Hit The Road Believin’ THE VOICE

Melanie Martinez “Hit the Road Jack” Playoff THE VOICE
November 6, 2012
Joselyn Rivera “Give Your Heart a Break” Playoff THE VOICE
November 6, 2012
Melanie Martinez “Hit the Road Jack” Playoff THE VOICE
November 6, 2012
Joselyn Rivera “Give Your Heart a Break” Playoff THE VOICE
November 6, 2012
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Hit The Road Believin’ THE VOICE

The Playoffs Part One,
Season Three, Episode Seventeen,
Reality Competition,
NBC Television 2012.
Starring; Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Blake Shelton, Christina Milian, and Carson Daly.
Featuring: Terry McDermott, Joselyn Rivera, Julio Cesar Castillo, Bryan Keith,
Loren Allred, Amanda Brown, Melanie Martinez, Liz Davis, Michaela Paige and Cassadee Pope.

Terry McDermott – Team Blake
“Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: Terry McDermott — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Christina said, “Terry you know you’re good. Immediately as soon as you start singing, it’s so easy on the ears. The precise clearness in your tone and your execution. Its effortless and its so easy just to listen to. You’re always dead-on and you hit those high notes so well. I’m a fan.”

Cee Lo said “Seriously you know I’ve been a fan of you since the beginning of the season. Your confidence is always one hundred percent. You are genuinely article of rock in roll I appreciate you.”

Terry’s coach Blake said, “your making classic rock cool again What they said how effortless you are I want America to know that when God was passing out the ability to rock, he gave Terry just a little bit more.”

Watch Terry McDermott Sing “Don’t Stop Believin” Plus Coach’s Comments here


Joselyn Rivera – Team Adam
“Give Your Heart a Break” by Demi Lovato

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: Joselyn Rivera — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake’s response was, “I knew I wanted you on my team! I tried to get you on my team. You always deliver when you get on stage. In this environment, with all these lights and the bigger stage, you wear it well. You look like a star!”

Joselyn’s former coach, Christina, said, “You are shining up there. I know you’re not necessarily comfortable with moving and singing. You sure proved yourself wrong tonight. That’s a big stage to handle all by yourself. I’ve see a lot of up-tempos. I’d like to see you bare your soul in a ballad.”

Cee lo said “I like your attitude. It’s my favorite part about you. I know that singing at that tempo is a challenge. All around a great solid performance, still wonderful.”

Joselyn’s coach Adam said he was proud, “I can’t tell you how proud I am sitting here. You did an incredible job. I’m so proud. You killed it. You listened to what I had to say, but still stuck to your guns and did your thing. It’s live, you really thrived in this environment which is a huge part in showing the world what you can do.”

Watch Joselyn Rivera Sing “Give Your Heart a Break” Plus Coach’s Commentary here


Melanie Martinez – Team Adam
“Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: Melanie Martinez — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Photographer, Melanie Martinez, In the coaching session, Adam said I want to hear what your vision is for this. Adam said, when people hear this they are used to hearing it a certain way. People are going to freak out!

Blake – “I’ve been a big fan of yours since the beginning You always find a way to make something your own. You’re not that interested in fitting in you just want to be Melanie”

Christina – “That’s a tough song. I do happen to be married the original. It started out a little pitchy. I could hear the nerves. You chose a settle approach. I do appreciate your artistic vision of it and you’re not afraid to go out on a limb.”

Adam – “My initial reaction was whoa those are big shoes to fill. Whats great though and interesting in watching this performance was I didn’t find myself comparing it to that version because it was so wild an different.. You were a little bit nervous. A little bit shaky I wasn’t thinking about technical things, All I was just thinking was this is an amazing performance and I’m so proud of you.”

Watch Melanie Martinez Sing “Hit the Road Jack” Plus Coach’s Commentary here


Liz Davis – Team Blake
“Independence Day” by Martina McBride

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: Liz Davis — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Before her performance, Blake gave Liz a pep talk, “Its been my goal to bring a country singer into the finals, Blake said of Liz Davis. Every one of your performances is hard, have to soften you up a little. Blake told Liz, McBride is such a powerhouse ballad. You’re hitting the notes during coaching. You’re the only country artist in the competition and that puts added pressure on us.”

