MARS NEEDS MOMS: Planetary Mom Saving Mission!

Posted on March 10 2011 by Editor

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MARS NEEDS MOMS: Planetary Mom Saving Mission!

The film makers of Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D created a unique vision about a little boy, Milo’s (Seth Green) rescue and capture mission to get his mom (Joan Cusack) back from Martians, based on the book by Berkeley Breathed. The movie-making process is explained by production designer, Doug Chiang, and Director and co-writer Simon Wells with co-writer Wendy Wells in their video interview with HOLLYWOOD JUNKET new “Hollywood Adventure” star Michelle Call at a recent press junket in Beverly Hills, Ca.

Set Designer Doug Chiang video interview below:

Director/Writer, Simon Wells & Co-Writer Wendy Wells:

Stars Joan Cusack and Mindy Sterling:


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