Singers Dominate AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Live Shows Preview!

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August 23, 2023
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Singers Dominate AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Live Shows Preview!

Pictured (l-r): Dani Kerr, Purtri -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“America’s Got Talent” (AGT) season 18 auditions have wrapped, and viewers will have 55 acts total to vote for starting August 22nd when the AGT Live Shows air.  It looks like there will be eleven acts per episode over the next five weeks leading up to the Live Finale Show!

Out of the auditions that were aired this season, a lot of them did make it to the Live Shows. But, there are some that were really good, that we won’t be seeing on AGT again this season. Some of those acts are: Zoe Erianna, Thomas Vu, El Invertebrado, Artem Shchukin, Magic Mike Jacobson, Kevin Li, Morgan and Roxi.

With the past success of “America’s Got Talent” spin-off AGT: ALL-STARS having an Aerialist winning, and “America’s Got Talent’ season 17 with a dance troupe, Mayyas, winning there was definitely an uptick in aerialist and dance group auditions this season.  And, as always, there are an abundance of Singers and Magicians.  However, this season has very few comedians who made it through.  A total of four to be exact.  There was also “Three G,” a balancing act of three gymnasts who fell three times during their AGT audition. Guess what? They’re going to the Live Shows!   The full list of AGT acts going to the Live Shows is at the very bottom of this post.


Mzansi Youth Choir – (5th Judge Golden Buzzer)

The choir is from South Africa.  They sang Nightbirde’s song that she auditioned with “It’s Okay.”   Heidi’s response was that “we lost a very, very special person from our AGT family…it has a very special meaning in my heart.” Sofia called it “the perfect AGT audition.”  Simon asked why they decided to sing that song.  They said they were very “inspired and touched” by her story, and the song has been a pillar of strength during their difficult times in the choir.  The song definitely brought back “so many memories” for Simon.  It was the “most amazing tribute…breathtaking.”  THe audience chanted “Golden Buzzer, Golden Buzzer!”  Simon said we discussed giving the audience something.  The judges and host Terry Crews hit the Golden Buzzer on behalf of the audience and for Jane. 

MOS is from Japan.  They are horn players that played “Bang, Bang” by Jesse J.  Simon responded that he never in his wildest dreams imagined a girl band to come on and play that song with those instruments.  

Oleksandr Leshchenko & Magic Innovations – Oleksandr’s act is similar to the pole dancer, Kristy Sellars, from last season who was runner-up.

Avantgardey (Dancers – Howie’s GOLDEN BUZZER) Avantgardey is a dance group from Japan.  They performed in school girl type outfits with Sia hair cuts and got Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer. 

Ramadhani Brothers (Balancers)

Pictured: Ramadhani Brothers — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The Ramadhani Brothers are from East Africa and their biggest dream is to perform in Las Vegas in an AGT show.  Their audition was truly one none of use have seen before.  One of them balanced on the other one’s head while upside down without a safety net!  Howie called it the “scariest, most dangerous act” he has ever seen on “America’s Got Talent.”

Chioma and the Atlanta Drum Academy  (Terry’s GOLDEN BUZZER)
Chioma is eight-years-old from Georgia.  He was joined by a big drum band who played while doing choreography, some while blind folded.  Terry Crews told the judges that there was no need to vote.  Chioma had dreamed about being on AGT and getting a Golden Buzzer.  Crews was “honored to make that dream come true!”

Grace Good – Grace is an aerialist with Hula Hooping skills.

Pictured: (l-r) Simon Cowell, Mandy Muden — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Mandy Muden – She used mind reading with her magic along with comedy.
Sainted – Track choir.  They sing track songs.  They combined singing gospel style track songs with choreography.
Trigg Watson – Magician – He used a monitor to make real 3D objects appear and the objects interacted with the video playing on the monitor.

Herwan Legillard –  He did sword swallowing and aerial together. 

Brynn Cummings – Ventriloquist and mentalism.  She used a deck of cards and performed a card trick with the judges participation.  She guessed the exact card that Howie picked from the deck.