After her performance, Liz said, “It felt really good.” Christina said, “You have such a strong solid voice. I’m glad you found such a great home on Blake’s team. It’s such a perfect match and such a perfect fit. Perfect time for that song. Very time appropriate.”

Cee Lo said, “I loved most the intro giving you the space to breathe and showcase your voice. It made me proud to be an American, at least I know I’m free.”

Blake said, “There’s a lot on the line tonight because America votes. You are the only country artist in the entire competition . I want to take one second and thank you for proving me right. Because now I know that you are the right country artist to bring into the live rounds. You did a great job.”

Watch Liz Davis Sing “Independence Day” Plus Coach’s Commentary here


Cassedee Pope- Team Blake
“My Happy Ending” by Avril Lavigne

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: Cassadee Pope — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

During their coaching session, Blake said of Cassedee, “She has everything it takes to be a superstar in this business. You’ll be shocked at how people pick up on how you sing a song to its original.”

Christina said, “You always have such a pretty tone to your voice. You hit some high notes that surprised me. You were solid. My thoughts about you before is that you need to grow a little bit more in your comfort level. Do your thing because you have it all inside you.”

Cee Lo – “I love what you did to the record because Avril’s approach is more of a dead pan vocal performance, your bravado gives it a lot more vulnerability which makes the song come to life. It’s an angry song. I thought you did a wonderful performance.”

Adam- “I bust your chops about not picking me all the time. Your my poster child of not picking me. When I hear you singing I still want to know who your are. Sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to figure out your identity as a singer. That the only criticism I have.”

Blake – “The good news is that Adam is going to have plenty of time to figure out who that is because I think you’re going to be around for along time. I think everybody is starting to hone in on who you are. If you had any ideas about being a solo artist. You are one of the fan favorites on this show. Guess who makes the decision from here on out? its the fans!”

Watch Cassadee Pope Sing “My Happy Ending” Plus Coach’s Commentary here


Bryan Keith – Team Adam
Adam’s only male artist sang “Iris”

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: Bryan Keith — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Trying to talk through the screaming and shouting of fans, Blake said, “I never noticed before that you and your lower registry you sounded like Neil Diamond. when you get to those upper levels, it’s so much energy it sounds so great. Watch those dips in the lower register. But, who am I to say, I mean listen to these people in here.”

Christina – “I’ve always enjoyed your singing voice. Its’ solid, It has a really cool tone to it. I think what’s getting everyone excited in the room is that especially as the song built which is really important is that you really owned it. You really loved it. That’s the most passion I’ve seen from you.”

Adam – “I had to do very little honest to God as your coach. You have a comforting way about you. Your energy and the way you perform. It’s really inviting. It’s really hard to teach someone to be that way. But you are that way naturally. The spirit and the and the soulfulness that you sang this song, just locked into this crowd. Loved you so much!”

Watch Bryan Keith Sing “Iris” Plus Coach’s Commentary here


Michaela Paige – Team Adam
“Everybody Talks” by The Neon Trees

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: Michaela Paige — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

At sixteen, Michaela is the youngest artist in the competition. She said she was hosting three radio shows, but singing comes first. “Making it past Battle Rounds and getting to the live round is only the beginning, said Paige. During their coaching session, Blake said shes a very special kid. Blake told her, “Doing the green socks thing – this is being just who you are. Your age doesn’t matter and that’s a big thing to say because there’s a lot of talented people on The Voice.”

Cee Lo said he thought it was the best performance of the night. “First of all, I like you stylistically. You really did a good job working the audience and working the entire stage. A flawless vocal performance as well. I think you would have been really, really good on my team. But I’m just glad that you’re here at all.” Adam responded, “you can borrow each other’s heels”.

Adam said, you Michaela really surprised me.
This is the best performance that you’ve done on the show. It was really in your range vocally and the attitude that you wanted to display. Koodos to Blake and to you for having your best performance at the most important time.”

