.”  

Pictured: (l-r) Craig Robinson, Terry Crews — Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC

AGT judge and Executive Producer Simon Cowell gave his thoughts from Tuesday night’s first live performance show.  He said “not many people got better than their auditions,” and “for anyone coming up, that’s what we’re looking for.”  The results would leave only two acts out of the total 11 that performed on Tuesday night.  That meant that nine acts would be going home.  But first, there was a Top 5 that was announced.  

Crews got down to business in announcing the first results of the night.  Danger act Ray & Mom Wold, and ventriloquist Brynn Cummings were called to the front of the stage to hear their results.   The act that made it to the Top 5 was ventriloquist Brynn Cummings.  

The next two acts who were called to hear their fates were: John Wines (electric guitar player), and magic act Olelsamdr Leshchenko & Magic Innovations.  The act who moved into the Top 5 was Oleksandr Leshchenko & Magic Innovations!

Lavender Darcangelo (singer and Heidi’s Golden Buzzer) and  Lambros Garcia (dancer)  were the next two acts.  It was Lavender who was moving forward. 


After the results that had been revealed up to that point, Simon reacted that the people who he thought would progress, “America pretty much got it spot on!”  He told Lavender, “you really do deserve this.” Lavender responded to Simon “You really know your stuff!”

Pictured (l-r): — Terry Crews, Mitch Rossell –Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC

In the singing category, Mitch Rossell and True Villains were next.  The act that was announced as winning the most votes to move into the Top 5 was Mitch Rosell.    

The last spot in the Top 5 was between choir Sainted, comedian Marueen Langan and dog act Adrian Stoica and Hurricane.  The act that won over America and grabbed the last spot in the Top 5 was Adrian Stoica & Hurricane! 

Pictured: (l-r) Sainted, Maureen Langan, Adrian Stoica and Hurricane — Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC

Howie said he agreed with Simon in that America always gets it right and there were no surprises tonight.  “What a final we’re going to have.”  Simon reacted that he disagreed with Howie and there is one act in particular that he was upset that didn’t go through.  Could Simon possibly be talking about Sainted? 

The Top 5 got to basque in their glory briefly while AGT’s Las Vegas show “Superstars Live” took to the stage in an incredible montage show.  It started with past AGT winner singer Kodi Lee on the piano with AGT: All-Stars winner aerialist Aidan Bryant performing above the stage.  Then they were joined by Pack Drumline.  

Pictured: (l-r) Human Fountains, Heidi Klum — Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC

Human Fountains took to the stage after that, shooting streams of water into each others’ mouths.  They called AGT judge Heidi Klum to join them!  Luckily, she dodged their grand finale when they attempted to shoot water into her mouth.  Light Balance finished the amazing world wind of a show perfectly. It was a wonderful sample of what the AGT Las Vegas show is like.

Next, the Top Five became the Top Three…

Out of the Top 5 acts  who were: Brynn Cummings, Lavender Darcangelo, Oleksandr Leshchenko & Magic Innovations, Mitch Rossell, and Adrian Stoica & Hurricane.


Pictured: (l-r) Terry Crews, Lavender Darcangelo, Mitch Rossell, Adrian Stoica and Hurricane — Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC

The first act in the Top 3 was Lavender, followed by Mitch Rossell, the last spot went to Adrian Stoica & Hurricane.

The TOP 2 ACTS Moving to the Finals Are:

The first act announced was Lavender Darcangelo!  Heidi responded, “my heart is so happy right now.”  She told Lavender that she is following through on her earlier promise after pushing her Golden Buzzer that she will continue to hold Lavender’s hand and “we’re going to the Finals!”  Heidi told Lavender that she’s going to give her her phone number so they can stay friends after the show.

The last act announced as going to the Finals was Adrian Stoica & Hurricane!  Simon reacted, “this act honestly is the best example of what I was talking about earlier,” that is his live show act was better than his audition.

NEXT WEEK: The 11 acts performing on Tuesday’s live show will include: Murmuration, Alfie Andrew, Three G, Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy, Ahren Belisle, Erica Coffelt, Ryland, Andrew Stanton, Sharpe Family Singers, Steel Panther, and Dani Kerr.

Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell — Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC



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