Joey Feeds Into the Drama on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Week 3 Recap

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February 14, 2024
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Joey Feeds Into the Drama on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Week 3 Recap

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, ALLISON; Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

The opening of this week three of “The Bachelor” episode teased viewers of some upcoming drama which showed Joey confronting some of the ladies about something he heard from one of the women.  Some hints were given that Maria is involved…Hmmm.  More on that later.  Host Jesse Palmer dropped off the group date card.  The women who were on that card were: Edwina, Kesley A, Lexi, Allison Madina, Chrissa, Lea, Sydney, Maria, “I’m looking for my Mrs. Right. – Love Joey.” 


The Search for Mrs. Right!


The ladies on this date were surprised by the addition of some of the women from the Golden Bachelor when April, Susan, Kathy and Nancy joined them.  But, not to date Joey, of course.  They were there to conduct the first ever “Mrs. Right” pageant.  This included them asking the girls some hard-hitting questions, and judging their talent.   The girls on Joey’s date had only one hour to rehearse and prepare something for a live audience.  Most of the women were out of their comfort zones for this challenge.
Lexi had the least amount of effort put into both her “talent” and answer to her question.  She said Joey is obviously good looking, but he also has a good heart and she is interested in him for his inner beauty.  Then, Lexi said she’s a good kisser for her talent, then proceeded to kiss Joey.  The other women were peeved when Lexi ended up winning.  Joey said she was the one that surprised him.  “It was out of her comfort zone, and that’s what today was.” 

Pictured (l-r): KELSEY A, MADINA, EDWINA, MARIA, ALLISON, LEXI, CHRISSA; Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Sydney was the most surprised by Lexi’s win because she was the only one out of the bunch with some real pageantry experience.  Sydney showed- off by performing a stereotypical pageant talent where she did a very annoying cheer.  Everyone was super embarrassed for Sydney. 

Last week’s mini-drama spat between Maria and Sydney spilled over to this week.  Sydney was offended that Maria was talking about Madina behind her back about their age, after Madina stated that she’s the “oldest” among the group of women and has NO time to waste.

Joey Wants Answers!

During the group date after party, Joey asked Madina about what had happened because he heard something.  Madina didn’t want to drudge-up old drama and was trying to get over it.  She basically told Joey to never mind and she wanted to get on with enjoying her alone time with him.  But, Joey wanted answers!  So, Madina said she felt like she was being “bullied.”  Madina was referring to when Maria kept nagging at her about who brought it up (it was Sydney).

Joey thought this was concerning.  So, he went to the group to say if there’s something he needs to know, he needs to know.   Joey gave Kelsey A. the group date rose.   Joey said to hear the idea of a “bully” scares him.  He encouraged someone to speak-up and come to him later before leaving the group of ladies.

After Joey left, Madina spoke up to the group of women and said she had a conversation with Joey.  She said she felt “bullied” by Maria.  Then Sydney said she also felt bullied.  Maria couldn’t believe their reactions.  Ironically, it was Sydney who felt so upset that she left the after party date, and not Maria.  Lol.


Joey’s second one-on-one date of the season was with Jenn.  She said since the first night, they have had chemistry.  They had a surfing date.  Jenn said she felt that she was “doomed for failure” as a result of her parents’ separation. 

Jenn told Joey during dinner that she didn’t feel loved, and her relationship with her dad “deteriorated” and they are not in touch any more.  In his confessional interview, Joey said he couldn’t imagine not having his father to talk to.  Jenn said she can see that Joey is a genuine person and it’s something that she’s ready for in life now.

Back at the house:  The second group date card arrived.  The card read:  “Katelyn, Autumn, Rachel, Daisy, Evelin, Kelsey T., Starr, Jess.  I’m done playing singles.  – Love Joey.”  It was a tennis date.


Pro tennis players Pam Shriver and James Blake joined the group for some coaching for the girls.  “The Bachelor” put on their own tennis open with a spin on it.  The ladies had to dress up in costumes while playing doubles against each other.  One pair was Lobster & Butter.  Another one was Hotdog and bun played against “Cry Babies.” 

Luckily, Joey didn’t encounter any drama during this group date.  The most eventful thing was when Rachel’s earring got seriously caught on Joey’s sweater when she went to hug him. So much so, a production staff had to unhook them.  After that, Rachel told Joey how he has similar traits as her dad.


Joey had a pool party in place of a Cocktail Party.  “The Bachelor” decided to throw-in a huge advertisement for KFC by including it as the main food served during the party.

There was still beef between Sydney and Maria.  Sydney decided to spill to Joey and cited Maria as the “bully” who she said “verbally attacked” her, and embellished the situation.  She lied and said that Maria called her “dumb.” 

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, ALLISON; Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

When Joey confronted Maria, she told him  that if he likes Sydney, then there’s no way he likes her because they are complete opposites. Joey was confused and “distraught” after hearing Maria’s side of things.  He felt that how Maria was explaining herself to him felt “more real” than Sydney.  He was left wishing he had asked Sydney more questions about it.  

By the time Joey finished talking to Maria and Sydney, the pool party came to an end.  The women didn’t have the time that they wanted to spend with Joey.  Sydney said she’s sorry that they didn’t get time, but she wanted to “squash” it.  By the end of the episode, Madina and Maria had made-up and put the drama behind them.  However, upcoming episodes of “the Bachelor” indicate that Sydney is still out for Maria.


The first rose that Joey handed-out was to Lexi.  That was followed by Lea, Kelsey T., Rachel, Madina, Daisy, Jess, Edwina, Autumn, Allison, Maria.  The last rose went to Sydney.

Jenn, and Kelsey A. already had roses from their dates earlier.

The women who went home were: Starr, Chrissa, Evalin. 

NEXT WEEK: There will be two episodes next week both Monday and Tuesday.  The Bachelor will be traveling to another city. Maria and Sydney will have a two-on-one with Joey.  Sydney continues to manipulate Joey by telling him Maria is a mean girl.  Hopefully Joey will say goodbye to Sydney next week!



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