Gwen’s Support of One Team Member While Dissing the Other! THE VOICE 24 LIVE SHOW Top 12 RESULTS!

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Gwen’s Support of One Team Member While Dissing the Other! THE VOICE 24 LIVE SHOW Top 12 RESULTS!

Pictured: (l-r) Jordan Rainer, Azán, Tanner Massey, Kara Tenae -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

It was the first Live Shows of “The Voice” season 24 and it certainly came through with some surprises before getting to the well-deserved Top 9 artists reveal on Tuesday night’s Results Show.

Monday’s Top 12 Live performances served us with some Country greats sung by the Country artists this season.  Jacquie Roar from Team Reba opened Monday’s show with Lainey Wilson’s “Wild Flowers and Wild Horses.”  Jordan Rainer also from Team Reba sung Ronnie Milsap’s “Stranger in My House.”  Ruby Leigh had the terrifying experience of singing Reba McEntire’s in front of her coach Reba McEntire!  Then, we got a heck of a closer when Team Gwen’s Bias (SPOILER – Still on Team Gwen BTW) performed “God is Going to Cut You Down” by Iconic Country legend Johnny Cash.

During Monday’s Live performance show, we got glimpses inside the artists Top 12 rehearsal performances with “The Voice” self promotion by having next season’s coach Chance the Rapper give his advice and critiques. 

When it came to Tuesday’s Results Show, we got an unexpected Bottom Four when Jordan Rainer was part of that.  Team Gwen had two of its members with Tanner Massey and Kara Tenae also showing-up in the bottom four. 

Gwen wrote Tanner off by telling him he’s only 19 and this is just the start in his career.  She also tried to smooth things over when she included “we’re all going home” in her speech making it seem that she was already predicting that Tanner was going home for sure!

On the flip side, she lost her mind over Kara Tenae and begged America to vote for Kara to keep her in the competition.  Team Reba’s Jordan Rainer ended up winning the Instant Save Vote and moved on to next week’s Top 9.



Pictured: Jacquie Roar — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Jacquie Roar, from Team Reba opened the show with the first Live performance.  Reba was crying at the start of the show and said she’s a “proud mama.”  Reba called Jacquie her “Country Rock Diva” and she’s what’s missing in Country music today.  Jacquie recounted in her music career about how she had “so many nos.”   And, she didn’t listen to them.  The song represented her competing on “The Voice.”  Jacquie was pitch perfect singing “Wild Flowers and Wild Horses.”  Carson commented “hot out of the gate!”

Niall said “that’s what comfortable looks like” and it’s the most comfortable he’s seen her.  Former coach Gwen Stefani, said she’s so not on her Team that it freaks her out.  She told Jacquie, “you can do anything.  You were so cool about it. It was beautiful.”  Reba was still crying and said it was a great experience and Jacquie “had fun up there.”

The next artist was Team Niall’s Nini iris from Georgia, who told her coach that she just received her U.S. citizenship and said this is her home.  “The American dream is real and I’m living it right now.”  Niall said he and Nini think of the same song.  He called The Cure song, “I Will Always Love You” perfect for her first Live performance.  Nini dedicated the song to her family at home.  Chance advised Nini to “play that first verse kinda straight” and think about all the people who have never heard the song before.  Nini gave it her all belting out powerful vocals and giving a romantic, classic edge to the iconic song. 

Nini received a standing ovation and high-fived the fans in the audience before hearing the coaches feedback.  John said Nini never disappoints and her voice is amazing.  She has star power.  Niall joked, “the Grammy goes too…”  He said it was spectacular.  The way she knows who she is as an artist makes him so proud. 

R&B singer Kara Tenae from Team Gwen was next.  She picked “Love” by Keyshia Cole.  Chance gave Kara some helpful arrangement advice.  Her parents are both cancer survivors, and Kara said she’s learned that tomorrow is not promised.  Kara’s performance was flawless and earned her a standing ovation from all of the coaches.  John said this is a true R&B classic song, and she “nailed it.”  Gwen said it blows her mind, and Kara is so confident and pure.

Tanner Massey from Team Gwen, sang “Thanks For the Memories” by Fallout Boy.  Tanner changed much of the song.  He said the song is a combination of everything he is as an artist.  Gwen advised that he got “too tricky with some of the runs” in the song.  She said he should “slowly” add in his style.   After Tanner’s live performance, Gwen reacted,  “I’m rooting for you tonight because It was hard to find a song.  It’s your favorite band.  I’m proud of you.” – Gwen told Tanner. Reba told Tanner that she always wanted her on his Team.

Pictured: Lila Forde — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Lila Forde performed on the piano.  Her coach, John Legend, told her that it felt like they were at her concert.  “You are so special,” and incredible.  Ruby Leigh (Team Reba) was next.  Niall told her “that was special” and the way she sold that special and in Ruby’s way.  “You are insane,” Niall said.  Reba told Ruby that she blew it out of the water and it was “spectacular.”  She told her that Ruby connected with them, her and Gwen were “balling.” 

Huntley from Team Niall, sang “A Little Help From My Friends.”  Reba gave Huntley a standing ovation. John said he sees Huntley as “already a pro.” and his voice is so powerful, he “just nails it!”  His coach, Niall Horan, told Huntely that, “that was different.”  And Joe Cocker is known for live performances and Cocker would approve.

Azan (Team Legend), who was the only Super Save artist to make it to the Live Shows, sang “X Factor.”   Gwen was blown away by Azan’s performance of the Lauren Hill song.  She said to sing the lyrics like it’s her song, “You did it, it sounded so good!”  Her coach, John Legend, told her that her passion, her voice, ‘it’s a golden voice” All of it came through in this performance.

