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Posted on March 12 2011 by Editor

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NBC announced yesterday that it is picking-up a new game show called “Still Standing”. The show currently airs in Israeli on channel 10, and is being formatted and filmed as a U.S. show in the upcoming months.

Contestants on the show must out-guess and out-smart their 10 opponents through a series of 10 “fast-paced and dramatic trivia battles”. At the start of the game, each player stands behind a coin whose value is kept secret. It could be anywhere between $1 to $50,000. As each contestant un-voluntarily drops out of the game via a trap door in the floor beneath them, the coin value is then revealed.

The network has only ordered eight episodes for now. No mention of when they are set to film or air on NBC, or if any changes (other than the title) will be made. The current Israeli version which premiered in December 2010, successfully raised their channel 10 network by more than 50% in the show’s time slot. It is currently in production with double the amount of episodes first commissioned by Channel 10.

The U.S. version will be executive produced by Craig Plestis and Tim Puntillo. Plestis’ recent work also includes America’s Got Talent, and Minute to Win It. Puntillo’s past and recent work includes a combination of game shows and reality shows: Ruby, Last Model Standing, Identity, I Want to Be a Hilton, Baggage, and also Minute to Win It.


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