Charity & Dotun Won More than Love on THE BACHEORETTE Season 20 Finale Recap

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Charity & Dotun Won More than Love on THE BACHEORETTE Season 20 Finale Recap

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, DOTUN / Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard

“The Bachelorette” season 20 finale show was aired in front of a live studio audience with a lot of ‘Bachelor franchise’ previous cast members in attendance, along with former Bachelor Peter Weber’s parents, more specifically, Barb!

The live audience was full of fans, a future “The Bachelor” cast member, Joe and Serena who got engaged on “Bachelor in Paradise,” former Bachelorettes Rachel Recchia – who was sitting with one of Charity’s former suitors, Brayden, and Gabby Windy.  Also in the audience were Kat and Brooklyn from Zach Shallcross’ season, and Zach Shallcross himself who dumped Charity during his Bachelor season.

The continuation of Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette love story picked back-up in Fiji where she was struggling with the final two men, Joey and Dotun after sending Xavier home.   Aaron flew to Fiji after being eliminated in the week prior.   Charity had three suitors to contemplate on which one to choose.

Although Charity admitted that she was falling in love with Aaron and it was tough sending him home, ultimately, it wasn’t really a tough choice because during the Rose Ceremony, she broke up with Aaron again, stating that lack of time got the best of them.  

The remaining two men got to meet Charity’s family and then go on one more last date with her before having to go to the Final Rose Ceremony where they would learn whether or not Charity had chosen them for a marriage proposal.

In the live studio portion of the show, host Jesse Palmer announced an interesting twist that “The Bachelorette” decided to do this season. This new element transformed this dating reality show into a game show by having two contestants compete to be on the next season of “The Bachelor,” who BTW was announced at the end of the show.  

It was implied throughout the show that the new Bachelor would be the man that Charity didn’t end up choosing. That was indeed the case.  Charity and her new fiance were gifted a grand prize from the show.  Thus, another game show element. 

Pictured: BRAYDEN BOWERS, RACHEL RECCHIA / Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard

We also got another look at “The Golden Bachelor” with a peek at a conversation he had with his two daughters and grand-daughter.  Fans were also shown clips of the new season of “Bachelor in Paradise” who’ll have four former bachelorettes stopping by (some of them as cast members) – Charity Lawson, Katie Thurston, Hannah Brown, and Rachel Reccia.  Both shows will premiere on Thursday, September 28th. 

Although “The Bachelorette” finale had plenty of past cast members in the audience, it failed to make any solid use of them.  We never got to hear from Barb (which would have been a hoot)!  Charity’s ex-boyfriend Zach Shallcross was never called-on to give any insight or comments.  

And, after Charity was announced as competing on the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” it would have been a great opportunity to call on former Bachelorette, Gabby Windey, who came in 2nd place on DWTS season 31.  Another missed opportunity by the show that made no use of all of their own veterans.  



Charity sat down to talk to Aaron and asked him what it was that he wanted.  Aaron told her that he still sees her as a wife and the mother of his children. “Those feelings have not gone anywhere.”   Aaron was basically asking Charity for more time to fight for her and show her more of himself.  Charity told Aaron, who was her first date of the Bachelorette season, that he was the first person that she pictured as her husband.  She invited Aaron to stay and have dinner to chat some more.

Charity’s fear with Aaron was “can we get there?”  At dinner, Aaron told Charity that she makes him feel special.  Charity said she was reconsidering “everything.”  She had a lot to process and said goodnight to him until the Rose Ceremony.


Charity had two roses, three men.   One man, Xavier, no longer there, replaced by eliminated contestant Aaron. This was about to throw Joey and Dotun for a loop! 

Before Charity arrived at the Rose Ceremony, she described Joey as “sweet” and  he’s ready to embrace every aspect of her.  Dotun is someone she can count on and he will do anything for her.  Aaron kept in mind that the other men have been to the Fantasy Suites which means those relationships might be more solidified. 

Joey had to do a double take after Aaron joined them for the Rose Ceremony.  Then, Charity arrived to explain.   “It’s been a very eventful week…Xavier’s not here” and “it was necessary.”   She told them Aaron came back to continue to fight.  

