Intensity Meets Mystery! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week Five Recap

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Intensity Meets Mystery! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week Five Recap

Four New AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Semifinalists Announced:

On Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at Radio City Music Hall, the four final acts from the top sixty joined the season eight semifinalists on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT HERE


Coverage of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Season 8, Episode 18 – Live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City “Intensity Meets Mystery”.

from #AGT fan @davidkonig



Mel B said – “Your energy is on point you made me smile loved it”

Howard Stern said – “2 dynamite lead singer, emotional highs we feel with you – would America vote for a Gospel choir?”

Howie Mandel said – “I have been healed I can shake hands now! I’ve never seen any group better at Gospel”

Heidi Klum said – “you guys are so colorful – very powerful”

Watch the Virginia State University Gospel Chorale sing a Gospel version of “Like a Prayer” Here


MELODY CABALLERO – Acrobatics (Eliminated)

Made out of rubber!

Melody Caballero’s act was filling-in for Red Panda.  She said she wants to make her mom and grandma proud tonight and that it’s very exciting. She always wanted to come to New York.

Mel B said – “incredible amazing amount of strength – wow your incredible”

Howard Stern said – “you are fantastic – simply fantastic”

Howie Mandel said – “I think what you do is unbelievable – this I have never seen done”

Heidi Klum said – “Incredible – you look like you are made out of rubber – unique”

Watch contortionist Melody Caballero dazzle us with her unbelievable bending and balancing act Here


DAVE FENLEY – Singer (Semi-Finals)

Dress-up the raspiness.

Mel B said – “I could listen to your voice all day it’s rich and gas depth I love it.”

Howard Stern said – “you are a really great singer with a beautiful voice”

Howie Mandel said – “I think it’s great – dress it up a little”

Heidi Klum said – “you did a really good job – raspy quality in your voice”

Watch Dave Fenley sing ”Trouble” Here


2UNIQUE – Rapper and D.J.  (Eliminated)

Not quiet ripe!

They are like MC Lite and Grand Master Jay. They met online. They said they want to make Melanie say “It’s OFF the CHAIN!”

What Mel B. actually said was, “Did you start the song a little early.” The vocalist said “Yes” and that she kept going and “that’s all that matters.” Mel B. said “I got served!” Then said, “I think that you got a little bit lost on this stage. This stage is a huge stage. I’m not sure what you did tonight filled the stage and do what you can do.”

Heidi Klum said – “You’re a big personality on stage. I have to ask myself is this a Vegas act. I’m not sure.”

Howie Mandel said to the D.J. “I think your personality is just as big as hers. But you got lost in it. It seemed very Disney to me.” He said to Heidi, “they don’t have to be a Vegas act. They just have to be talented. I think you’re talented but you just haven’t come to fruition yet.”

Howard Stern said – “You did get lost on stage. When you filled the stage with the dancers. You weren’t able to outshine your dancers. Great great try and you guys do have talent.”

The D.J. said, “I had a blast. Being a D.J. is the most wonderful thing that you could possibly do. Sometimes people make mistakes. It’s okay.”

Watch young rap duo 2Unique put a fun spin on “Rapper’s Delight” and “U Can’t Touch This” Here


SAM JOHNSON – High Wire Act  (Eliminated)

What’ s more dangerous than wearing a hat on fire?

This contestant needed an 80 foot pole to perform his act and hasn’t done it for ten years because it’s so dangerous. He said at age 14, he joined the Circus. Because he was so skinny, they told him he was perfect for the high wire. After he had his son, he got a job as a lawn-mower repairman and misses performing.

Mel B said – “I know its’ dangerous what you did. But was it dangerous enough it was like a bungee jump.”

Howie Mandel said – “It is a danger and it is cool and you did surprise me. My gut instinct is I want to do that . I want to bungee jump only with a pole.”

Howard Stern said – “At the end of this Nick said, ‘Wow, that looked like fun.’ This time you had more fun than we did. We should not want to do it. That’s a problem.”

Heidi Klum said – “Really, did you guys watch what I watched. He was on an 80 ft pole with the wind blowing. It was dangerous and nerve-wrecking and I want to see more of it.”

Sam said, “It may not have felt dangerous to you. It sure felt dangerous to me. The three of you saying it’s not enough. It’s a good thing it’s America’s vote.”

Watch “Slackwire” Sam Johnson perform his high-flying stun from a pole Here


DUO RESONANCE – Gymnasts  (Semi-Finals)

He had to sacrifice having a good job in Russia so we could be together.   In Las Vegas they added a spinning element and didn’t go quite as planned. They train hard at 8 hrs a day.

Howard Stern said – “Come on America are we not having a great night or what? This is an act that reminds us of the Kristoff brothers. It’s more traditional and doesn’t come-off cheesy. I want to see the Kristoff Brothers go against you. You must go into the semi-finals. You’re great, great!”

