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LET’S MAKE A DEAL: Contestant’s First-Hand Account!

Posted on July 28 2009 by Set News

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Below, is a first-hand account of what it was like to be a contestant on the pilot show, “Let’s Make a Deal” with host, Wayne Brady.

Written by: Francis Lansang (Let’s Make a Deal show contestant)

On this day, I was one of the lucky contestants, picked by Wayne, to play the Numbers Board game. I like to think that he picked me because I was wearing a sharp powder blue tuxedo jacket, my daisy dukes and some fresh aviator shades, flailing my hands in the air like my feet were on fire…but maybe it was because this was a pilot and the producers had previously seen the enthusiasm I would have on the show (at an audition). Either way, I got my chance…

This day was exciting. After all, its not every day I get up in the morning and instead of buttoning up a shirt and tie, pull out the craziest articles of clothing I could get my hands on. The energy was high and the guards at the gate smiled in amusement as we didn’t need a badge with our official studio position, our costumes were our ID.

Long lines of people filed into the studio, like a drunk Noah had selected each of us to board his ark. Wayne was sharp. He entertained the audience and kept our spirits high with his humor and quick wit. Of the three selected to play this particular game, it came down to me and a guy dressed like he was going to Tahiti. I picked number 6 and got zonked! To gargle that taste of defeat in my mouth, they had to tape my reaction getting zonked, one more time for safety.

At the end of the day, I walked around town in a sharp powder blue tuxedo jacket, my daisy dukes and some fresh aviator shades. This costume will definitely become an outfit in regular rotation!


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