Murmuration (Dance – Howie’s Golden Buzzer)

The leader of Murmuration is 32-years old from France.  His brother created the routine that they auditioned with.  There are 65 members of the group.  Heidi said they haven’t had a group that large before.  They sat in chairs and were all blindfolded.  They all performed arm movements that were completely in sync with each other.  Howie was “mesmerized.”  It blew him away, then he started doing arm movements and walked himself over to the Golden Buzzer! Howie told the group that they moved him.


Lambros Grarcia  – Lambros is a pre-teen dancer.  Simon told him he has a “natural stage presence, and that’s something you can’t fake.” Lambros cried after his audition because he was getting bullied at school and got validation from Simon and the other AGT judges.

Mitch Rossell (Singer) – Mitch is a singer who told a moving story about his father.  Mitch had recently had his own son.  He said he was able to write a song about his father who passed away.

Orlando Leyba (Comedian) – Orlando is one of three stand-up comedians competing this season.  After his audition, Simon told him that it seemed like he was talking about experiences that really happened to him. Orlando responded that they did happen to him! 

Pictured: (l-r) Heidi Klum, Lavender Darcangelo — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Lavender (Singer – Heidi’s GOLDEN BUZZER)  Lavender is a singer.  She’s autistic and blind.  She said AGT is her favorite show because it’s different and she’s “not normal.”  Heidi hit her Golden Buzzer!

Philip Bowen – Philip is a violinist who was very hip.  

Lachune – Lachune is a singer and sang “Yellow” song at her audition.
82nd Airborne Chorus – They sang “My Girl.”  

Alfie Andrew – Alfie is a 12-year-old singer and said none of his family is in entertainment.  
The Freedom Singers – They came from Skid Row and are no longer houseless.  Howie called it more than an audition, “it was needed.” Simon said these are people with regular jobs and being on AGT is their dream.   Simon said his favorite auditions are the people who aren’t professionals but have a passion for something else and audition.

CHIBI UNITY – (Dance Troupe – Group GOLDEN BUZZER)

Chibi is a dance act that came from Japan.  When they saw that the Mayyas won last year, they thought they had to get on AGT.  The dance group told an emotional and powerful story with their dance act.  Simon called it “so powerful, so original, so incredible.  Amazing!”  Simon knew that the judges were all thinking the same thing. He called Terry Crews down to join them as they all hit the Golden Buzzer for Chibi Unity.  


Howie called it his favorite season so far because of all the surprises from the acts.  

Mariandrea – She is a 14-year-old dancer and contortionist.  
Erica Coffelt – Erica was a surprise to everyone when she danced hip-hop on the AGT stage.  Sofia called it “fantastic!”
Eseniia Mikheeva– Eseniia is a child dancer who also danced hip-hop.
Ahren Belise – Ahren is a comedian.  He said his handicap is not the same as Stephen Hawking, he’s a Canadian!  He told his jokes through a voice tool.
John Wines – John is a 59-year-old, a music teacher from the U.K. He also surprised everyone when he played an electric guitar.
Ray Wold & Mom – They are a very surprising mother/son danger act that involved Ray throwing fire daggers at his mom.  
Gabriel Henrique (Sofia’s GOLDEN BUZZER) – Gabriel is a 27-year-old singer from Brazil. He sang “I Want to Run to You” with some whistle notes.  Sofia gave him her Golden Buzzer. Simon was in shock!

Shadow Ace (Shadow Art)

Shadow said he grew up without electricity and it’s how he started doing shadow puppets. When asked who his favorite artist is, Shadow answered Beyonce.  He said he knows she watches AGT, and gave her a shout-out, “Hi Queen!”  He said his biggest dream is to meet Beyonce.  Like the Mayyas (winners from AGT last season, they got to perform with her.  Shadow performed a variety of puppets to different songs including “Wrecking Ball” and Gangum Style.  Sofia called his act “a real show” and “spectacular.”  Simon said “The kids are going to love this.  “It’s fun, original, silly, stupid.”  All the things he loves.