Heidi Klum said – “Your love affair really shines through your performance. It’s so elegant and effortless. I love the song and the rain at the end. It made it very special.”

Mel B said – “Wow that was very erotic. I loved it. You are very very graceful at what you do.”

Howie Mandel said – “This is exactly what I meant about the contorting. I’ve been with my wife for thirty-three years, we don’t have half of those positions.”

Duo Resonance said, “I think it went really well. The judges felt our emotions and I hope America did as well.”

Watch Duo Resonance’s graceful acrobatic balancing act Here


D’ANGELO AND AMANDA – Ballroom Dancers  (Semi-Finals)

An intensity that’s accused of being ‘dark and mysterious.’

They have the dream of becoming the best ball room dancers ever. “We’re going to do a Paso Doble and it’s like a mad fight.”

The judges rose for a standing ovation.

Howie Mandel said – “It’s amazing the intensity the fierceness that athleticism. I don’t know what’s in your mind. I know you are competing against your sister. But it’s like your Father said he was going to put you up for adoption if you don’t win this. You have such intensity.”

Mel B said – “That was definitely full-on . You’re flawless. You’re intensity is dark and mysterious. I loved it.”

Heidi Klum said – “It was spot-on. It was like you were in a bull fight.” Heidi held up a card that read “10,” referring to a score that they would get if they were on dance reality competition show “Dancing with the Stars.”

Howard Stern said – “I love you guys and at this point, you are terrific, and ditto for what the other judges said. I predict that you will go on. I felt you had a little trouble – the cape and all. You took it on. You did it perfectly. Great job tonight! Phenomenal!”

Watch the little dancing duo D’Angelo and Amanda’s dazzling “Unstoppable” moves Here


SELENA MYKENZIE GORDON – Singer  (Eliminated)

The great inquisition.

Selena said, “When I was four years old my mom was in the Military and was in Iraq for four years.” Her grandmother took care of her and sang to her. “The last 10 years I’ve only sang at school and church,” said Selena.

Heidi reacted to her performance with, “Selena I think you’re a gorgeous girl. I think you have a beautiful voice, but tonight I think you were struggling with your voice.”

Mel B. agreed with Heidi, “There is absolutely no doubt that you are gorgeous. But you are a little bit off. There’s a lot of pressure in this competition. It’s a big stage.” Mel B. said Selena was doubting herself.”

Howie also took note and said, “I looked at your face when you finished that song, and you seemed like you weren’t happy with your performance.” Selena disagreed with Howie. Howie said, “I stand corrected.”

Howie wrapped things up by saying, “I agree you’re a beautiful girl. You didn’t sing to the best of your ability you’re a much better singer. Nerves got to you tonight. It’s a big hall. It’s a new thing for you. Tonight, it just wasn’t put together.” As the judges further discussed weather of not she thought she was off, and Mel B. said she wanted to know if Selena could hear that she was off or not, Howie could be heard saying, “is this the great inquisition?”

Selena reacted to the judges with, “there is a lot of pressure for a girl my age. I think I came out here and showed what I can do.”

Watch Selena Mykenzie Gordon sing “What Hurts the Most” Here


JOHN WING – Comedian  (Semi-Finals)

Knows how to take it to the edge.

Where I grew up there was no where to stand-up comedy. When he did see it for the first time, he said he knew that, that’s what he wanted to do.
He’s been working as a comedian for 33 years. He said his downfall happened in the business, “It’s the only job where the first thing your boss offers you is a drink.” He’s a recovering alcoholic. He said, “When I did get sober, I stopped being funny.” I’m not competing against anyone but me. I’m competing against missed opportunities and they don’t get any bigger than this.”

Mel B. – “Yes, you are bloody funny. You had me laughing a lot.” She said that, that is how she talks to her kids (referencing the content in his act) and Heidi agreed with her. Mel B, finished by saying , “Very funny, very current. Wow!”

Howie – He has the hardest job tonight. Any act that gets laughter every 10 seconds that’s hard! You are funny!”
Johnny, john, you’ve done it again to me. You are funny. Mel B. is right. Some things can get bland. You know how to take it to the edge. If America doesn’t vote for you then something’s wrong.”

Nick handed it off to Heidi by stating that she is the toughest judge of comedy.
Heidi sarcastically said, “this is my favorite category – comedy! You really had me laughing. Especially when you do these three-word phrases or sentences.”

Nick asked John how was Radio City Music Hall, he said, “on a scale from 1-10, a 111!”

Watch comedian John Wing make jokes about his teenagers Here


SPRICE – Gadgets  (Eliminated)

Wow vs Yawn!

Sprice who is accused of being under-enthusiastic, said, “During my audition, my stage presence was a bit of an issue.” He worked on his act for over ten hours every day and had to rent a warehouse to practice it in. He said, “It’s all about my machine and I’m going to let my machine do the talking.”

