Lea’s Got Beef With Maria on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Week 4 Recap!

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Joey Feeds Into the Drama on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Week 3 Recap
February 7, 2024
It’s Complicated on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Episode 6 Recap
February 20, 2024
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Lea’s Got Beef With Maria on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Week 4 Recap!

Pictured (l-r) Maria,Lea. Photo: Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Bachelor fans got two 2-hour episodes that aired Monday and Tuesday nights!  Monday’s show was the start of “The Bachelor” taking the group to another country. 

Joey Graziadei met the women in Malta for more romanticizing.  This is also where the highly anticipated two-on-one date occurred between rivals Sydney and Maria.  

The Maria and Sydney drama evolved from Maria saying Madina isn’t “old” behind her back.  Go figure…

By the end of Monday’s episode, Lea sprung up with some negativity of her own towards both Maria and Madina after seeing how Madina befriended Maria after her bestie Sydney went home.

What Lea didn’t see was how Madina and Maria called truce in last week’s show.  Lea spreading this drama made Maria feel like giving-up and leaving even though she already had a rose.  This was Monday’s cliff-hanger.

It was revealed in Tuesday night’s episode that Maria decided to stay.  Lea and Maria were forced to be cordial to each other during a group date.  Joey took Kelsey A. out on the first date in Spain, and Rachel on the second date.

At the end of Tuesday’s episode, during the Cocktail Party, more drama ensued.  This time between Jess and Maria.

Jess felt that Maria, who had a rose, stole precious alone time with Joey.  This left Jess feeling insecure about not getting that time with Joey.  Even after she won an earlier challenge where she got steamy alone time with Joey.

Finally, we were all blessed with a second Rose Ceremony that occurred in Tuesday night’s episode!




Lexi got the first one-on-one date in Malta.  Jess was super disappointed because she really wanted that date.  During their date, Joey said he feels very seen with Lexi and that it feels like hanging out with his girlfriend.

Pictured: LEXI, JOEY GRAZIADEI. Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Back at the hotel, Sydney was still upset over Maria, and continued to cause tension between both of them.  Then, the group date card arrived.

The names on the card were: Jenn, Daisy, Edwina, Katelyn, Allison, Rachel, Autumn, Kelsey T., Jess, Madina, Lea, Kelsey A.,  “True love is worth fighting for.”
Maria and Sydney were not on the card.  They were quickly told by the other women that it meant they were going on a two-on-one date.

Some of the women gave advice to Maria that she should just focus on Joey, being herself and NOT on the drama with Sydney.  They pretty much supported Maria, and didn’t say anything to Sydney who was an anxious wreck and called the drama she stirred-up “draining.”

Back to Lexi and Joey:  Lexi shared some heavy news that after overcoming endometriosis, that she may not be able to bear his children.  That is why her ex decided to break up with her.

Joey is the only other person that Lexi has discussed this with, the first being her ex.   Joey assured her that it’s not a deal-breaker for him, and it didn’t make him want to run away.  Thus, giving her the date rose.

Lexi did state in her interview that she has “fallen” for Joey. 


Joey meant the girls at a filming location in Malta that was used in “Game of Thrones.” Joey is a big fan and was excited to be starting the date at Fort Manuel.

The women had to change into Knight gear to “fight” for Joey.  The winner won extra time with Joey.  The last challenge the girls had to face was catching hanging sausage using only their mouths.  Joey was told to stand to the side.  But, he volunteered to also participate.  Joey said “I can’t make them do this by themselves.”

Pictured (l-r): KELSEY A, KELSEY T, RACHEL, AUTUMN, KATELYN, JENN, DAISY. Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

This was Autumn’s chance to stand-out, so she really committed to the task of catching a sausage with her mouth..over, and over, again!  She “went above and beyond.”  Hence, Autumn won some alone time with Joey. 

The vibe of the group date was more upbeat and fun without either Sydney or Maria there.  Joey and Daisy discussed the possible names of their potential kids.
During the eye-contact with Joey challenge, it was a wake-up call for many of the women when they saw the evidence of the connections Joey has with some of the women. 

Back at the hotel:  The two-on-one date card arrived, which read:  “Sydney and Maria.  Meet me on the water. – Love Joey.”
Back to the Group Date: Kelsey T. got the group date rose because Joey said he feels that there’s something special with Kelsey. 


The three of them – Joey, Sydney and Maria, took a boat ride through the Blue Grotto for some sightseeing.  While Maria joked with Joey and remained positive, Sydney was very stressed and uptight the whole time.

During the alone time Joey had with Sydney and Maria, he noted there were varying opposite stories.  Sydney claimed that Maria yelled “shut the f– up” to Lea last week after the pool party that ended on a downer.  

The two-on-one date had Joey at a loss of what to do and who to believe.  So, the date continued into the night in order for Joey to get some “clarity.”

After asking them both the same question, which was do they see him as their future partner,  and comparing their responses, Joey kept Maria and sent Sydney home.  Simply put, Joey said he sees a future with Maria.

