PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS: Second Chance for Runners-Up!
December 27, 2011
THE ACADEMY- 84th Academy Awards Poster for Movie Lovers!
December 28, 2011
PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS: Second Chance for Runners-Up!
December 27, 2011
THE ACADEMY- 84th Academy Awards Poster for Movie Lovers!
December 28, 2011
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Crazy stunts committed by thrill-seekers, adrenaline-junkies and risk-takers who often set records to one-up the previous record holder or to prove that they are the best at some obscure “talent” . Normally you wouldn’t hear about them unless widely publicized. Now they have a televised forum to validate bragging rights on a new show called “Guinness World Records Gone Wild” which can be seen on TruTV.

Host Jamie Kennedy on the set.

“Guinness World Records Gone Wild” filmed several episodes in downtown Los Angeles outside in front of the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live in September 2011. Hosted by Jamie Kennedy, the stunts were entertaining and legitimate. No one got to re-do their stunt, and all stunts had to go through rigorous formalities of rules executed by real-life Guinness World Records judiciaries (or judges) from London. They had the accents to prove it!

The Guinness World Records official judicaries.

Some stunts were grotesque for example a record holder is in the book for holding the most live Madagascar Cockroaches in his mouth. According to the rules, all cockroaches must be alive, fully grown and the “Hissing” Madagascar breed. The record that needed to be broken was six. The current record holder was there to compete against the guy trying to beat him. The challenger stated that he “goes to a happy place”. Kennedy said “that’s more Mexicans you can fit in an apartment”.

Rufus the dog attempts to pop the most balloons!

Another attempted new record-setter was performed by Rufus the dog. He challenged Anastasia (also a dog) to pop the most balloons by a dog. Anastasia’s record was 100 balloons popped in 44.49 seconds.

One man tried to set the record for the most paint balls unloaded onto his friend. In order to accomplish this record he had to unload 400 paint balls in 30 seconds.

Trying to un-hook the most bras!

One former porn star tried to beat the record for unfastening the most bras in one minute. Liz, the Guinness judiciary said, “It’s an incredibly tough record to beat.”

The most kicks to the head is a record held by Josh at 111 kicks to the head in 60 seconds. He is a clerk at the DMV. His challenger was Joel. The rules to this stunt is that the kicks must be to the forehead of the upper head in order to count.

Another guy used his head to bust through large ripe watermelons. Each watermelon had to weigh at least 8.8lbs, and be ripe. The record breaker had to break at least half way around the melon and must crush 40 of them that would allow for 2 seconds a piece. The current record holder was from Australia and the challenger said he wanted to take the record away from Australia.

The wrath of head-butting the most watermelons!

The second day of filming brought a couple of familiar faces. Titan (Mike O’Hearn) from “American Gladiators”, and Professor Splash from “America’s Got Talent. Titan trained to break the world record for busting through the most panes of glass. Titan is a National Judo Champ. The record is 50 panes of glass at 6.5 ft tall and 4mm thick. The record has never been held by an American.

Professor Splash atop his platform waiting to jump!

Professor Splash dove 36 feet from a platform into 12 inches of water! The pool he dove into measured 76″ by 144″. It was said to be his most shallow dive ever. His heart could stop and the water was at 40 degrees.

The last stunt of the day that we saw was the packing-in of 20 Glendale cheerleaders into a smart car. Each girl had to be at least 5 feet tall. Some actually were turned away for being too short!

TruTV has not yet announced an air date yet. Be sure to check-back for updates!




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