Maria & Lea’s Beef Out-shined THE BACHELOR: THE WOMEN TELL ALL 28 Recap

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The Jig is Finally Up on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 4 Recap
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March 25, 2024
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Maria & Lea’s Beef Out-shined THE BACHELOR: THE WOMEN TELL ALL 28 Recap

Pictured (l-r): LAUREN, JENN, ALLISON, LEXI, EDWINA, MADINA, STARR, EVALIN / Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Though a lot of the women were back – Evalin, Kelsey T, Sydney, Katelyn, Jenn, Lauren, and her sister Allison, among them, the majority of the show zoned-in on the core group that had drama!

“The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” started out as the Maria show, then eventually went into more of the other women’s story lines this season.  A majority of the ladies in attendance had a lot to say about Maria, who ultimately ended the bickering by just being nice!  Maria stated that she just “wanted to be good” with everyone, then embraced the ladies with hugs.

The fans in the audience showed a ton of support to Maria by holding up signs to showcase their love to the Top 4 contender.  Maria was sent home after her hometown date.  One of the audience signs read that they would give Maria their Final Rose.  

Maria said Joey is “a stand-up guy,” and she was “intrigued” by him.  She also made the realization that their relationship seemed more like really good friends.  “The Women Tell All” also cracked open the drama behind Maria’s two-on-one date with Sydney.

Pictured (l-r): LAUREN, JENN, ALLISON, LEXI, EDWINA, MADINA, STARR, EVALIN / Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

It seemed that Maria’s other nemesis, Lea, saw her mistake of making enemies with Maria while watching the show back this season, because her reaction was that Maria “is a really cool girl” and she wished that she had gotten to know her outside of the show.  We are also guessing that some of Lea’s reaction has to do with how much Bachelor Nation negatively responded to Lea, and she’s just trying to redeem herself somehow.

The other ladies came hard at Lea, noting her contradiction of calling herself a “girl’s girl,” yet taking sides with Madina versus Maria.  It was so bad that Lea was guided off of the stage by a producer crying before a commercial break.  MORE BELOW…


The short answer — NO.  Lauren said it was her that told Lea to “shut the f—k up!”  Bachelor host Jesse Palmer played referee more than host during this portion of the show while the women came after Lea.   At the show’s break, a producer escorted Lea away from the group of ladies for some down time.

Upon post commercial break Lea returned sobbing and Maria ran over to comfort her.  Lea apologized.  Sydney tried to clear the air by stating that she felt the need to step in when Madina said she felt “bullied” by Maria.  Of course, the whole statement was ridiculous since Maria never bullied any of the women. 


Pictured: JESSE PALMER, LEXI / Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

A recap of Joey and Lexi’s relationship was played that concluded with Lexi walking away due to her timeline of wanting to start a family sooner than Joey, who had more of a laid back mentality.

Lexi told Jesse it was only fair for herself and Joey to make the decision to leave.  She was happy that Joey took it well and she felt “heard” and NOT judged by her decision.  “It was so, so sweet and genuine,” said Lexi of Joey’s reaction.


Jenn got emotional watching her footage with Joey back.  She said for the first time she was able to put everything on the line, where she never did that before with other men. 

Jesse lightly teased the audience with there being a possibility of Jenn being the next ‘Bachelorette’ when he asked her what type of man she is looking for.  Then he proceeded to call Maria to the hot seat next!


Maria described Joey as “a friend that you kinda want to make out with.”  It was easy, she added.  Jesse asked Maria about Sydney.  Maria said she never wanted Sydney or Lea to receive hate from viewers and she doesn’t hate them. But, mostly she wanted to make up with them which she did.

Continued From Last Week…

Pictured: KELSEY A, JOEY GRAZIADEI / Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Kelsey didn’t want to “blindside” Joey ever, which is why she decided to come clean with him in regards to writing the note that read “we need to talk.”  She told him it’s hard not seeing him and missing him has been “so hard.”

It was a false alarm! Because all Kelsey wanted to tell Joey was that she missed him. Joey, who feared the worst, was relieved. 

In retrospect, Kelsey should have just written the note to say “I miss you.”  Because Joey was so stressed out, it took him some time to recover.  Also, after reading that note, the whole feeling fearful of rejection became overwhelming again. 


Pictured (l-r): RACHEL, DAISY, KELSEY A / Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

After the three remaining women – Kelsey, Daisy, and Rachel arrived, Daisy stated in her interview that either Rachel or Kelsey was going to be hurt.  She was pretty certain it wasn’t going to be her that Joey would be saying goodbye to! 

Joey gave roses to Daisy and Kelsey.  That meant Rachel went home. 


Joey explained that he wasn’t able to get there with Rachel, and it was fair to let her go out of respect for her.  Rachel was still emotional from the breakup at the “Women Tell All” studio taping.

She felt better after watching the playback of their breakup and seeing Joey cry after she rode off.  Rachel said whoever she dates next “has some big shoes to fill.”

Pictured: JESSE PALMER, RACHEL / Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Rachel said she has received a lot of racial messages on social media since the episode aired.  “Just hateful stuff about me.  I don’t understand why.”  Rachel said people went so far as to post TikTok of them throwing up at the sight of her and Joey kissing.

Jesse asked the women to raise their hands if they’ve had a hateful message on social media.  Almost all of the women raised their hands.  Jesse said these women deserve praise and not hate.  Joey second that and said “it should never be met with hate.”

The audience chanted “Joey! Joey!”  Sydney said as her episodes were airing, she was receiving a lot of hate.  Joey reached out to her to check if she was okay.  She said Joey is the real deal.

Maria and Joey stayed “really close” Jesse said.  One of the good things that came out of the show is that Kelsey T’s prior estranged father re-established a connection with her.

THE BACHELOR FINALE:  The two remaining women – Daisy and Kelsey get to meet Joey’s family.  Though Joey doesn’t think either lady will leave him at the altar, Daisy said she gets the feeling that something is off. 

“You’ll never see it coming” said Jesse,and we find out next Monday.



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