Pictured (l-r): SYDNEY, JOEY GRAZIADEI, MARIA. Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Back at the hotel:  The women were in complete shock when they saw the suitcase that was retrieved was that of Sydney.  

At the Cocktail Party, Lea was extremely aggravated by the sight of Madina being friendly with Maria because Sydney was Madina’s good friend.  Lea decided to confront Madina about it.

Madina’s response was that she’s just trying her best to navigate the situations in the house.  Lea wasn’t satisfied with her answer.  When Maria got wind of this conversation, it put her into a downward spiral.  Consequently, Maria threatened to leave the show altogether.   The Rose Ceremony from this episode spilled over to Tuesday’s episode.

Pictured (l-r) Maria,Lea. Photo: Disney/Richard Middlesworth



Maria decided not to leave and stayed.  Clearly she already had a rose which made her a step ahead of most of the other women there.

At the Rose Ceremony Joey told the women that “it’s just about connections, and “if you don’t get a rose tonight it’s because I’m honest and truthful.   I never want to lead you on.”
The first woman to get a rose was Kelsey A. followed by:  Katelyn, Rachel, Daisy, Jenn, Autumn, Jess, Madina, and Lea.

Women who already had roses: Kelsey T., Lexi, Maria

Women who went home:  Allison, and Edwina

The next stop was Spain.


Joey picked-up Kelsey A. on a Vespa scooter for the first one-on-one date in Spain. They rode off in front of the other girls as they ate brunch.  Jess had expectations that it was going to be a group date being that they were all there.

The vision of Kelsey riding off with Joey was tough on everyone, especially Kelsey T. who had a private cry. 

What’s interesting is that Maria brought up that Steal a Date Card that Lea got on night one.  She asked the other women if they would have kept the card and used it?  Kelsey and Madina both stated that they would have kept it.

By this time, Lea who has yet to get a one-on-one date, surely was regretting her decision to throw that card away into the fire.

Joey said there’s something about Kelsey that makes it feel natural and happy.   The two ran into a Senior couple who pretended to think they were married and told them they were going to be a happy couple.

During dinner, Kelsey A. told Joey about the passing of her mom.  She said it’s hard to think that her mother won’t be at her engagement.  Whenever she sees butterflies, she told Joey, it’s a sign from her mom.  Joey gave her the date rose.

Back at the hotel:  The next date card arrived. It was the group date card which read:  Lexi, Daisy, Jenn, Autumn, Maria, Katelyn, Madina, Lea, Jess, Kelsey T.  Our love is a work of art.  – Love Joey.”  That meant that Rachel was getting the second one-on-one date.

Lea was upset and really wanted the one-on-one date.  She wasn’t thrilled with having to go on a group date with Maria there.


Maria’s goal was to show Joey the more sensitive side of her on the group date.  The women met Joey for an art challenge where they expressed what Joey means to them through paintings and written statements.

The ladies loved Joey’s painting which was of him proposing.  Jess won the challenge with her painting also of a proposal.  Joey loved the fact that she painted the end of the journey.  Jess got one-on-one time with Joey which involved them getting paint all over their bodies while making-out.


Joey grabbed Jenn first to talk to her in private.  She told him it’s getting tougher for her.  Kelsey T. got the chance to tell Joey how sad she got when she saw him leaving with Kelsey A. on the one-on-one date.  Joey noticed a “level of ease” each time he came back to Kelsey T.   

Back at the hotel:  Rachel’s date card arrived.  It was written in Spanish which translated to:  “Let’s go dance my love.”

While having some alone time with Joey, Maria opened-up.  She told Joey how she grew up with her dad.  She said she didn’t understand why her mom left.  Her and her mom got into a really bad car accident when she was one years old.  Maria was pronounced dead at the scene which made the papers.  Her mom broke every bone in her body.

She said her mom wasn’t around for her.  Maria said her dad stood by her mom. Experiencing such real hardships, Maria stated that she doesn’t get hung-up on the drama inside the house and she sees the positives of everything.  Then Maria slipped and said her mom thinks Joey is cute and hopes that she’ll get to meet him.

Joey actually loved that Maria was already thinking about hometowns.  He gave her the group date rose.


Rachel opened-up to Joey about the emotions of working as a nurse.  Joey thought it was “beautiful” how much Rachel takes on her job. 

The conversation during dinner included Rachel saying how she sees characteristics in Joey that she wants in a lifelong partner.  Joey gave Rachel the date rose.  Joey told her he’s all in “on the slow burn” and excited about their potential future. 

Jess vs. Maria

Jess lost out on some one-on-one time with Joey after Maria, who had a rose, spent the time with him before the After Party was called to an end.  Jess had a melt-down while Lea was there to comfort her.    What a start to a Rose Ceremony!


Roses went to:  Jenn, Lea, Daisy, Lexi, Kelsey T., Katelyn, Jess.
Women who already had roses:  Maria, Rachel, Kelsey A.

The women who went home: Madina, Autumn



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