Julio Cesar Castillo “El Rey” Playoff THE VOICE

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November 6, 2012
November 7, 2012
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Julio Cesar Castillo “El Rey” Playoff THE VOICE

Season Three, Episode Seventeen,
Reality Competition,
NBC Television 2012.
Starring; Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Blake Shelton, Christina Milian, and Carson Daly.
Featuring Julio Cesar Castillo.

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The twenty-one-year old 21 mariachi singer from Chicago has been singing mariachi since he was six years old. Julio was the first person to sing a song on the voice in Spanish. Coach Blake Shelton said, “Julio is going to be singing El Rey – a mariachi song. He still wants people to know who he is.” Blake advised him during his performance to “Tap into the desperation of how badly you want to win this. This is a concert, this is a performance. it’s not the background. You need to make a connection (with the audience”.

Julio received the first standing ovation of the night and an eruption from the crowd yelling “Julio!”. Christina said, “I know you made all the Latino people so proud. This is the reason why you are still standing strong in the competition. I loved how you stayed true to yourself. This is what you have to love about Latin people, we are so passionate. It’s just in our blood. I know not everyone could follow along. And the richness of your barvodo, I just loved it!”

Blake- “I don’t know what you’re saying and I think I represent a good deal of the country. Julio had to do is find a way to make everything understand emotionally what’s going on on that stage. I don’t know if you noticed the audience. But, it was pretty good.”





Julio Cesar Castillo “El Rey”

Julio Cesar Castillo “El Rey” With Coach’s Commentary

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