Sprice’s act portrayed a contraption very similar to a past AGT act called “Kinetic King” who competed in season 6 and was brought back as one of the wild card acts that season. After Sprice’s maze ended in fireworks (literally), Howie was the first to react with, “I’m amazed with you on so many levels. I have ADHD,” then sarcastically said, “Your energy and talent is contagious.”

Howard said, “It’s hard to argue with what you did. You are amazing. This is phenomenal and all that. Your lack of enthusiasm – sometimes I see this at a computer convention. I love it. I think Vegas can see you build a bigger contraption. The precision is nuts. But at the end of the day does it really turn us on. At the end of the day, it’s for computer geeks.”

Heidi disagreed with Howard, “I loved your act. It’s a very, very original act It’s very precise. I love it. I would vote for you.”

Mel B. did not feel the same as Heidi. “I didn’t really like it that much. I think that what you did, your precision was on it. I felt like I was watching paint dry.” She turned to Howie and said, “You were saying ‘wow, wow, wow.’ I was saying yawn, yawn, yawn.” Howie told Mel B., “I’m never taking you out!”

Sprice reacted to comments on his lack energy by yelling “yeah!”

Watch Sprice’s extreme Rube Goldberg Machine engineering skills Here


RUBY AND JONAS – Dancers  (Eliminated)

The twelve hour dance!

Ruby and Jonas said that they dance from 10 in the morning until 10 at night.

Mel B said – “You two are very,very cute in deed. Your performance was on-point without a doubt.” Mel B. said in regards to Ruby’s overly acted facical expressions during the dance, “I found it a bit too cheesy for me.”

Heidi disagreed and said, “I love that, I love that about you (facial expressions) because you were acting. I feel like you were made to be on the stage.” She held up a score of 10.

Howard was pleased and said, “This was an interesting recovery for me. (The last time) you didn’t have a crowd and you choked up a bit. In the crowd you came to life. This crowd brings you to life. This is not as strong as a routine as I seen you do. But you did a great job.”

Howie up the competition any between her and her brother by saying, “Just judging from a distance I think you are as good of a dancer as your brother. The choreography, I enjoyed his dance more than your dance.”

Ruby responded with, “If we did their choreography next time. We could do it better.” She said, “That was the best time we’ve ever done that dance. I want to thank the fans and the judges and my brother.”

Watch little Ruby and Jonas dance and boogie to “Runaway Baby” Here


CATAPULT ENTERTAINMENT – Shadow Dancers  (Semi-Finals)

Mel B. thought they looked hot!

The founder said, “I left that job and couldn’t find another. I believe that shadowing is a new type of dance.” They dedicated their performance at Radio City Music Hall to the Sandy Hook victims and families. ” I love this piece. I just hope America feels it too.”

The judges gave them a standing ovation. Heidi reacted with “You guys are on a different level of imagination and hands-down, for me it’s the best act of the night!”

Mel B said, “This was a true celebration of life. It’s jut so creative. You all look hot. I loved it.” Howie said “First of all, a special shout-out to the producers of AGT that decided to put you on at the end of the show. There are not many people that could follow you. It’s so creative to see the circle of life that these children lost and will never have.”

Howard admitted to being emotional. “It’s really hard to get me emotional. You did. You are just phenomenal talent. You stole the show and you’re definitely going on.”

Surprise Final Vote!
The last two acts awaiting their fate on Wednesday’s show was comedian John Wing, and acrobats Duo Resonance. Heidi said, ” I know everyone thinks I do not like comedians and that’s not true. John you made me laugh-out loud last night.” To Duo Resonance, she said, “You guys did an amazing thing that was beautiful. Tonight it is very hard. I Choose Duo Resonance.”

Howie said the toughest thing is to make the people laugh and that John Wing nailed it. To Duo Resonance, he said, “You’re doing things that are tough and I can’t imagine doing. It’s unimaginable. You do something different each and every time I see you. This is really a tough decision. I have to go with John.”

Mel B. said, “You both are so different. John, you made me belly laugh every time you walk out on to the stage. Dou Resonance, it’s sexy steamy , I loved it. I have to go with my gut instinct – John.”

Howard said, “Duo I have to applaud you. John Wing you are one of the best talents that have ever graced his stage. We had two great acts. This is the toughest yet. I have to go with John Wing. He was on fire last night.”

Host Nick Cannon came turned to Duo Resonance and instead of telling them ‘goodbye’, he said that they are also in the semi-finals. They were shocked.

Next Week:
Before the end of Wednesday’s show, Mel B. revealed that her Wild Card pick is “B- Double O-T-Y!”, or Tone the Chiefrocca. The other judges will reveal their Wild Card choices next week.

Next week’s show will include the following acts: Forte, KriStef Brothers. Angela Hoover, Cami Bradley, Collins Key, Taylor Williamson, Jonathan Allen.
During next Wednesday’s elimination show, One Direction will perform!

Watch Catapult Entertainment’s stunning visual story told through the motion of shadows Here


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