Heart-Breaking Ending to Come For Joey on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Premiere Recap

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January 30, 2024
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Heart-Breaking Ending to Come For Joey on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Premiere Recap

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI. Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

The one thing we all know for sure is that Bachelor Joey Graziadei is going to have a very tearful ending to his journey as viewers saw last night during “The Bachelor” premiere opening scene, which showed footage from Joey’s Final Rose Ceremony against a beautiful tropical backdrop to Billie Eillish song “When the Party’s Over.” 

Taking note from “The Golden Bachelor” episode opening’s that took footage from each episode and placed it in the opening,  “The Bachelor” did a similar edit, however, taking footage all the way from the very last episode of this season.

From the looks of the show’s edit, it seems that Joey was rejected by one of the women at the end.  This could very well be a red herring.  Because Joey’s final pick has already been leaked.  Joey could be crying because of something else entirely. 

Pictured: JOEY during THE BACHELOR 28 premiere opening scene. Photo: ABC Copyright

To the current timeline when Joey was first announced as Bachelor, the show picks things up from there.  Then, fast-forward to the first night at “The Bachelor” mansion as Joey begins to greet the pool of 32 women, which as host Jesse Palmer broke the good news, the largest presented to any Bachelor.  However, if memory serves me correct, I believe Chris Soules still holds the record for the most women at 35.


Pictured: JESSICA,”Jess” Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

In ‘Bachelor traditional fashion, Joey met a diverse pool of women who all competed to have the most memorable introduction with the help of props along with unusual modes of transportation.  One women arrived on a Go-Cart, just before another one, Jess, rolled-in on the back of a boat.  Evalin came atop of an Umpire chair, which Joey thought was a lifeguard chair at first glance.  Maria was instantly of particular interest to Joey, who asked her if she still lives in Canada.  When she answered “yes,” he replied “that’s okay.”  Then as she walked away, Joey excitedly stated “awesome!”

Pictured: MARIA, JOEY. Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Chandler came with the cheese by telling Joey, “your name is Joey, my name is Chandler, and I’ll be there for you!”  Another woman brought an Save the Date Wedding invite for their potential upcoming wedding.

Allison 26, and Lauren, 28 are sisters that will be competing for Joey this season.  The last girl to arrive was Lea who had the unopened envelope given to her during the live finale of Charity’s “After the Final Rose” episode.  She invited Joey to grab her later to open the envelope together.  That didn’t exactly work out. Continue reading below…


Autumn was super nervous while explaining her way through the inspiration her grandparents have given her in hopes of finding her person.  Jess, from Tennessee, now living in San Diego, got the first kiss of the night from Joey.

Jess couldn’t wait to tell the group of women that she got a “smooch” from Joey.  The women were a bit upset and didn’t like how Jess flaunted the kiss in front of them.   Needless to say, they were coming for her!  Surely one of them would tell Joey about it.

Lauren and Allison came clean with Joey and told him they’re sisters.  He reacted that he already figured it out.  “I’m going to have to take this a little bit more carefully because there’s a lot of problems that can come from it,”  Joey strategized in his confessional interview.


Lea was anxious to open the letter along with all of the other women.  She decided to go ahead and open it without Joey.  The card gave her the power to steal a one-on-one date from someone else anytime before the Hometowns.  Lea then shared the letter with Joey to get his thoughts.

Lea said she didn’t like the idea of interfering with Joey and his journey.  Joey said just hearing her thoughts says a lot about her character. 

Next, Lea sat with the room of women to tell them the bad news, and had trouble getting through it without crying.  The women were in shock and didn’t like the power that the card gave her.  Lea threw the letter into the fireplace and let it burn.

A strong connection was made with Lexi after she told Joey about playing golf.  Kelsey was another strong interest of Joey’s.  He also found Maria intriguing who is a horror movie fan and swore she wasn’t going to kiss Joey.  But, then caved-in after Joey was looking at her deeply.

Pictured: JOEY, LEXI. Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor


Pictured: JOEY, LEA. Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Joey gave his First Impression rose to the woman whom he felt was there for the right reason.  That was Lea.


Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI. Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Joey told the women “I’m very sorry if it doesn’t work out in your favor tonight.”  Lol

The first name was Allison! Lauren was pissed and let her sister know it! Awkward.  The next names that Joey called to give Roses to:
Daisy, Kelsey T., Lexi, Jess, Jenn, Autumn, Chrissa, Joann, Kelsey A., Katelyn, Rachel, Erika, Madina, Sydney, Starr, Marlena, Maria, Taylor, Lauren.  Lauren was Joey’s very last rose, and she let him hear about it.

Women who went home: Chandler, Sandra, Lanie, Zoe



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