Golden Bachelor Stole the Show on BACHELORETTE: THE MEN TELL ALL Recap

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Golden Bachelor Stole the Show on BACHELORETTE: THE MEN TELL ALL Recap

Pictured (l-r):JESSE PALMER, GERRY TURNER / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

The men of Charity’s “The Bachelorette” season 20 returned for a pow wow on stage with host Jesse Palmer in front of an audience full of fans in “The Men Tell All” episode.  To say that the first half of this season could have been called “The Brayden Show” is an understatement.  Thus, the “The Men Tell All” started off by digging more into the Brayden drama that occurred this season.

Some of the returning men included: Sean, Xavier, Brayden, John, John Henry, Michael, Tanner,  Caleb, Spencer, Adrian.

Top 5 Things We Learned on “The Men Tell All”:

1) Our new Bachelor is very lovable 

2) Xavier is now in therapy

3) Captain Tom stretched his 10 minutes of fame

4) Brayden will be on “Bachelor in Paradise” with Kat Izzo.

5) A guy named Peter was on the show!

The Brayden Show!

The first topic of discussion was that Brayden addressed his concern and disdain for that ‘longest kiss in Bachelor history” group date that Charity went on and ended up choosing Joey to give the longest kiss to (in front of the other men on the date).  

This was a date that Brayden wasn’t even on!  Jesse pointed out that obvious fact by comparing this to when Yosef from Clare’s season was extremely upset over a naked dodgeball date that he also wasn’t on by saying “Yosef has a daughter at home.” 

Brayden swore that he kept it real on “The Bachelorette” but couldn’t say the same for the other men.  Adrian, who self-edited himself on the “Men Tell All” episode while arguing with Brayden to stop himself from cursing.  Brayden used that as an example to simply show how people act differently when they know they are on camera.

On the bright side for Brayden, producers of “The Bachelorette” did confirm that camera’s never picked-up Brayden calling Charity “classless” after finding out about the longest kiss date.  This was used against him by one of the men who took this quote to Charity to cause a rift between the two.

“F—K Pete” Explained:

Apparently there was a dude there by the name of Peter on this season of “The Bachelorette.”  He was eliminated on night one, and he was at “The Men Tell All” because….?  Well, the men came out against Peter by posting “fu–k Pete” on social media photo posts. Caleb B. said they did this because on the first night, Peter told every guy in the house “fu–k you.”  Xavier said it was an inside joke, and he apologized to Pete for posting it on his page.


Pictured (l-r):JESSE PALMER, BRAYDEN / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Video clips of Brayden’s journey on the show were shown from the moment that he stepped out of the limo to first meet Charity to when he was sent home.  Brayden, who is 24, said it was tough watching it all back and tough to see how Charity really felt about him. 

Jesse asked what his reservations were.  Brayden said it was more about getting down on one knee in that environment with all the chaos. After getting eliminated, Brayden returned to the “chaos” to say goodbye to Charity again. The men were in an uproar about it at the time.  Brayden said he chose to return that night to let Charity know that it was about the environment and not about her as to why he had hesitation.  

Jesse mentioned that never has a group of men on the show followed someone outside like they did the night that Brayden came back. Brayden said he was ready to “throw down.”  Jesse lightened the mood by complimenting Brayden’s style and his new earrings.  Brayden presented Jesse with a gift of clip-on earrings to wear.

Then, it was announced that Brayden will be on the new season of “Bachelor in Paradise” this fall.  A sneak-peek clip was shown of Brayden getting cozy and kissing Kat Izzo, from Zach Shallcross’ season.   The irony is that Kat was also labeled a villain on her season.  


Next, it was Xavier’s turn, and he also had to watch a bunch of clips from his journey with Charity.  He said it was hard to watch back.  Especially since Xavier was the reason for his own demise.  He told Jesse that he stuck his foot in his mouth while trying to be honest to Charity about his feelings and it came out wrong.

Xavier was sent home last week during the overnight date when he told Charity in so many words that he wasn’t sure if he would be faithful to one person the rest of his life.  Xavier explained this self sabotaging move as a reaction to concern he had when he told Charity during his hometown date that he was falling in love with her and she didn’t reciprocate it back.   

Since the breakup, Xavier said he thinks about their time together “literally every day.”  He also shared with everyone that he had to get a therapist after the show in order to be ready for his forever person.  He got applause from the audience for that. 


The first person that Charity addressed when she came out onto the ‘Men Tell All” stage was BRAYDEN! She thanked him for “coming on this journey,” and angrily told him that she didn’t like how he talked about her to the other guys.