Putri Ariani (Singer – Simon’s GOLDEN BUZZER)

Pictured: Putri Ariani — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Purti is 17-years-old from Indonesia.  It was her first time in America at the AGT audition.  She’s been singing since she was born. Putri’s dream is to be a big singer like Whitney Houston and win a Grammy.  Putri sat down to play the piano and sang.  After her song, Simon said he loved her singing so much that he wanted to hear her second song.  Before singing it, she said “this song is special for you Simon.”  

Her singing was stellar and full of feeling.  Simon reacted “My God!” Purtri was emotional over all the cheering and she couldn’t believe she was there.  Sofia called her an angel.  Howie said an angel just landed on their stage. Everyone was shocked when Purti revealed that it was an original song that she performed.   Simon pushed his Golden Buzzer for Purtri.  

“America’s Got Talent” contestants will be competing this season for $1 million and a starring role at Luxor Las Vegas.  “America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays on NBC, and streaming on Peacock.


Zoe Erianna is a six-year-old singer who sang “Born This Way”; Thomas Vu was a stunt act who solved the Rubik’s cube while on fire; El Invertebrado was the Zombie pole dancer who scared the judges, but proved his talent outside of the scary makeup; Artem Shchukin performed fun physical card tricks to the beat of the Addams Family theme song; Magic Mike Jacobson used fire in his card trick where the deck of cards were invisible; Kevin Li is also a magician who performed a card trick that involved real popcorn and pulled a kernel out of his eye; and Morgan and Roxi are an aerial act where one of them hoisted herself up on the air with her hair. 

Pictured: Thomas Vu — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

55 AGT Acts Going to the Live Shows:

82nd Airborne Chorus (Choir)
Adrian Stoica & Hurricane (Dog Act)
Ahren Belisle (Comedian)
Alfie Andrew (Singer) 
Andrew Stanton (Sword Danger Act) 
Anna Deguzman (Magician)
Avant Gardey (Dance Group) 
Barry Brewer Jr. (Comedian)
Brynn Cummings (Ventriloquist & Magic) 
Chibi Unity (Dance – Group GOLDEN BUZZER)
Chioma & The Atlanta Drum Academy (Music – Terry’s GOLDEN BUZZER)
D’Corey Johnson (Singer)
Dani Kerr (Singer) 
Eduardo Antonio Trevino (Singer)
Erica Coffelt (Dancer)
Eseniia Mikheeva (Dancer) 
Freedom Singers (Choir) 
Gabriel Henrique (Singer – Sofia’s GOLDEN BUZZER)
Grace Good (Aerialist)  
Herwan Legaillard (Sword Swallower) 
John Wines (Musician) 
Justin Jackson (Tap Dancer)
Kylie Frey (Singer) 
Lachune (Singer) 
Lambros Garcia (Dancer) 
Lavender Darcangelo (Singer – Heidi’s GOLDEN BUZZER)
Mandy Muden (Magician)
Mariandrea (Dancer)
Maureen Langan (Comedian)
Mitch Rossell (Singer)
MOS (Horn Players) 
Murmuration (Dance – Howie’s GOLDEN BUZZER)
Mzansi Youth Choir (Singers – Audience GOLDEN BUZZER),
Oleksandr Leshchenko & Magic Innovations (Magic/Animation)
Orlando Leyba (Comedian)
Phil Wright & Parent Jam (Dance Group) 
Philip Bowen (Violinist) 
Puppet Simon & The Cowbelles (Puppets) 
Putri Ariani (Singer – Simon’s GOLDEN BUZZER)
Ramadhani Brothers (Balancers)
Ray Wold (Danger Act)
Roland Abante (Singer) 
Ryland (Magician) 
Sainted (Choir)
Sangsoon Kim (Magician) 
Shadow Ace (Shadow Puppets) 
Sharpe Family Singers (Singers) 
Steel Panther (Music Group)
Summer Rios (Singer)
Three G (Balancers)
Trailer Flowers (Singers)
Trigg Watson (Magician) 
True Villains (Music Group)
Warrior Squad (Stunts / Gymnasts) 
Zion Clark (Gymnast) 

Pictured (l-r): Dani Kerr, Putri — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC



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