After handing-out the first rose to Joey, Charity called Aaron to talk to him in private outside.  She told him that unfortunately, time wasn’t on their side and she was grateful for continuing to get to know him.  Aaron was crying through the whole speech. He told her that she is “very special” and he’s always in her corner.  She said Aaron coming there trying to get more time wasn’t going to surpass where she was at with Joey or Dotun.

When Charity rejoined the men for the Rose Ceremony, she explained to them that she didn’t know Aaron would be showing-up and it genuinely took her by surprise.

In Studio:  Aaron told Jesse that the 12 hour flight to Fiji was the hardest part.  He said he’s never put himself out there before and had never come out of his shell.  Aaron said he wasn’t going to give up.  Jesse announced that Aaron will be going to “Bachelor in Paradise.”


Charity was down to Joey and Dotun.  They would be meeting her family.  Joey and Dotun would be meeting Charity’s parents, Vickie, David and her sister Mia.  Her mom felt “uncomfortable” when she heard Charity say she was in love with two people and couldn’t decide which direction she was going to go in.  Her mom said Charity is often indecisive.  Her family met Joey first, and they were totally sold!


Joey felt that Charity was going to choose him.  She told her family that Joey swept her off her feet.  Vickie said she saw the connection with Charity and Joey.  

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, JOEY / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Charity’s sister Mia talked to Joey alone first.  She asked him what he and Charity have in common? Joey answered it’s family.  Mia said it’s not about race, it’s about love when Joey asked about the interracial aspect of their relationship.  

She said Joey was genuine in his responses and she felt confident in his love for Charity.  Charity told Mia that she’s falling in love with Joey.   Vickie sat down with Joey next.

Joey told Vickie that his feelings for Charity “are real.”  She asked Joey if Charity has fully opened up to him?  He answered yes, and she makes him feel like being the best version of himself. 

Vickie said Joey made it easy for her and the whole family who connected with him.  “Joey fits in with our family just fine.”   Dad was concerned with having a son-in-law who likes sports.  Joey was definitely talking sports with him.  

After the commercial break, Jesse introduced one of the women who would be up for maybe dating the next Bachelor.


It was Doutn’s turn to meet Charity’s family.  Before he arrived, Charity asked her family to go into it with a “clean slate.” Basically, try to forget about how much they liked Joey!  Vickie said she had such a strong connection with Joey, that’s who she was going with at that point.

Vickie was the first to grab Dotun to talk in private. She asked Dotun when he knew he had feelings for Charity? He said he has known he’s loved her for the past few weeks. He said she rekindled all the things he put on the backburner like family and kids.

Vickie’s reaction was that Dotun was “familiar” to Charity. He was typical of what she usually dates. Vickie’s truth to Charity was that it was more natural yesterday (with Joey).  She told Charity to go with her heart and her gut.  

Dotun told Mia that not getting to “the end of this” without Charity would be “devastating.”  Mia told Charity that her and Dotun “have a certain chemistry.”  But, “Joey makes you glow.”  She told her that she has more PDA with Joey.

Charity was upset over the “overwhelming” experience and the choice that she will have to make.  Charity was stressed out because her day with Dotun and her family “did not go as planned.”  She’s in love with both Dotun and Joey.  Charity said she thought “it was going to be so clear.”

After Dotun left, Charity sat down with her family to have a chat to get their honest feedback.  Mia said they are both”amazing individuals.”  Joey isn’t afraid to address difficult issues.  Dotun is “very intentional” and has Charity’s best interest at heart.  Vickie said she didn’t want to do the comparison.  

Vickie was holding back on her true feelings for the two men because she didn’t want to make things more difficult for Charity.  She told Charity that she wanted her decision to be her decision.  Dad said they will support her with any decision she makes.  Charity did not have the clarity that she was hoping to gain from her family.


Charity said Joey is someone who only comes around in a blue moon and he’s someone who’s made for her.  Joey gave Charity a personal gift, a framed note that he gave her during their date in New Orleans.  She was so incredibly moved by it.

