IT’S WORTH WHAT? – Tigers, Elephants, and Contestant Down!

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IT’S WORTH WHAT? – Tigers, Elephants, and Contestant Down!


It’s an NBC game show with big entertainment! Successful, talented actor and comedian Cedric “The Entertainer” (currently in Larry Crowne) is the host of a value guessing game of objects called “It’s Worth What?” The show has a new premiere date of Tuesday, July 19 at 8/7 c.

Cedric hosts

The game is played by a pair of contestants that are taken through a series of challenges that get more difficult as the game goes on with each level. The contestants must place a price value on a variety of items per round. If they complete the challenges successfully, they have a shot at possibly winning $1 million.

The show is described to tap into the cost and value of a collection of antiques, priceless treasures, as well as some surprises as a life-size replica of the White House and two more things that we found-out from one of our audience sources – a real elephant and a tiger which may have been the cause of one contestant fainting.

Game shows have been no safe places for contestants lately. First, one contestant was visually significantly injured on the set of “Who’s Still Standing”, apparently not him, (full story here) along with others who also unexpectedly plunged down through their trap doors in the stage. Now, a contestant was said to have collapsed on-stage while playing “It’s Worth What?”

According to several eye-witness accounts on one of the show’s filming days, a contestant had an anxiety attack and passed-out onto the stage. She was removed from the stage and with little show down-time was replaced by another contestant.

Nothing has been commented yet from the show. We expect to learn more and will be giving future updates.



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