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Posted on January 24 2011 by Set News

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Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

Hollywood, Ca – GSN started production over the weekend on a new dating game show/talk show titled “Love Triangle” with popular talk show host Wendy Williams as the show’s host.

Produced by “3 Ball Productions/Eyeworks USA” (The Biggest Loser, Master Chef, Beauty and the Geek) the show is a mix of talk show, and dating show. In a similar vein as “Baggage”, another GSN show that is hosted by Jerry Springer, “Love Triangle” exposes daters to their datees with some shocking reveals in a “The Moment of Truth” fashion by hooking contestants up to a lie detector machine.


There are four acts to the show whose titles are displayed on stage monitors. Two unsuspecting daters of the same girl or guy are silhouetted behind two separate doors, not knowing why they are there. Each one is brought onto the stage one-by-one to talk to Williams and the person that they are dating on a couch. They are questioned about their relationship and what they would do if they found out that their boyfriend/or girlfriend was not-exclusive. Both daters are then brought-out onto the stage to meet each other and enter the second act – “The Past”.

During “The Past”, Williams reveals scandalous facts about the two daters. For example, it was revealed that one had two affairs with two married people. The other dater was exposed as obtaining, then losing $1 million!

Throughout the show – Wendy gives statistics on relationships. One of the trivia she stated was the percentage of a man who has cheated in the past, that he would do it again. She gives the statistics in a “food for thought” type of manner.

Watch video interviews from audience below:

During the second act, “The Present” daters compatibility tests, which are done pre-show, are presented to the dater. The test consist of four components: 1) Money 2) Family 3) life style 4) sex. Williams goes over the results from the test to see how compatible the daters are, then re-caps the outcomes and tells the dater which boyfriend or girlfriend is more compatible with him or her.

In the third act, (“The Future”) this is where it gets like the FOX game show, “The Moment of Truth” which is no longer airing. Daters are hooked-up to a lie-detector test called “The Truthbuster”. This is the ultimate chance for any girlfriend or boyfriend to get the honest answers from their suitors. Some example questions were: “Do you see yourself in the next 3 years having kids?” “Do you love me?”, “Are you going to introduce me to your family?” The test is done on the spot and the questions are asked from the player with Williams at their side. After the test is done, Williams gives the pros and cons of each dater.


In the fourth act, it’s time for “The Final Decision”. The player must make a choice and decide which dater to pick. They do this with a touch of a button. Daters are placed behind the same doors that they stood in at the start of the show, this time without being silhouetted. The player hits the button on the relationship that they choose to end – creating a new way to dump someone!

The winning couple wins a trip from ““.

“Love Triangle” premieres on GSN Monday, April 18th.


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