HOLE IN THE WALL: Bringing Grandparents, Athletes to Cartoon Network!

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July 19, 2010
July 21, 2010
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HOLE IN THE WALL: Bringing Grandparents, Athletes to Cartoon Network!

CARTOON NETWORK officially announced that it will be reprising the previous FOX venture “Hole in the Wall” and airing it on its station.

Casting is currently underway for the show. Visit them at: www.holeinthewallcasting.com The show will be scouting prospective contestants in Southern California at an open casting call to be held at “Raging Waters” water park and “Lucky Strike” blowing alley in Hollywood. Specific dates and times will be posted here on our site when they are announced.

CARTOON NETWORK’s “Hole in the Wall” will not be just for parents and kids. The show will also be seeking camp counselors with their campers, athletic teams and their coaches, grandparents with grandchildren, as well as gymnasts and their trainers. The overall theme is adult mentors with children.

Video Interviews of audience members who watched filming of FOX’s version of HOLE IN THE WALL:

A current casting posted on “craigslist” state that the casting department is also looking for “overweight yet flexible players” who must be able to “contort” their bodies to “fit through small spaces”. It may sound impossible, but previous episodes had overweight contestant who miraculously in fact did make it through the small holes. Contestant teams are said to get $600 if they make it to the show. This makes us wonder if this version will have contestants compete for a grand monetary prize or not. Sounds like they won’t. More on the topic to come.



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