MEN IN BLACK 3- 3D, Movie Review, Has Happened Before, Will Happen Again!

Posted on May 22 2012 by Editor

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MEN IN BLACK 3- 3D, Movie Review, Has Happened Before, Will Happen Again!

If there’s a crashed flying saucer downed, the Men in Black are there. If there’s a raging alien on the loose, the Men in Black are there. If there are witnesses to the above events, agents of the government- the Men in Black are also there.

Around since the beginning of the “modern day” UFO sightings, Men in Black have been made a household name with the film franchise by the same name starring Will Smith as agent J, Tommy Lee Jones as agent K and Josh Brolin as “29-year-old” old Agent K. The third installment in 3D is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, written by Ethan Cohen and Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg. Not a whole lot can go wrong with names like those behind it.

Agent J notices that things seem to be off with his long-time investigation partner, Agent K. In his attempt to get a closer insight, he goes to K’s apartment which is no longer his apartment. Upon arriving to work “K” is not there, and finds himself with a new partner (played by Will Arnett) whom, along with the other staff, there is no recollection of K at all other than a memory from Agent O (Emma Thompson) of his passing.

This detrimental life-changing event caused by a one-armed disgruntled alien named “Boris the Animal” (Jemaine Clement), perhaps Agent K’s biggest nemesis of all time. So much so, that “J” has to go back in time in order to prevent his partner’s demise at the hand of the loose bandit. Just before “J” has to descend through the hands of time, his sender, a store clerk, tells him because he happens to be the only one that remembers “K”, he must have also been there (we later learn why)!

After convincing military officials to cooperate with them in order to save the world, Agent J sees his past self, then understands the complexities of his partner Agent K.

“MIB 3” had surprising cameos from singers Lady Gaga (uncredited) , and Nicole Scherzinger (Boris’ girlfriend). The VFX hands-down was the best I have seen in any movie. The use of CGI and makeup aesthetics was seamless.

“MIB 3” hits theaters Friday, May 25, 2012


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