Her coach Blake said, “Oh my gosh you’re making me look so smart. Oh my gosh, I’m the only one that turned around.. I was excited to hear what they had to say. Technically, you nailed every note. Was this the best performance tonight – it was. Your hair do is the only one that rival s Cee Lo’s”

Watch Melanie Martinez Sing “Hit the Road Jack” Plus Coach’s Commentary here


Julio Cesar Castillo – Team Blake
“El Rey”

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: Julio Cesar — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The twenty-one-year old 21 mariachi singer from Chicago has been singing mariachi since he was six years old. Julio was the first person to sing a song on the voice in Spanish. Coach Blake Shelton said, “Julio is going to be singing El Rey – a mariachi song. He still wants people to know who he is.” Blake advised him during his performance to “Tap into the desperation of how badly you want to win this. This is a concert, this is a performance. it’s not the background. You need to make a connection (with the audience”.

Julio received the first standing ovation of the night and an eruption from the crowd yelling “Julio!”. Christina said, “I know you made all the Latino people so proud. This is the reason why you are still standing strong in the competition. I loved how you stayed true to yourself. This is what you have to love about Latin people, we are so passionate. It’s just in our blood. I know not everyone could follow along. And the richness of your barvodo, I just loved it!”

Blake- “I don’t know what you’re saying and I think I represent a good deal of the country. Julio had to do is find a way to make everything understand emotionally what’s going on on that stage. I don’t know if you noticed the audience. But, it was pretty good.”

Watch Julio Cesar Castillo Sing “El Rey” Plus Coach’s Commentary here


Loren Allred – Team Adam
“All Around the World” by Lisa Stansfield

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: Loren Allred — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Cee Lo Said, “You’ve always been one of my favorites since very early on. This is one of my favorite songs. You were able to hit those high notes. You did a great job.”

Loren’s coach Adam said, “I love this choice. I wanted them to do what they wanted to do, and guide them through that process. incredible job. at the end when you did the thing that you did, executing those notes really soulfully. I want to hear more- next time I want to hear more of that. It’s so good.”

Watch Loren Allred Sing “All Around the World” Plus Coach’s Commentary here


Amanda Brown – Team Adam
“Dream On” by Aerosmith

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: Amanda Brown — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

In the last performance of the night Amanda is a singer from New York who’s not afraid to take risks. In the blind auditions, Amanda said, “when Cee Lo turned around, I was like Yes. During the knock out round i was trying to reach for out of the box so I picked Adam.” Adam said, “she’s so comfortable and confident and I love seeing that.” Adam also said, “Amanda’s really going to have to show her prowess and range in this song.”

Host, Carson Daly said, “Wow, what a way to end the night…the room is as loud as it’s been all night.”
Christina “Get it girl. Get it..hear all this? This is for you This is your moment. You came onto this show and said you wanted to do something raw and confused and something out of the ordinary. So, good for you for staying true to that you did a wonderful job”

Adam said, “Wasn’t it a great steal from Cee Lo,” as he looked at Cee Lo and said, “you look like the love child of Rick James and Prince.” Then Adam went on to critique his student’s performance, “I think if it’s already evident that this by far was the actual best performance of the night. You totally obliterated the notion that you could only do one thing. Because tonight you were a rock star that actually was in a rock band that was playing that song it sounded like for the first time. Unbelievable. Unbelievable!”

Watch Amanda Brown Sing “Dream On” Plus Coach’s Commentary here


THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: (l-r) Cassadee Pope, Blake Shelton, Michaela Paige, Terry McDermott, Julio Cesar, Liz Davis — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: (l-r) Amanda Brown, Joselyn Rivera, Melanie Martinez, Loren Allred, Adam Levine, Bryan Keith — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

THE VOICE — “Live Show” Episode 317A — Pictured: (l-r) Cassadee Pope, Blake Shelton, Michaela Paige, Terry McDermott, Julio Cesar, Liz Davis, Carson Daly, Amanda Brown, Joselyn Rivera, Melanie Martinez, Loren Allred, Adam Levine, Bryan Keith — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

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