Joey’s First Self-Elimination on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Week 2 Recap

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January 23, 2024
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Heart-Breaking Ending to Come For Joey on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Premiere Recap
January 23, 2024
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February 3, 2024
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Joey’s First Self-Elimination on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Week 2 Recap

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, MARIA / Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

After the initial meeting of 32 women “The Bachelor” Joey had to memorize, it was now time to get to know the ones he chose to stay for another week.   In this second week of “The Bachelor,” some of the women were already getting on each other’s nerves, that being Maria who did her best to patch-up a random reaction she had to someone’s age.  Lauren decided she had enough after waiting around all night long to get some alone time with Joey and went home.  Another woman seized her one-on-one date to reveal a very personal part of herself.


Host Jesse Palmer brought the first date to the ladies and announced that this week would include two group dates and one, one-on-one date.  The first date was a group date of nine women who met Joey in wedding dresses.  They played-out a mock wedding reception.  This gave Joey an idea of how the women socialized in a formal setting along with etiquette.   However, that went out the door when Evaline leaped over a table during a game of Musical Chairs in her attempt to get the chair next to Joey!.

Seven months prior, Lauren lost her father and was having a tough time getting through the wedding themed group date. 

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, MARIA / Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Rachel’s poise and charm won her the first dance with Joey.  At the After Party, the group of women raised the stakes.  Maria changed into a more revealing outfit in order to make herself more unforgettable to Joey.  The other women were annoyed by Maria’s strategy because her outfit, which included a bra top, was way too revealing.  When they asked her about it, Maria simply said she wanted to change into something “more comfortable.”

Jess opened-up to Joey by telling him how she was triggered from her past when someone told her not to open up.  Joey said he was in a relationship where he was changing himself to make someone else happy.  Joey told Jess that he wants her to feel comfortable around him, and thanked her for “sharing.” Joey liked that Jess was “open and honest” with him.

Back at the house:  The next date card arrived.  It was a one-on-one date with Daisy.  The date card read: “I want a love that hits all the right notes, Love Joey.”  This is when Daisy told the group of women that she is hearing impaired and wears a Cochlear implant. 

Back to the Cocktail Party:  During her alone time with Joey, Lauren told him how she was sad during the date while she was thinking about how her late father will not be at her actual wedding.  As a result, she couldn’t stop crying. 

Joey gave the date rose to Jess for opening up to him.  The next day was Daisy and Joey’s one-on-one date.  They rode up in a helicopter to a Country musical festival.


Joey said he thought of Daisy for the musical festival date because she had told him how much she loves music.  The two got invited up on stage to slow dance to singer-songwriter Bahamas.   They kissed in front of everyone and the crowd cheered. 

During dinner, Daisy revealed to Joey about her Cochlear implant.  Joey said it takes a special kind of person to take something like that into a positive .  She took  the Cochlear implant off, which she had hiding behind her hair, and showed it to Joey’s

Daisy said how Joey responded, made her that much more attracted to him.  Joey said he was impressed and she’s been through a lot.  He said he could see Daisy as someone he could end up with, and gave her the date rose.


Past Bachelor contestants Demi and Jubilee came out to train the ten ladies in a “Bachelor Boot Camp.”  After some burpees, Demi announced that the winner of the next challenge would win extra time with Joey at the Cocktail Party.  They had to retrieve the opposite team’s mascot which was a pink heart for the Pink Team and a blue heart for the Blue Team, with NO rules.

The Blue Team, led by Edwina’s extreme athleticism, won.  The victory was short-lived when Jubliee told the celebratory group that only ONE of them would get to go out later that night with Joey!  The women were floored and visibly upset!

Back at the mansion: After the group date, there was silence in the room once the date card was read that had Edwina’s name on it as the winner of getting to spend one-on-one time with Joey. She said that she wasn’t sad about it.  The other women acted as if someone had died.

During the date, Edwina cried when she opened up to Joey about the pressure she was under from her family to succeed.

Back at the mansion: Madina along with the rest of the girls were still down about not getting more time with Joey.  Madina stated as a 31-year-old she felt that her time is “limited” and has no time to waste.  She got some flak from Maria who proceeded to talk about the comment to another girl, pointing out that a few other girls are older than Joey (28), and it’s not a big deal.

Back to Joey & Edwina:  Joey told Edwina he wanted to continue to know more about her and gave her the group date rose.  The two shared a deep kiss.

Sydney stated that she planned to tell Joey about Maria’s comment during the Cocktail Party.  Before that, Joey enjoyed posing for Lexi, a 30-year-old, who painted for him. 

As each woman talked about their pleasant experiences talking to Joey that night, Lauren was getting herself worked-up whild waiting to redeem her last teary conversation with Joey.  Lauren ultimately decided to leave the show.
Allison was torn-up over Lauren leaving and said she would turn her focus to Joey. 


Joey said he wished he could give them all roses.  Lea was second-guessing her choice to throw away her Date Steal card.

The first girl to get a rose was Rachel.  She was followed by:
Lexi, Kelsey A., Kelsey T., Jenn, Evalin, Autumn, Madina, Lea, Katelyn, Chrissa, Maria, Starr, Allison, Sydney.

Women who already had roses: Jess, Daisy, Edwina
Women who went home: Erika, Marlena, Taylor



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