Team Reba’s Jordan Rainer sang “Stranger in My House” by Ronnie Milsap.  Niall reacted that you can’t help but be fixated on what Jordan is doing, “A fantastic performance.” Jordan’s coach, Reba McEntire,  told her she is so proud of her she can’t see straight, and Jordan is a star.  “You demand attention, and you get it!”
Mara Justine (Team Niall) gave an incredible performance that even host  Carson Daly was blown away by.  Niall told her the confidence that has grown, is unbelievable, and he called it her best performance.

After Mac Royals from Team Legend performed, John called Mac “elite talent.”  He said letting people in emotionally and showing another side to him. 

Team Gwen’s Bias closed out the show with a banger, singing no other than Country legend Johnny Cash.  How Bias is going to top this performance will be interesting and impressive to see.  I think we all forgot he was on Team Gwen because he could have blended-in with Team Reba seamlessly.

Bias sang “God is Going to Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash.   Reba told him “that’s the reason I wanted you on my Team.”  She was very proud of him.  Gwen reacted, “It’s like a dream that you’re on my Team.”  Gwen told Bias to just keep being him and he’s the purest person.



Three of the 12 went home in this first elimination round of season 24.  Gwen Stefani opened the show with a  Live performance of her new single.

The Top 12 entered onto the stage.  The first question was for Bias about his connection with Johnny Cash. He said Johnny Cash is such a good representation of Country music and he was grateful to honor him last night.

Mara said Niall has helped her so much with so many different things and his believing in her has helped with her confidence on stage and she’s glad that it shows. 

The first artist that was announced as being Saved was from Team Legend.  It was Mac Royals.  The next artist Saved was no surprise when Bias from Team Gwen was announced!

Daly revealed that the next artist Saved by America’s votes came from Team Reba with Ruby Leigh who sang a Reba song Monday night.  Daly asked Huntley how his time on the show helped him grow?  Huntley said it’s helped his confidence.  Huntley said last year he was contemplating on being a Substitute Teacher, now his’ on “The Voice” rocking out! 

When Daly threw a question to Kara, she gave a shout-out to her parents who she said have made so many sacrifices and thanked them.  Rightly so, because on Monday’s show, Kara revealed that her parents are both survivors of cancer.

The next artist Saved was from Team Niall, Mara Justine!  From Team Legend, Lila Ford also made it to the Top 9!

Reba McEntire performed “Seven Minutes in Heaven.”  A photo of Reba’s mom was shown at the end and got everyone choked-up, including Reba.

Fittingly, Reba’s song ushered in the seven remaining artists who returned to “The Voice” stage to hear their fates.  Jordan said Reba taught her to stay curious and to stay passionate.   The next three artists Saved will go to the Top 9, and the last four would be up for the Instant Save.

The next Team Niall artist who made it through was Huntley!  Team Reba’s Jacquie Roar was the next name called.  Then, the last Saved artist was Nini Iris!  That meant that ALL of Team Niall moved on to the Top 9!

INSTANT SAVE (l-r): Jordan, Azan, Tanner, Kara.

The bottom four artists were:  Tanner, and Kara from Team Gwen; Azan (Team Legend), and Jordan Rainer (Team Reba). 

Niall said he couldn’t understand why Jordan is in this position.  Reba said it would be a shame if Jordan goes home tonight because she works her butt off.

The next performance was by Azan (Team Legend) who sang “No Tears Left to Cry” by Ariana Grande.  Her breathy and pitching performance made it sound much like a bad Karaoke performance.  Niall reacted that it’s sad to see a former Team member be in this position and she doesn’t deserve to go home.  John said Azan has had an incredible journey, being Stolen, Saved, and Super Saved.  He told  American to vote for Azan. 

Tanner Massey (Team Gwen) sang “More Than Words” for his Save song.  Gwen said “there was a little bit of tuning.”  She said he is so gifted.   This is not an easy stage, and for him to come out here at 19.  This is just a moment in time and “you have your whole life ahead of you.”

Kara Tenae, also from Team Gwen, performed next.  When she was done with her performance, Gwen was jumping out of her seat with praise and excitement and told America to vote for Kara.  Comparing her reaction with Tanner, it seemed as though Gwen just wrote-off Tanner.


Reba told Jordan that she was proud of her and Jordan has the work ethic that she admires and adores. Azan told John that he’s the best coach in the world and she hopes to work with him in the future.  She also added that this is what it looks like to never give up on your dreams.

John said Azan comes back from adversity and challenge. She is so committed to a great performance every single time.  He told her that those attributes will make her successful.  Tanner thanked Gwen for taking him under her wing and he admires everything about her.  He was also thankful for her stealing him from Team Niall.

Gwen told Tanner that her dream was to work with someone like him with such raw talent.  Gwen said “we’re all going home.” It doesn’t matter if you’re number one or not.  It was the next Team Gwen memeber’s turn to say their possible ‘goodbyes.’  Kara told Gwen that she appreciates her for believing in her and reminding her that she’s great.  Gwen responded that Kara amazes her every time.  And “the more scary” it is, the better Kara is.

The artist that was Saved is  – Jordan Rainer!

Pictured: (l-r) Jordan Rainer, Azán, Tanner Massey, Kara Tenae — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Mac Royals, Lila Forde (Team Legend)

Bias (Team Gwen)

Ruby Leigh, Jacquie Roar, Jordan Rainer (Team Reba)

Mara Justine, Nini Iris, Huntley (Team Niall)

NEXT WEEK: It’s Top 9 Fan Week!



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