Joey said it’s the best that he’s felt in the whole experience and Charity is the reason why.  ‘I’m going to propose to Charity. I have no doubts about that.”  
In Studio: A clip from the upcoming season of “Bachelor in Paradise” was shown that featured former Bachelorette’s Rachel, Katey, Charity and Hannah Brown.  Jesse also announced that Thursday will be the new day for both “Bachelor in Paradise” and the “Golden Bachelor” starting September 28th.


Going into the last date with Dotun, Charity said her emotions were “all over the place” and “completely torn between Joey and Dotun.
Dotun had special mento gifts for Charity from all their past dates.  One of those was smores.  He also gave her a locket with their baby photos in it.  He told her that she is his treasure.  

Charity said the feeling that Dotun gives her is “indescribable.”  She said her love for Joey “is a love that is strong.” 


Charity said what she loves about Dotun is that “it’s effortless” and he makes her feel like the only girl in the world.  She said only one “is the one.”  
Charity arrived at the final rose location where she told Jess that “it’s been hard…being in love with two people.” Charity was in tears.  Jesse reminded her that “there’s love and happiness on the other side.”  

The first man to arrive was the one she’d be saying goodbye to.  When the camera panned up to Joey, the audience wailed.  Joey really thought it was going to be him, and so did a lot of fans.

When Joey got ready to get down on one knee, Charity stopped him and told him that she’s found “a love that’s deeper for someone else.”  But the truth was that she’s also in love with him.

Through the tears, Joey told her that he just wants her to be happy and this is one step closer to that.  
During his ride home, Joey said he wants love “bad” and it shows him how badly he wants.  “When is it going to happen?” 

In Studio:  In the aftermath while in the studio talking to Jesse, Joey said he couldn’t imagine at that time getting ready to get engaged to someone and have it not happen.  


In Studio: Charity came out to talk to Joey for the first time since the break-up.  Joey said that was obviously not the best thing to watch back.  
She thanked Joey for being such a crucial part of her story and helping her grow during the journey.  “The love will always be there,” she told Joey. Joey responded that he still has love for her.  

The Final Rose Ceremony continued…

Charity said with Dotun it comes down to a feeling that you just can’t pinpoint and she sees a future that will bring her “the most happiness.”  
Dotun said in his confessional that the kid with the immigration card would not believe where he is today.  Dotun said the kid that was misunderstood, Charity understands him.  

Dotun told Charity that she has made him feel so incredibly special.  He said to receive that from a woman of her calibur, she will never know what that means to him but he will spend the rest of his life showing her. 
Charity said the moment that changed it for her was the moment in Oceanside and she looked into his eyes and saw a man that adored her.  He makes her feel so valued and so seen.

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, DOTUN / Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard

In Studio:  Charity and Dotun came out in public on stage for the first time since the proposal.  Charity said “it’s everything” to finally be in public with Dotun. 
Dotun said he had this feeling of getting the greatest thing in his life, or being heart-broken and devastated.  How certain was Dotun? He said he was somewhat certain up until that day of.  Dotun said he tried to be level headed with the possible outcome.

Jesse called on Charity’s mom Vickie who was seated in the audience along with Dotun’s parents. Vickie responded that she’s very happy for Charity and Dotun and she’s gotten to know Dotun a bit better.

Dotun told Jesse that love is not enough of a word to describe how he feels about Charity.  As for now they’re just continuing to build their relationship and Charity said marriage will be “sooner than later.” 

Pictured: DOTUN, CHARITY LAWSON / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

It’s Joey!

Pictured (l-r): JESSE PALMER, JOEY GRAZIADEI / Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard

Joey said he’s more ready than he was in that moment to turn a new page and fall in love.  He said watching Dotun and Charity’s connection was enough for him.  He said he was able to separate himself from it. He’s ready to proritze something that he’s put on the back burner. He wants someone who will challenge him. 

Joey had the message to future contestants to “just be yourself.” He said he was comfortable in that he could be himself on the journey and Charity made that possible. 

Jesse clued Joey in on that one woman in the audience will be on his season of “The Bachelor.” Who’s it going to be?  There were several women who were introduced earlier in the audience.  That woman was Leah who was given a sealed envelope and told not to open it until she got inside “The Bachelor” mansion on night one!  Hmmmm….the mystery! 



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