There was some question about Charity’s realness.   She said that she was 100% her authentic self.  She admitted to giving Brayden more grace than she should have.  Brayden replied to her that the environment wasn’t the best for him, but he was there for Charity.

Then there was that Two-on-One date with Sean and Tanner.  Sean jumped on the couch with Charity to thank her for being the Bachelorette because she showed them “nothing but grace” the entire time.  Tanner said he was trying to create an organic relationship in “the most inorganic” environment.

John had the cringy question for Charity of “why” he was sent home.  She responded that it was nothing that he did wrong, and it was about what she was looking for.

Time for the elephant in the room…..Xavier!


Charity was super peeved-off that Xavier waited until the overnight date to bring up his cheating past.  She told him had he told her earlier on, most likely she would not have brought him that far.  She also said that she doubted that he ever saw himself getting down on one knee for her.

When Xavier joined Charity in the hot seat, he “denounced” cheating. Charity went into him by recounting how he decided to tell her that he loved her when she was putting him in the van to leave.  She felt that he dug himself deeper.  

Xavier responded that he just wanted to let her know how he felt. He explained that he has a fear of commitment in marrying the wrong person which scares him.  Instead he said he should have seen the beauty in Charity in front of him.  

Jesse asked where Xavier was at now. He answered that he still has feelings for Charity, and still gets really emotional about Fiji.  Then, Xavier got up and said he had “one more thing.”  He came back with a knit rose to give to Charity to show that he definitely cares about her.  Xavier told her he hoped that she found her forever person.  

This was WEIRD…

Somehow, producers thought it was a good idea to bring back that tour guide/captain from the Two-on-One date with Sean and Tanner.  Since Charity didn’t hand out a rose on that date, Jesse asked Captain Tom, who was in the audience, who he would have given the rose to?  After struggling to get Charity’s name correct, Tom answered that it would have been Sean.  Captain Tom gave Sean an actual rose. 



Trista Stutter, DeAnna Pappas, and Desiree joined Charity to give her any advice that she asked for.  The very first Bachelorette, Trista Stutter, said her and Ryan will be celebrating 20 years of marriage in December.  She said “life is really good” and it’s hard to believe that they were at the start of all of it. 

DeAnna, who separated from her husband in January, said,  she’s in “a bit of a transitional phase” and that she’s single.  

Charity asked Trista’s advice for making it work and having a long-lasting marriage.  Trista answered “forgiveness.”  Desiree advised to “prioritize.”  Charity asked how they navigate social media and comments.  DeAnna said to be true at your core and remember that you are worthy, etc.  “you can control only you.” 


Pictured (l-r):JESSE PALMER, GERRY TURNER / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

After his tear-jerker back-story about losing his wife played in a video package, Gerry came out onto the stage.  He said that the last couple of weeks have been a world wind.  Gerry said he was amazed when all the TV and radio announcers started showing-up in his drive-way.  

Jesse told Gerry that he’s been trending on social media.  Gerry said if he knew what that meant, he would appreciate that a lot more.  How will Gerry’s season go?  The first night? What about Fantasy Suites? Gerry responded that on the first night, he’s going to be looking for something in their eyes.  As for Fantasy Suites, it will be “different.”  

Gerry has been getting caught-up with Bachelor Nation by watching Charity’s season. He said he likes all the guys who were on her season.  Did they have any advice for Gerry? Brayden told him to stay true to himself.  Aaron S. said there’s nothing they can say to him.  “We want to be like you.  You’re genuine and true.” 

Jesse, who’s recently married, told Gerry that he can’t wait to spend this next season with him and get advice from him, having been married for 43 years.  Gerry advised to tell your spouse that you love them everyday because there’s going to come a day when you can’t.  

One of the best questions and answers came at the end of Gerry’s segment when Jesse asked him if he believed in finding that kind of love again. Gerry answered by stating that “no” that kind of love was for him back then. This is a different time and he’s not looking for the same thing.  Gerry said he believes that he’ll find his person. But, it won’t look like the relationship that he had with Toni. 

 SNEAK-PEEK: “The Bachelorette” will have a 3-hour finale.  Charity said she’s in love with three men and knows that she will be engaged but doesn’t know to whom.  Aaron B.came back and said he still sees Charity as his future wife and mother of his children.  

While getting advice from her mom, she said her mom’s opinion is everything.  Charity’s mom was reluctant to give her thoughts and encouraged Charity to follow what she knows “deep down inside” and make that decision.  Charity was torn, and apparently said goodbye to someone that she loves.  



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